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  1. Can a lot of people outside of the film score community remember anything Goldsmith wrote?

    (apart from the Star Trek theme ,which some people might,but actually know Courage's theme more)

    When we look back on film music from the 20th century (... ) It is an article about film music, so Mr Elfman is missplaced, no mention to Hal Zimmer, that not do a score alone ( surely a great friend of Maestro Morricone ...

  2. Hello,

    Did you heard about DMP, Kristopher Carter, Lolita Ritmanis & Michael McCuistion , two of them worked on orchestrations of composers such as Michael Kamen and Elliot Goldenthal , and I have seen the Batman and Superman animated series only to listen the wonderful orchestral music they compose !!!

  3. I guess this is an easy arguement, because of the simplicity of the theme, but every time a piece is spotted with two notes a half step apart, it is not always taken from "inspiration". Williams has never said "La Mer" was a source of anything. What about the second movement of Mahler's 6th Symphony? That little patch of a few seconds in the middle of the movement must be an inspiration too, right? No. It's the the idea Williams came up with when he saw the film. "What can I do musically to invoke terror, and the presence of the shark?" Perhaps something that sounds like a heart beat. An impetus, a driving force. Of course it's similiar to all the works mentioned in this thread. It's a chromatic step forward and then backwards, rinse and repeat. Williams even throws in a third note which everyone always forgets.


    Actually on the JAWS RSNO Mc Neely recording it is wrote - The pier incident : (...) a quote from Debussy 's symphonic sketch "LA MER" ( 1903 -1905) complete with his stylized horn calls- and dramatically textures . then, The alimentary canal : (...) and an oblique reference to the Debussy. Into the estuary : Weird harmpnies and recaps of the Debussy make it even stranger. Three Barrels Under : Shark figure with Debussy harmonic sequences on top ..

    OK, he as never said but he have composed in the vein of Debussy...

  4. A bout Herrmann, I can recommand acompilation made by Silva screen as en essential of ...Otherwise my favourite are : Obsessions, Vertigo, North by Northwest ( actually the Unicorn Kanchana version of the re-recording is one minute longer than the Varese Sarabande version, and sounds more dry ...)Mysterious Island , Torn Curtain ( conducted by Elmer Bernstein ) and I confess I prefer some compilations made by Benny with Decca Label .

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