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  1. Agreed! JT was also superb on our The Fury tribute show soon after.
  2. Subscribers of FSM Online will be interested to listen to an audio interview with producer Stephane Lerouge featuring some clips from this new collection. Watch out for an exclusive clip being posted on social networks today of John Williams speaking about 2 key colleagues and friends.
  3. These were all audio, as I said above Maurizio did sterling work adding video in the form of stills, logos and appropriate graphics.
  4. Mike M is happy with the clips being discussed, so be gone ambiguity! Here’s the array of audio / video treats which were played and Maurizio did sterling work editing the audio to video. All very elegant: - CLIP: 1st SW cue ever recorded, aka "The Swashbucklers" - 6 min - CLIP: JW on the scoring stage - Harry Potter Logo raw takes - 5 min - CLIP: The Lost World raw session inserts - 5 min - CLIP: Amazing Stories End Titles (components + full mix) - 4 min - CLIP: CE3K Wild Choir Sweeteners - 5 min - CLIP: E.T. Bike Chase Take 1 session - 4 min - CLIP: Harry Potter Fluffy’s Harp rehearsals - 10 min
  5. Here’s the event running order which hopefully paints a picture. We aren’t going to mention the clips from Mike publicly, but I’m sure those who were there can private message each other. We never said to not talk about the event after the fact. “The first rule of TLOJW is to talk about TLOJW” 😁 - CLIP: Video Introduction - 6 min - Greetings and presentation of guests - JW in London: an historical overview - Remembering the Star Wars 1977 sessions with Eric and Hugh - CLIP: - Working with JW as orchestra musicians (Eric and Hugh) - CLIP: - Commentary - CLIP: The Fury "A-B Comparison" - JW on the scoring stage: how he works with the orchestra - CLIP: - Commentary / Audience Q&A INTERMISSION (10 min) - Dracula: an overview (Emilio) - CLIP: Dracula's Death film clip - 6 min - Commentary - Techniques of film score recording - CLIP: - Commentary - CLIP: - Commentary - CLIP: - Commentary / Audience Q&A - Final greetings and prize draw raffle sorting The prize draw contents (10 Universal Studios branded goody bags - thank you Dave Norris!) consisted of: JW scored 4K discs from UHE La La Land Records & Intrada JW albums Japanese imports of various JW albums DG Store exclusives of Blu-rays & Vinyls TLOJW T-shirts Elmer Bernstein Commemorative Programme with a personal note from JW The 2 star prize premium goody bags consisted of the above plus Taschen books, extra DG Store exclusives, the John T. Williams Jazz Beginnings album and a JW signed photo. IMG_5281.heic Seeing the new remaster of Jaws in Dolby Atmos with the proper 3D glasses was very memorable and a perfect end to the event. Both Eric & Hugh were particularly impressed! They hadn’t seen it since 1976! We had a diverse audience and some composers and conductors were in attendance. Plus our poster artist Paul Shipper (who kindly signed many of the deluxe prints everyone received), voice actor Marc Silk and producers from LA & London. Thank you once again for attending. It was so great to meet many new and old friends. The dinner afterwards was a cluster f@#k but it was a last minute change so couldn’t be helped. Food and service was good (Zizzi). It was a joy to host this with Maurizio and we hope to do more in the future. I love how people laughed at this, it actually was Jaws in 3D, not Jaws 3D!!!!! :-)
  6. Subscribers of FSM Online will be able to experience some of the key moments from this concert as exclusive videos. The new issue will be out in a few days. Re choir, it’s a specific synth patch.
  7. This is really appreciated, D - thank you for the kind words and feedback. A true Labour of love and having this brief classic Star Wars blast of perfection played for our audience was a thrill: IMG_5702.mov I wish! The mics help amplify the vast RAH and its acoustic uniqueness.
  8. This is going to be an event tailored to JW fans and the prizes are fantastic! Each attendee will receive something special and we have lots of surprises in store. See you there.
  9. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed and are encouraged to return to some JW gems.
  10. Any encore guesses?! :-) Have to give huge thanks to Jamie R. Mike M and Nikiforos C for making this programme work. The RPO (the original Star Wars in Concert Tour orchestra!) is a superb band! It is indeed!
  11. Thanks Ricard & Jason. Hope to see many JWFans in London next month. Something special is also being planned the day before this concert so mark your diary. More info soon! Oh, and seeing as you asked so nicely: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Star Wars Main Theme and Arrival at Naboo (03:00) The Flag Parade (03:00) Anakin’s Theme (04:00) Duel of the Fates (04:00) with SATB Choir Episode 2: Attack of the Clones Across the Stars (05:00) Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith Battle of the Heroes (04:00) with SATB Choir Episode 4: A New Hope The Cantina Band (02:00) Here They Come! (02:00) Princess Leia’s Theme (04:00) Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back The Asteroid Field (04:00) Yoda’s Theme (03:00) Han Solo and the Princess (05:00) Carbon Freeze & The Imperial March (04:00) --------- Interval ----------- LUCASFILM LOGO FANFARE (30 secs) Episode 6: Return of the Jedi The Forest Battle (04:00) Luke and Leia (05:00) Parade of the Ewoks (04:00) Episode 7: The Force Awakens March of the Resistance (02:00) Rey’s Theme (03:00) X-Wing Scherzo (2:30) Episode 8: The Last Jedi The Rebellion is Reborn (04:00) Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker The Rise of Skywalker (5:00) Rey and Ben (3:00) The Adventures of Han Solo from Solo: A Star Wars Story (04:00)
  12. A boutique German label has issued a new remastered edition of Oliver Stone’s BOTFJ with an isolated score and SFX track. There is also a new documentary with Music Supervisor Budd Carr which will no doubt mention JW. The original Oliver Stone commentary which mentions JW numerous times has been copied across. The opening titles cue to this movie remain one of the most powerful and effective. Stunning! https://turbine-shop.de/33965/geboren-am-4.-juli-mediabook-2x-blu-ray-special-edition-mit-auro-3d-1.500-stueck
  13. Oh dear, the ambiguity carnage I caused here by my mumbling! Apologies, I’ll learn to annunciate better next time!
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