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  1. Very interesting, but I wouldn't declare anything as a theme yet. This is comparable to sighting a UFO on a grainy potato phone video. But unlike UFOs, we'll have the answers soon enough. Good effort tho.
  2. This my goto playlist for Joe Hisaishi's symphonic suites available on Spotify. It's pretty definitive I think. I tried as much as possible to not include anything from OSTs. Let's see if anything from this new album will make it in there:
  3. Very curious what he cooked up for the "newly arranged" suites. As if his numerous suites with the New Japan Philharmonic WDO weren't already enough, but they're all live recordings. Love to see him on DG tho. Big thumbs up.
  4. ohhhh at the start, he's playing the opening to the second movement of Brahms Piano Concerto No.2 again. He played that during the recording session for The Fabelmans when he was trying to impress Joanne Pearce Martin as shown in my profile pic. haha, i feel like that's his goto passage to show off his piano skills now in public.
  5. Yep, I'm reading it right now. I've read the 1st edition. This 2nd edition omits some stuff. He goes over the changes in this book. Overall, it's a solid book for anyone that wants to understand what the golden age style of film music was like and learning about how Williams still honors that tradition. I think there was a few pokes at Zimmer and his clone army too, but i think that was in the first edition. He removed it in this edition. Very fulfilling read.
  6. BEST SCORES OF 2022 MultiVersus by Stephen Barton & Gordy Haab Avatar: The Way of Water by Simon Franglen The Fabelmans by John Williams God of War Ragnarok by Bear McCreary The Rings of Power by Bear McCreary House of the Dragon by Ramin Djawadi BEST FILMS OF 2022 Everything Everywhere All at Once TÁR The Fabelmans Glass Onion Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio BEST POPCORN FILM OF 2022 Avatar: The Way of Water Top Gun: Maverick BEST TV SEASONS OF 2022 Stranger Things S4 House of the Dragon S1 Andor S1 SPECIFIC DISAPPOINTMENTS OF 2022 Blockbuster S1 Obi-Wan Kenobi S1 Babylon?
  7. I'm indifferent. I care very little about the characters, story, or even music(unless Horner is still around). It's pure eye candy made with the latest tech. Sometimes it's nice to have some candy in moderation.
  8. I didn't really notice the score in the film until some of Horner's themes came in. Franglen used them in the proper places. Otherwise it's a pretty average and serviceable action score that won't win any awards. It's quite sad knowing that James Horner could've been scoring this 3 hour epic.
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