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  1. Of course, as they were all replaced by Blurays in my collection!
  2. The new setting on my desk. The music comes from my phone and goes to the speakers using bluetooth (lesnumeriques.com says the R1700BT model don't have any sound difference between the wire and bluetooth connections).
  3. I'll not go there! Of course every speakers get my Aznavour, Orbison and Pink Floyd torture treatment!
  4. For me, every movie is now a four episode story... I now find it very hard to watch a 2-hour movie non-stop... Thanks to Netflix indeed! @Naïve Old Fart You don't need TV, because at a certain age, you don't really watch TV anymore, it watches you instead!
  5. Talking about Spielberg in "Civics teacher mode", my favourite is Ready Player One: Having the power to do something doesn't mean you should do it.
  6. One thing I really don't miss about vinyls: cleaning them! Removing the surface dust, very gently first with a microfiber cloth (beware, it's at this step that you can damage your vinyl more than it was before), then removing the encrusted dirt with another microfiber cloth soaked with an iso alcohol/distilled water solution (1 to 3 if I remember well... no alcohol at all for very old records, like from the 50s or 40s... AND BEWARE OF THE CENTER STICKERS!), then dry up with another microfiber cloth... then letting it dry. Hell on earth!
  7. Of course I could have picked a lot of music from the past years, but I wanted something "fresh" (not always as a daisy!) for each of my favourite composers. The expansions of Close Encounters and E.T. would have been on a previous version of my list for sure! Buckbeak's Flight from HP... there are some audiophiles classics, we know them!
  8. New speakers test - Bespin's 2022 edition John Williams - Jurassic Park (2-CD), La-La Land John Williams - A Gathering of Friends Danny Elfman - Dumbo Danny Elfman - Batman Returns, La-La Land Jerry Goldsmith - Matinee, Intrada Jerry Goldsmith - Star Trek: The Motion Picture, La-La Land James Horner - Willow, Intrada James Horner - Field of Dreams, La-La Land Michael Kamen - The Iron Giant Deluxe Edition (2022), Varèse Sarabande Michael Kamen - Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Intrada James Newton Howard - A Hidden Life James Newton Howard - The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Thomas Newman - Tolkien Thomas Newman - 1917 John Powell - Call of the Wild John Powell - Solo: A Star Wars Story (Deluxe Edition) Howard Shore - Sliver, La-La Land Howard Shore - The Song of Names Marc Shaiman - Mary Poppins Returns Marc Shaiman - The Addams Family, La-La Land Alan Silvestri - The Witches Alan Silvestri - Ready Player One Hans Zimmer - Wonder Woman 1984 Hans Zimmer - The World of Hans Zimmer
  9. All the more reason to buy this album according to highresaudio.com.
  10. I went for the Edifier R1700BTs, I didn't want to pay much, and like I said I wanted to stay with active speakers who can stand on my computer desk. A step at a time, my actual desktop speakers where BOSE Companion 2, who gave the best they could in the last 5 years (and already they were very correct speakers in fact!) I'll get them today!
  11. I love your CDs, hoping you will do one with James Newton Howard soon!
  12. People are basically says: That's Star Wars for people who don't love Star Wars! Yes, great, cool! But I love Star Wars, so what do I do?
  13. I will order Amistad in january, to avoid the Christmas craziness, but I ordered the bluray... just to get in the mood... it was on my wishlist since a long time... I think IT IS now the right time to rewatch the movie!
  14. Aunt Petunia! I'm only at episode 2... and I still trying very hard to get interested by a Star Wars story involving no well-known character... or a Jedi... or a Sith...
  15. I noticed, because no more strange covers were posted in the listening thread!!!
  16. Having your names on vinyls, it means you are collectible!
  17. 6 years later and I'm maybe ready to pass to another level with my speakers in my office, where I work and listen to my music. My husband moved his basement office in another piece in the basement, so he's not anymore directly "under" my office, so I'll be able to listen to music outloud without being too much "disturbing". Listening to music with headphones is fun... but sometimes, we need more "air"! Time to get new active speakers for my desk!
  18. Being curious, I watched the first episode yesterday. I must say this was not enough to got me hooked. There's a lot of DON'T in this Episode. How to define a "Star Wars"? Firstly, there must be puppets and silly robots. CHECK. But a robot that stutter... really, I don't understand. The puppets/alien characters are here, CGI ones for the most part... and like usual, the human people try to look at them in the eyes when speaking to them... always giving surreal moments... Anyway... The "extras" (people who appear in background) disturbed me in many scenes.... by their over-playing, by the way they look... extras are not supposed to draw attention. Background sets looked cheap too... sometimes too real (bricks in Star Wars... really?), sometimes too CGI to look real. Next this "officer" who'll investigate the death of two of his colleagues... In a disturbing scene where he stands on his feet, like a soldier, straight as a bar, not moving at all, we can observe that despite having very large shoulders, the lower part of his body looks very feminine by the way he stands. This actor is weird... but I think it's wanted. During all this very strange scene I had only one image in my head: Special Agent Dale Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan in Twin Peaks. It was enough for me... I was not in a Star Wars anymore, I was in another thing. Then the flashbacks of little Cassian... it killed me. I HATE recurrent flashbacks.
  19. @Thor If I were a Jerry Fielding fan, I would go for the STRAW DOGS (1971) too.
  20. Time of the year to make a little recap of the 2022 releases who got my attention this year so far. 25 new releases and expansions for me! Again it was a huuuge year! And the year is even not finished yet (few titles announced recently will make it in my next January order!).
  21. I think Spider-Man was a milestone in Elfman's corpus. Don't throw it away too quickly...
  22. Usually I don't listen to scores recorded before the 70s... 1883... What can I say?
  23. Before seing The Fablemans, is it necessary to have seen his prequel, 'An American Tail'?
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