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  1. The Love theme of Outland is pretty nice " the message " Plus it have also very good action cues !!! I would like to get the full score as it appear on the film plus the Morton stevens final battle !!!
  2. For cheap and suitable orchestral sound I started with Sonidomedia orchestra gold , this was a soundfont library with some good samples, then Big Fish Audio orchestral collection in Akai or Giga , finally I use Advanced orchestra that You can find on ebay for few money as many people will sold it because they prefer the bigger size library, but already with that sample You can sound good enough, here are 2 examples from my soundtracks : http://erahd.free.fr/adj/balq.htm and http://erahd.free.fr/edf/index.htm I wish it help...
  3. Not as I know ...Infortunately ...
  4. The first time I heard it , I was thinking that it announce "The Fury" , with some reminiscences of "The towering inferno", Great !!!
  5. In the alte 90's there were rumors that Williams would write such piece. I remember reading something that it was to be comissioned by Kent Nagano... Don't know who comissioned the piece that was actually written by Mr. Matthews. Was it Nagano? Yes, it is Kent Nagano, who for the Halle Orchestra commissioned an appendix to Holst's Planets ... in japan I find an excellent version by Vernon Handley and Royal philharmonic and once I find Herrmann's version but the CD has a problem with the master, an alteration that was not so cool to listen...
  6. In Japan, Philips did re-release this CD vey often, with different cover as 1000 Y serie ...
  7. That way, no matter what- we get an Alan Silvestri score! 1. Joel Goldsmith 2. Randy miller 3; Aln Silvestri
  8. Hello, Here are two links for the films I scored recently "Esprits de Famille" is an homage of Universal 50's movies as well as Hammer movies ... http://erahd.free.fr/adj/balq.htm http://erahd.free.fr/edf/index.htm
  9. There is another piece that is fabulous : The Elegy composed by Howard Hanson to the memory of Serge Koussevitsky , really fantastic !!! To know if Williams can write this kind of music out of cinema , the answer is why ? As his style for cinema and concert pieces is different, at least before the 80's, our days it seems more closer of what he do in a way , for the film he have to apply with what they ask him to write, as the temp tracks he listen before composing anything; Composing a concert piece is something more personnal .
  10. I saw the film yesterday night , I find the score is very good, but not yet released on CD ...
  11. No, no, no , Outland is a very good score !!!
  12. To me Raiders is a perfect score , too bad the expended edition doesn't include the second part of the " Discovering the Ark" but in the film It works perfect ! I remember to have seen this movie at least 30 time over a period of 2 years in the different theater it was showed , just to enjoy the full score , I was 15 years young then !!! TOD have its moments , but to much "mickey mousing" to me ...Last Crusade haven't really good action cues " Belly of steel beast " sounds better on the film than on the CD , the sherzo for motorcycle is great , if you don't know the scherzo of the 8th symphon
  13. 1982 / WILLIAMS ' HEARTBEEPS have been forgotten ... Favorite of all time Outland and Raiders, Poltergeist and E.T !
  14. The pianist isn't John Williams, I remember that Williams said he as composed this virtuoso piece for someone that he like the "touch" very much... I didn't yet remember where I read that but I am sure that Williams doesn't perform the theme during the sessions.
  15. At this time I had expected he may was recording Superman 2...So may be he has recorded some new tracks for the upcoming Starwars Ultimate (...)Edition...
  16. William Walton has composed a wonderful Cello Concerto, very spectacular, the 2 Shostakovitch are wonderful as well !!!
  17. It is a real pity as the orchestra is very good under maestro Schwarz I bought a lots of American music from Delos and Naxos recording , I wish I can buy more !
  18. This shows again that John Williams has a far better mastery of his craft than James Horner B) Yes Chris, Williams is able to pastiche any musician , I am now 40 years old, I know the music of John Williams since 1980, as well as the music of Jerry Goldsmith both composers have for me a wonderful impact of my musical life , with both I could access to a lots of composers : Raizuli atttacks have its first cousin in Wonderful mandarin of Bartok, Outland music belongs to Night of bare montain of Moussorsgski and Symphony 8 of Tubin as well as Bacewicz music for strings trumpets and percussions,
  19. Please , tell me more about this Rautavaara in CE3K thing. I never noticed that. As a finn , I'm very curious... Yes okay, the piece is called " angels and visitations " some parts are very very similar it have been wrote on 78 ... Also French composers give a nickname to Horner " H or ( di ) naire "...
  20. Ho, ho ... Do You prefer I talk about Williams riping off Vaughan Williams in SW or Rautavaara in CE3K ?
  21. And the winner is Arvo Part's "Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten" Instead of " Revueltas 's "Sensemaya " more appropriate IMO...
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