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  1. Well, this easily takes over as the best known recording of Witches, Wands, and Wizards.
  2. Junkie proves once again, he's a one-dimensional film composer. These RCP composers struggle mightily with writing themes and variations. They also struggle enormously with orchestration as well. The formulaic instrumentation of loud brass, loud drums, strings, a synthetic choir, and synths once again dominate the sound of this score with not much else offered. Score: 2.5/5
  3. Excited to hear their performance of Witches, Wands and Wizards vs the City of Prague version.
  4. John Williams, the classical guitar horn player.
  5. Don Davis - The Matrix Trilogy Howard Shore - Lord of the Rings Trilogy John Williams - Jaws John Williams - ET Ennio Morricone - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Joe Hisaishi - Princess Mononoke
  6. Movement III: The Matrix Revolutions uploaded. Check original post. Massively underrated and wonderful scores by Don Davis. In my opinion, they're as essential to the Matrix franchise as Williams' scores for Star Wars. Let's hope for Davis' return for The Matrix 4.
  7. I chose Hook because it's the closest thing we'll ever get to a John Williams musical. Who will win? HP due to sheer popularity. Who should win? Hook because it's HP before HP.
  8. Movement II uploaded. Check original post. @JTWfan77 Here are the timestamps of the suite, matched using the cues from the LLL OST of Matrix Reloaded: d = disc t = track 0:00-0:28 = [0:29-0:56] d01t05 Smith vs. Smith - Free Flight (original version) 0:28-2:22 = [1:26-End] d01t05 Smith vs. Smith - Free Flight (original version) 2:22-3:25 = [1:19-2:25] d01t06 The Wonder of Zion - The Lascivious Lift - Link and Zee 3:25-4:41 = [1:17-2:53] d01t19 Sample This 4:41-5:29 = [3:08-End] d01t19 Sample This 5:29-5:56 = [0:15-0:47] d01t11 First, I Must Apologize 5:56-6:40 =
  9. Yes, I can for sure help you with that. I will be using LLL's OST for reference. I'll be doing more editing tonight, so I'll make some notes for you.
  10. Don Davis' The Matrix Symphony is best described in this link. I am a big fan of the musical universe Don Davis created for the trilogy and I was pretty excited to know such a "symphony" exists. However, the abysmal performance from the Tenerife Film Orchestra left me no choice but to replace the whole thing with cues from the original soundtrack. The result is the same arrangement with a superior orchestral performance. Movement I: The Matrix Movement II: The Matrix Reloaded Movement III: The Matrix Revolutions The
  11. I enjoyed the lighting, outfits, and shenanigans. My favorite was "The Tale of Viktor Navorski", with the clarinet soloist's back and forth with the orchestra and conductor. Very well performed, enjoyable, and amusing.
  12. Anybody know who else performs their version of The Lost World theme?
  13. This was a tough one for me. All three were incredibly well written epic orchestral choral works that made the scene they accompanied infinitely better. In the end, I went with the unpopular Neodammerung because of Don Davis' avant garde style. It's too unique to ignore. But in terms of impact and compatibility with the film, it definitely goes to Shore's Mount Doom. What is high fantasy without an epic orchestral choral work? This leaves Williams' Duel of the Fates to win the most memorable award out of the three thanks to a catchy melody within the epic chorals. Each one has strengths that p
  14. The famous: "No, I've never done that and how do you do it?"
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