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  1. The Mummy by Goldsmith (OST from the expanded release) Al Silvestri - The Mummy 2 OST
  2. As a Bach lover, in the last year, we experienced the "1 voice per part" thing. Why not... After all...Less is more... Bach never had so great orchestras or choirs at his disposition.... each Sunday in his church.... hey guys, I have a new cantata... he was a teacher.... that's life!
  3. For me it's like if Michel Tremblay would have passed away. I bet you don't know him.
  4. As a french canadian, even If I can really understand all the subtility of Sondheim language, I feel this is a tremendous loss for american culture... and well, I live in America. "Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos. ..."
  5. Well, as a fan of JW, I must admit in some movies, in some scenes, his music is simply obscene. That's porn, well in a musical context! I love that a lot.
  6. 7:01 AM - A new JW Expanded Set is announced. 7:02 AM, Thor on FSM: All I need is the OST (which I already own on a CD-R) 7:03 AM on JWfan - BUT IS IT COMPLETE?
  7. Warlock, a movie that quite aged badly... even if I don't remember finding it hot when it came out either! But... eh... that's a Goldsmith score!
  8. Warlock by Jerry Goldsmith. I don't recall why I added this CD to my collection, perhaps because it got a nomination for a Saturn Award! It have it's moments!
  9. Wrath of Khan (new expanded set) Deep impact OST The name's Horner, James Horner.
  10. Listening to highlights from this great album which won a Grammy in 2015.
  11. He simply tried to explain you're a jerk, often if not always, focusing on the wrong aspects of reissues. I learned from that discussion with MM, that JW hated the way the 30th Anniversary Edition sounded, and wanted it be redone since that time. Then @Thor, equal to himself, said that anyway, he just cared about the first CD of this new set (the original album)... which was always sounded perfect according to JW. A jerk, but here we know him!
  12. So it seems they'll finally release the two (vocally) different versions of the intro song on the same release... Good good good.
  13. I started to watch the 1970 movie Let It Be... I can't imagine they made a new 7 hours cut of this movie. Ok, they added colors. Nice...
  14. I just made a little trip in the 80's and I loved it! Ghostbusters The Goonies
  15. Ennio Moriccone - The Thing You always need a dark ambiant and menacing score to chill a bit in this crazy world.
  16. J.S. Bach - Christmas Oratorio Cantatas 1-3 and 6 https://www.prestomusic.com/classical/products/8173431--bach-j-s-christmas-oratorio-bwv248
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