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  1. Au revoir Maurice et merci pour ta merveilleuse musique !
  2. To be a fan shouldn't means that we have to be deaf , in my opinion I like the 70 ~ 84 period, Williams did consitant unforgottable scores, our days there is just only few ... And KOCS isn't one of them ...
  3. 1 - Leonard Rosenman : Countdown 2 - Michael Small : The postman always rings twice 3 - Michael Kamen : The Last Boyscout 4 - John Williams : Dracula - Deluxe edition I hope at least one of it will be on the batch...
  4. Is it possible to buy this album anywhere? I can't even find a single listing on ebay. Hello, then try this one ... http://cgi.ebay.com/JOHN-WILLIAMS-JANE-EYR...%3A1%7C294%3A50
  5. 5 stars score , I like the fred steiner re recording , as if it haven't the full score , very powerful !!!
  6. Wasn't Dracula to have an erotic power over women ?
  7. I listen more and more the Composer Rautavaara from Finland , one of his pieces is called " Angels and visitations " and sounds really like CE3K !!!
  8. A great great conductor , who passed away fews years ago... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takashi_Asahina A great great conductor, who , infortunately , passed away fews years ago,( not from a shark attack , Mr Quint ... ) His legacy in Japan for young conductors still remain.
  9. A great great conductor , who passed away fews years ago...
  10. I miss Maestro Goldsmith very much , he was such a truly gentleman, very easy going despite he was a shy person, I have been visiting the Hillside Cimetery in Culver City, 3 years ago... I got the famous 3 CDs StarTrek : The Motion Picture, I wish some day we can have an official release of this music ( 3CDs !!! ) with his OUTLAND complete score .
  11. The kind of carrer that Mr Previn have, is he has started as film composer and he is now a big name in the world of classical concerts.This is what Jerry Goldsmith pointed over Williams ( who tend to find a legitimacy with a more "classical" public ), and believe he was right . Personnaly in the world of the both sides of films/concerts composers I like William Walton and Ralph Vaughan Williams . I believe Williams will only be remembered as to be the composer of StarWars by most of the (lambda) public, as Herrmann is remembered by same public for his Psycho score and Morricone for his Once u
  12. May this be the cause of that (supposed) hatred? Its is something more insidious, well , Horner dated Jerry Goldsmith daughter, Goldsmith was close relationship with Horner, inviting him at scoring sessions and so on...Then was an Horner interview that was reported to Goldsmith, something not really nice regarding their relationship was spoken, that broke something between Goldsmith regarding Horner... Seems like maybe Goldsmith was a bit envious of JW... which is completely understandable, IMHO. Definitively NO ! Goldsmith pointed that Williams wanted to have a carreer " à la Previn " , t
  13. Seems like maybe Goldsmith was a bit envious of JW... which is completely understandable, IMHO. Definitively NO ! Goldsmith pointed that Williams wanted to have a carreer " à la Previn " , to be recognized as film composer and as "concert " (classical) composer.
  14. My favourite Planet is Neptune , and favourite version is the one by Royal Philharmonic / Vernon Handley followed closely by Boston Symphony / Steinberg, once Williams conducts the Planets with Pittsburg Symphony and got 30 minutes standing ovation !!!
  15. I didn't know that, but it's likley, I think. However, the "official" Pluto movement was written in 2000 by British composer Colin Matthews. Which was stupid, as Pluto is not a planet ...There is only few recordings of this "thing", a lot of conductors decline to include it in a concert or recording...
  16. I prefer the William Walton score , Chandos records and Naxos records have recorded it , Fan- tas - tic !!!
  17. No, Elliot Carter is Elliot Carter , John Williams is John Williams, there is no next Elliot Carter, nor next Jerry Goldsmith, Michael Kamen, E-W Korngold, Alfred Newman, , fortunately any composer tend to give his own musical identity ....
  18. May be Bernard Herrmann's The man that knew too much ...
  19. Here is the link: The new music is during the dialogue between Bellocq and Indy !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AFYeJmvRU0...feature=related
  20. sounds like Mr Bean score ...Very similar theme ...
  21. what do you mean, I really don't understand your post. I point what is , in my opinion ,the scores I like the most, I listen and buy some scores of JW since 79, but since 90 there is not so much interresting scores i like to own...
  22. The Old: 1989 - Always 1989 - Born on the Fourth of July 1989 - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1988 - The Accidental Tourist 1987 - Empire of the Sun 1987 - The Witches of Eastwick 1986 - SpaceCamp 1984 - The River 1984 - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1983 - Return of the Jedi 1982 - Monsignor 1982 - E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 1982 - Yes, Giorgio (Theme) 1981 - Heartbeeps 1981 - Raiders of the Lost Ark 1980 - The Empire Strikes Back 1979 - 1941 1979 - Dracula 1978 - Superman - The Movie 1978 - Jaws 21978 - The Fury 1977 - Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977 - Sta
  23. it remind me " ridding the lizard" ROTS...
  24. Another Shostakovich's influence pointed here, the begening sounds as the 2nd Movement of Dmitri's 11th Symphony...
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