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  1. Thanks to everyone for such kind comments about SpielbergFilms here. Sorry if the site's closure comes as a disappointment, but thank you all for so many years of giving me the honor of your readership. On the positive side -- just in case you hadn't heard -- our forum is going to be staying after under the care of the community. I'll still be hanging out there as a fan, but won't be doing any more day-to-day administration. In that vein, the main site will still be closing down next Thursday, but I couldn't say no to the readers and forum members who hoped it could at least stay open. I owe a
  2. I'm not sure who you're referring to as a stupid kid trying to get his name out there, but Johnston is in serious consideration for directing the picture, as per producer Frank Marshall himself. Marshall's worked with Steven Spielberg since the late 1970s, so I'd give him more credibility than you and your debunking of "rhumors." And no one ever said Spielberg's not coming back as producer. He's not coming back as director.
  3. #3 is actually very likely at the moment, actually. The film may start shooting this fall for a potential 2008 release date. #1 is not going to happen, according to Amblin, and I'd be surprised as heck is #2 were to happen. But the film is on its way to becoming a reality now!
  4. What ever made you assume Spielberg was going to direct the film? Nothing official ever led to that. And to the contrary, here's proof that he won't be back as director: http://spielbergfilms.com/jp4/18
  5. Old info, although it was right from Decca. They've since corrected (as has my site) with the official December 27th date. In a way, I'm kind of happy since I won't have the normal temptation to memorize the score before I see the film. Most everything about "Munich" should be very fresh when we see it.
  6. Speak for yourself, Alex! I'd say I'm definitely qualified to judge since I studying editing on everything I see. As much as I adore film music (and listen to it from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep), I'd hardly consider myself qualified to speak technically on what makes a good score. But editing I could blather on about for hours. Sadly, not many people care to hear about film editing...
  7. It should be said about the comments regarding Kahn and continuity that errors of this nature may not always be his fault. If Spielberg didn't get the raw material for Kahn to work with, then there's not a lot even the best editor can do. And you'd think it may sound blasphemous to think Spielberg wouldn't bring in solid footage for Kahn all the time, but there are some glaring instances. Look at the editing on the "shoot her" bit in the first few moment of "Jurassic Park." The screen direction is absolutely horrid when cutting between shots. I'm not sure if this is a case of Spielberg (and hi
  8. I honestly didn't read through this whole thread, so if what I'm reporting on his old hat, please forgive me. To set everyone's minds at ease (besides perhaps Roald, who by the way I have to tell: Williams is indeed on "War of the Worlds," if you hadn't heard yet ), I talked with Marvin Levy from Amblin Entertainment tonight, and he told me that Mr. Williams is right on track as planned and scheduled with his score. A quote he gave was slanted by the L.A. Times and then outright twisted by the ever crappy Contact Music (why does anyone pay attention to this little gossip rag?) and now everyon
  9. Sorry, King Mark. I must've missed your original post.
  10. Haven't posted in forever, but I've always been a steady lurker... Here's some potentially good news: Of course it's not clear if the 70 extra minutes of unreleased music includes Williams compositions or not. Hopefully once the label gives more information this will become clear.
  11. This is the most asinine complaint I've heard yet in this argument. It's one thing not to be interested in "War," but to complain that Spielberg has lost "magic" because he hasn't produced a "hit" really makes your argument look horribly foolish. Who the hell cares if a film is a hit or not besides those who invested in it? None of Spielberg's recent films have lost money, not even "The Terminal" when you account for all of the subsidiary markets. But that's neither here nor there. A "hit" film doesn't mean a good film, and if that's your criteria in your argument why you think "War" will suck
  12. It's all down to semantics, but Spielberg's sketches are not storyboards by definition. He draws out his idea in thumbnails or guides the sketch artists through his ideas verbally and they (being professional draftspersons) create what are technically the films storyboards. So I maintain that Spielberg isn't a storyboard artist, but the important point here is that he designs all of his shots.
  13. And the corpses in the swimming pool and in the house look a lot like the "Raiders" corpses since special effects artist Craig Reardon designed and constructed both sets of dead bodies.
  14. I mentioned Spielberg's having designed the shots above, so I'm certainly aware of it. But he did not personally storyboard the film in the sense that he didn't draft it by hand. He always sits with conceptual artists (who work from Spielberg's ideas and thumbnails) to get his visuals on to paper. But he did not draw any storyboards on "Poltergeist," "Jurassic Park" or any of his films. But the shot design is the point here, not who put pencil to paper. The conceptual artists are drawing at Spielberg's behest, so the shots are his. And just because a director doesn't operate the camera (Spielb
  15. "E.T." wasn't shot on the Universal lot, it was shot at the Laird studios. As for the bicycling thing, "Poltergeist" was already into post by the time "E.T." was shooting, I believe. The films did come out one week apart exactly. Goldsmith on multiple counts stated that he worked exclusively with Spielberg and not Hooper. Spielberg oversaw the entire post on "Poltergeist" as well, with ILM and his editor Michael Kahn (Carol Littleton cut "E.T." since Spielberg had Kahn on "Poltergeist," certainly not a coincidence...) And while I'd kill to hear a Williams "Poltergeist" score in an alternate re
  16. Obviously you've been watching the film with one eye closed, Joe. The film looks as much a Spielberg film as any other. Considering the fact that Spielberg personally designed every single shot in the film (down to the framing), I don't see how it couldn't help but look like a Spielberg film. You had to know I'd pop up when you drop chum like that, pal
  17. See our main page at www.spielbergfilms.com for links via Paramount and Decca in WMP format. Very cool stuff!
  18. Both of those drawings are a riot, but the victim of the bad taste would be showing no fear since his iPod will save him from it Unless he's listening to Brittany Spears, et. al, in his ear buds. And what a fun movie coming out of that rocket launcher! Love the exploding sheep!
  19. I'd vote for John Williams if it were an option, both in your poll and in reality, which I'm sure it would never be.
  20. You could always play your iPod in the theater before the feature starts. 8O Neil I've actually resorted to doing that since I bought my iPod. That music they play in theaters is really intolerable, and I like to get to shows early, so I have to sit through a lot of it. The iPod shows yet another hidden use by saving those with taste from suffering through being bombarded by bad taste.
  21. I agree Joe (though I disagree about your Struzan comments—love the man's work!) that the Earth of fire poster would make a very nice CD cover. It'll be nice having the CD at least a couple of days before the film since it does set things up nice, as Ender sagely points out. I love driving to the theater with the score on in the car. Kind of a entrance overture on wheels before the show starts. Too bad the mood created by listening to Williams on the way to the theater is ruined by turgid pop music once I get in my seat in the show, plus a slew of commercials and such. Ah, how classy filmgoing
  22. Has anyone heard the interview yet? Give info, please!!! How long is it, what does Williams chat about, etc. 8O Please help out a poor fan who just happens to use only unworthy Macintosh equipment. Damned Sony...
  23. Incidentally, I think you're a Sankara Stone grubbing bastard, Mola Ram, but that's besides the point
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