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  1. Yes, the whole timeline journey and back story of Williams recording in London makes for a very enjoyable reading experience. They are probably the most engaging liner notes I’ve read in recent times. Hearing from the musicians and Isobel Griffiths is also unique and the archive JW interviews all make it so comprehensive.
  2. Very enjoyable read, Jason and glad to see Justin credit John Goberman. He was really the first to start the live to picture presentations.
  3. I overcooked Dobby the Elf, this is true. What a theme though! Yes, completely new material as opposed to COS being a mixture of old and new.
  4. The second part is now available to hear and I hope you enjoy the special JW HP montage: https://soundcloud.com/timburden/the-musical-wizardry-of-john-williams-mike-matessino-on-harry-potter/s-suS7I
  5. If we're talking 1995 I wasn't far off having the same. That SW box set was such a treat to find in an HMV quite unexpectedly, I had to beg my parents for £50!
  6. As Mike said, "heightened antenna!" 🙂 Yes, well spotted - I thought it was quite seamless for the Hedwig and Wondrous World overlays, but Fluffy was a bit trickier to sync up . Sorry about that, I just thought it appropriate to insert JW talking about the Children's Suite movements considering the subject matter. Here's the source material if anyone is interested:
  7. I remember we all got very excited about the final few bars of KOTCS End Credits, but then it died off. There was also confusion as to why ROTS had the Throne Room music included. Some of my most vivid memories is of the banter (or some might say flirting!) between Drax and Hitch! John Takis did a great write up on Hook, Neil Bulk introduced us to the world of technical soundtrack remastering, Miguel educated us on the JW & Boston Pops fall outs and I spent an insane amount of time compiling a list of all Williams mentions and content on DVDs. Just a few memories from the early 2000s. I was a lurker until about 2001, then Potter exploded! So to speak 🙂 Happy days!
  8. Thanks all for the kind feedback, glad you enjoyed listening. I'm just finishing off the final part which focuses on COS & Azkaban over the next few days. Hi @Josh500, still here! 😉
  9. I was just about to post a reminder about LyricFM's show which is on today at 1pm GMT (so, just over 3 hours from now). Mike will introduce cues from COS and Azkaban.
  10. Tune in tomorrow and Saturday 1st December for radio premieres and the second part of my London focused interview with Mike will also be posted next week. "Mischief managed"! 🙂 https://www.rte.ie/culture/2018/1122/1012644-unheard-harry-potter-music-to-premiere-on-rte-lyric-fm/
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