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  1. One of my favourite score , too bad that the digital recording wasn't included in the CD...
  2. I met 3 times Maestro Williams, back in 90 at the Boston Symphony Hall he signed the IJTOD CD , then once in London , he recognize me after six years we met , but his hand shaking was a bit disapointing, half the hand closed, like a king or pape ,strange...
  3. When we look back on film music from the 20th century (... ) It is an article about film music, so Mr Elfman is missplaced, no mention to Hal Zimmer, that not do a score alone ( surely a great friend of Maestro Morricone ...
  4. When we look back on film music from the 20th century, three distinctive American voices will always stand out: Bernard Hermann, Daniel Elfman (?), and John Williams.Hem...Jerry Goldsmith, dont you think ???
  5. Ha, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!
  6. Hello, Did you heard about DMP, Kristopher Carter, Lolita Ritmanis & Michael McCuistion , two of them worked on orchestrations of composers such as Michael Kamen and Elliot Goldenthal , and I have seen the Batman and Superman animated series only to listen the wonderful orchestral music they compose !!!
  7. How can be rated the Hal Zimmer score as there is 7 composers on the film ?
  8. Nous ne sommes pas beaucoup... Y'a t'il quelqu'un qui aurait assisté au forum FNAC Monaco avec Jerry Goldsmith en invité et qui aurait pris des photos ? Merci bien !!!
  9. is it here : http://cgi.ebay.fr/Star-Wars-John-Williams...1QQcmdZViewItem
  10. I live south France, near the city Mr Bean have been on hollidays !!!
  11. I am just curious if there is some French who supports John Williams music , or there is a "fan club" in France... Merci !
  12. Actually on the JAWS RSNO Mc Neely recording it is wrote - The pier incident : (...) a quote from Debussy 's symphonic sketch "LA MER" ( 1903 -1905) complete with his stylized horn calls- and dramatically textures . then, The alimentary canal : (...) and an oblique reference to the Debussy. Into the estuary : Weird harmpnies and recaps of the Debussy make it even stranger. Three Barrels Under : Shark figure with Debussy harmonic sequences on top .. OK, he as never said but he have composed in the vein of Debussy...
  13. Debussy " La Mer " is also a source of inspiration on Jaws, particulary the 3rd Movement .
  14. and Without the LP ? Is there a solution ? No recording version avialable ???
  15. I'm pretty sure those rumors were shot down last year? They already have their Indiana Jones Trilogy disc out there... OOOOH yes, they have, so painfull for the ears....
  16. Yes, I forgot this compilation was so good, particulary the Bond medley !!!!
  17. Yes, return to a frustrating thing that was the missing part ( essential , if we consider to be on ROTLA and the music when it discovered isn't included in the album...) of the "well of souls" , how do you find the second part without beeing part of the LP, some CDS about ROTLA claim to be entire filmscore but the ne tracks added are just LP copy or some " windy" tracks ...
  18. Many conductors did record Superman Theme , of course Williams did at least twice ( Pops in Space , and anthology Sony Classical ) I like the Roy Budd version and the Ettore Stratta with LSO...
  19. I use for years the Advanced orchestra library, I believe a sample well recorded doesn't need to be 120 megabits... Here are the two examples : http://erahd.free.fr/adj/balq.htm http://erahd.free.fr/edf/index.htm
  20. A bout Herrmann, I can recommand acompilation made by Silva screen as en essential of ...Otherwise my favourite are : Obsessions, Vertigo, North by Northwest ( actually the Unicorn Kanchana version of the re-recording is one minute longer than the Varese Sarabande version, and sounds more dry ...)Mysterious Island , Torn Curtain ( conducted by Elmer Bernstein ) and I confess I prefer some compilations made by Benny with Decca Label .
  21. I cryied a lot in the front of his tombstone , I don't think this post is very ...So...How to say ? Delicate...
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