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  1. You are American I assume, hence your use of the word solding instead of selling.

    I don't care about artists not getting payed, I saw John Ottman in Spain last year and he didn't look like he was famished.

    I do care about people selling bootlegs for overinflated prices to soundtrack fans who don't know better!

    Euh ^_^ ... Je suis Fran├žais !!!

  2. The LSO is a magnificient orchestra , listen to mozart piano concertos with Abbado and Serkin or the whole Vaughan Williams Symphonies ( thomson ) or the Rite of Spring with raphael de burgos , Yeah, they are so excellent

  3. I sometimes use Wavelab and a program called ISOTOP 3 ,very good to make flat sound better, as if all depends to your own taste, may be some treatment are too personal, anyway I did main title from INCHON sound like in a symphony hall with good details ...

  4. varese re-recording suffer wrong notes else and else (choirs, oh my God !!! ) it suffer to be slow when it should be fast ( trip to earth , growing up, and to the lair )Jonathan's death lost its magic....

    No question about "ultimate superman" which has a 50 musicians orchestra ....

  5. Is that true that the score have been lost and rediscovered just after Varese Sarabande done that terrible re-creation of the score ? Not to blame the orchestrations of Dechter/ Kashka but the performances were just..Poor ! Also is that true M.Matessino discovered some new music intended to be spoted on S2 ( luna fight, Luthor to the fortress ) ?????

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