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  1. "I AM LEGEND". I love that "almost rejected" score from James Newton Howard. I class this kind of soundtracks in the "inspirational" category, like "Lady in the water".
  2. Well, if I buy this one, I'll have to buy the future 2-CD (or 3!) reissue of the third film also.... This is endless!!!
  3. Oh, I just realized I have the "1 CD" version, the FSM one. I'm confused. Do I need the new 2-CD release?
  4. Where did the golden years go when Sony rhymed with quality? WHERE?
  5. @JTWfan77It's Sony, yes it's a true CD, why asking?
  6. I'm not sure if I can tell how I got these... well, I think, a bit rare (new and sealed) Howard Shore CDs... • Ed Wood – Collector’s Edition vol 3 • Crash – Collector’s Edition vol 4 • Dead Ringers – Collector’s Edition vol 5 • Naked Lunch – Collector’s Edition vol 6 • Hugo OST
  7. Voted for Lady in the Water, wow! I listened to it four times in a row!
  8. Here are his certifications in Canada and USA: I counted quickly, maybe near 10 millions in the USA in certifications? It's not Britney Spears, but JW is definitely among the film music album best seller in the world.
  9. This poll, I wish to remind you, contains only the Winners according to the three Critics guilds mentionned above. It's only a starting point to discuss... but, well, it gives also hints about scores of interrest for the year, for those who want to discover new music... :-)
  10. Install a guillotine near the drummer. Then tell him, if he plays at the wrong time, he'll pass to the guillotine.
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