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  1. The CDs on this pictures aren't original "for your consideration", last September I have been accomodate in L.A. by someone who is in the Academy, he have a lots of "FYC" CDs and some belongs to WarnerBros. in the case of A.I. it should be on each CD the WB logo and "for your consideration"as well as composer John Williams...

  2. The Varese Re-recording of superman Was a big disappointment, chorus with wrong notes, slow tempi...Have You heard about Colin flechter recordind of StarWars with London philharmonic ?and the Naxos with Dick Hymann ? Hahahahaha !

    the some I like are Midway, Vertigo, and Torn Curtain,by Elmer Berntein !

  3. This recording is a William Motzing with Pragua Orchestra , it was one of the fews CDs that he has recorded, as well as Highlander suite, Jaws 4 suite, Meteor, StarTrek 1,2,3, 4, 6, Fantatic Voyage, Countdown, Battle of the Planet of the Apes....

  4. I send an email to Superman.uk, the answer is as follow :


    I wished to know if someone know about an eventual re-score from S2, because I readed that John Williams is currently working on a "new score" the timing seems to be good as it is on the time to re edit Superman 2 ...

    Any clues ?

    Your sincerely,


    Hi, no new score for S2. :cry:


  5. Of course it will be great to have our Maestro working in Superman 2 , a matter to re-unite with the original whole vision of Donner film and an homage to Christopher Reeve...And I believe it will be the first time in film music history that a score will be done 25 years after the film, a kind of "John Williams' Return"...

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