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  1. I am nearly certain the celeste is from the "Emu" synth set. Also there is a very familiar "Xmas Bells" sound in there used in home alone. Haven't seen one in years though
  2. For some reason i was watching this film on netflix: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2361717427531377078# Go to 16 minutes and watch the next 20 seconds.... something of interest there in the score ....... rip off or just a patch preset from a synth that was used? Anyone know?
  3. I didn't watch it, the game was on here.
  4. Oops I meant the memorium, you know the williamsy sounding one.
  5. Hmm - some interesting reverse psychology here. Heres a little treat, though I wasn't there that day. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. Yeh they are toy story shirts, a bunch of Hawaiian shirts stage left with a fresh new toy story 3 jersey on the end. Yup there is a bike hanging in the back. And a few other weird things around the podium like a model of Enterprise and some other stuff. Definately a strange, yet utterly charming room.
  7. Nope not a player. Higher on the food chain The shirts are all limit gimics the staff has. Inside jokes.
  8. I think it is quite irresponsible of you just left them there. So many people would be very careful keeping these kind of recordings safe, but now there's a considerable chance somebody just throws them away, I understand? On office that cannot manage to just carefully file these items isn't worth owning them, IMO. They're better off with a collector. have you heard any of it?not that i would totally believe you Uploaded with ImageShack.us Here is a picture of the stage a few hours before one of my sessions. The room is smaller then one would imagine, with a distinct smell of "old". It is perfectly imperfect. Let me know if u have other questions.
  9. Nope, I haven't heard any of Pirates IV, I just know they started recording yesterday and have the stage booked for a dozen or so days. But - its ok you can believe me.
  10. I guess one cannot upload a pic here with out html link?> Except they aren't your (or my) property. That's not how the business works here. The musicians leave their $100K instruments on the stage during lunch. Its honor system people.
  11. You guys are so silly! I am not going to steal it! I need to work for the rest of my life If you want I can post some pics of what sony looks like. PS right now zimmer is there doing pirates 4.
  12. You guys are funny! I'll try and break in today. Wait Hans Zimmer is on the stage....
  13. General rule of Hollywood harmony. Split the bigger instruments *celli, viola if you can. Try to split the others less, unless you need a specific effect. But its more true to form to say, anything will work in the orchestra. Some will just sound better for certain usages. The idea of correct voicings is somewhat antiquated these days. There are only more common voicings.
  14. Four tapes of DA 88 = a lot of NBC. Just thought I would drop in and say hi and offer a little tease for you guys! I've been at sony stage a bunch but never noticed them there before. They are forgotten, yet I would never dare lift them from such a sacred place.
  15. I didn't read this thread but Williams did the arrangement for When You Wish.
  16. At sony recording stage there is a bunch of Williams Dat tapes (from the original sessions) , including 3-4 tapes of the NBC sessions and a couple of the terminal. Sorry I didn't swipe them though!
  17. Thanks that was in fact perfect
  18. Especially 1993. Anyone have some videos of these I could watch?
  19. Barnes and Nobles it is, had a bad run in with amazon regarding a PS - so I am done with them. I just like instant gratification of not waiting for shipping. And yes I can afford 26 dollars, especially.... since I am not paying for it Thanks guys!
  20. Oh thanks I forgot to mention that I enforce a boycott of Amazon. I hate them. Any download options? There is no itunes.
  21. One of my pals worked on the score with Howard so I got a comp to see the Friday nite show. It was just fantastic. I truly enjoyed it, it was different from what I expected but very powerful and the crowd was highly enthused. It was just an excellent effort, you all would have been proud of everyone cheering for film music. Cheering when themes are introduced etc... It was great.
  22. Hi everyone. I just recently started watching this as research for a score I am on (never heard of it before) and now I am hooked. I AM ONLY UP TO SEASON 2'S OPENING SO NO SPOILERS!!! IT would make me sad if anyone did that. Anyway I am trying to acquire the soundtrack (mostly the drum and duduk tracks, anything percussive) but I am running into trouble finding it. I can't tell what is legit (there is this sight in Russia etc..) it all looks bad. Can anyone either: 1) Sell me their old copies of CD (real, not copies) USA only 2) Direct me to a safe download location with high quality, encryption free mp3s or mp4s? I am looking for 320 kps + I have to be able to bring these in pro tools for research Thanks!
  23. Hey everyone, I saw this on the VSL site. http://vsl.co.at/en/211/497/1687/455/1716/1324.htm its a full mockup of the JW arranged ET adventures on earth
  24. I read mostly classics and non fiction - but I have read every single book by this man, and each one of them are a good read. He is not only an excellent writer (Harvard graduate) but a brilliant plot strategist and a thorough researcher. He will be missed! Go read one of his books in his honor. Hating the cancer
  25. Sad. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Crichton
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