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  1. I enjoyed the lighting, outfits, and shenanigans. My favorite was "The Tale of Viktor Navorski", with the clarinet soloist's back and forth with the orchestra and conductor. Very well performed, enjoyable, and amusing.
  2. Anybody know who else performs their version of The Lost World theme?
  3. This was a tough one for me. All three were incredibly well written epic orchestral choral works that made the scene they accompanied infinitely better. In the end, I went with the unpopular Neodammerung because of Don Davis' avant garde style. It's too unique to ignore. But in terms of impact and compatibility with the film, it definitely goes to Shore's Mount Doom. What is high fantasy without an epic orchestral choral work? This leaves Williams' Duel of the Fates to win the most memorable award out of the three thanks to a catchy melody within the epic chorals. Each one has strengths that puts the other ones to shame. It's a rock paper scissors type comparison to me.
  4. The famous: "No, I've never done that and how do you do it?"
  5. This worked much better for me than reprising the Imperial March in this scene. The Anthem of Evil with epic visuals to accompany it's introduction would've made it have a far more prominent role in the film. Good work!
  6. Since the video clip of his cameo was well received. I decided to upload this whole thing too.
  7. My favorite part is when they're adjusting the big apparatus on John's head. Abrams: This is ridiculous! Williams: This is great!!! Abrams: ahahahah K.Kennedy: hehehee
  8. TROS was not an embarrassment. It was an average sci-fi flick. However, I do agree the score was hacked to death and buried behind some questionable sound mixing.
  9. Nothing wrong with a little more enthusiasm than normal on Oscar night. I would've done the same. But the trumpet tho...
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