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  1. I’m playing 10 minutes from this beautiful new album on my radio show tonight soon after 7pm (U.K.) Including the 1st Alternate take of “Worth A Life” and the outstanding End Credits cue.
  2. Thanks @Jay for listening in and providing commentary! I was stricken with a bug since late Wednesday evening so I apologise for sounding groggy during most of the show. I’d prerecorded Neil and Deniz on Monday so I was more myself then, thankfully. Deniz messaged me to say that Sara Horner (James Horner’s widow) listened to the full show live last night and enjoyed it, highlighting The Wonder Years segment with Star Trek 2, so that was lovely to hear. Here’s a link to the full show and a longer edit of the Star Trek 2 segment will be in next month’s FSM Online. Movie Magic TX 290821 It means that the AFM aren’t charging more reuse fees for larger units. 5,000 used to be the max affordable limit.
  3. Neil S. Bulk (or IndySolo as he was once known here about 20 years ago!) and music director Deniz Cordell join me on tonight’s Movie Magic to talk about this release, and play Horner’s thematic ideas on piano. It’s a fun chat with lots of cues & insider Trek references you may enjoy. We’re on www. Belfast247Radio.com from 7-9pm (GMT)
  4. I’m seriously considering going to this, as are Maurizio and Mike M so we could consider a mini gathering if there’s interest. When Maurizio and I hosted the JW & LSO video tribute in May, Sir Clive Gillinson talked about this concert but we had to edit it out. Mainly because he was asked by the LSO if he’d pay for their flights and hotel to join him for the concert! Obviously with tongues in cheeks.
  5. I think Bespin is joking. Remember that Jaws 2 had big shooting delays so JW was writing before the film had been finished.
  6. The ClassicFM broadcast of an Eiger cue has now been bumped to next Saturday in case anyone was listening out for it.
  7. Scala Radio are premiering the Main Title (film version) on Monday between 9 & 10am. Not sure why the wrong cue was played on Lyric as they actually chose which ones they wanted to play. Mike and I usually dictate the best cues to showcase. Ah well.
  8. Yes we actually talk about that MCA Filmworks compilation during the Legacy podcast. It introduced me to do many unheard Williams gems back then, including Eiger and the Midway Yorktown March.
  9. There’s a lot of radio activity for this album happening from Saturday, in addition to the Legacy interview with Mike Matessino. 7th Aug: RTE Lyric FM will premiere 2 tracks personally introduced by Mike M. This is on Aedin Gormley’s 1-4pm show. 9th Aug: Scala Radio will premiere a different cue during their 9-10am Screen Time hour with Charles Nove. 12th Aug: Belfast247Radio will play a favourite remastered (!) cue introduced by Mike M on my own show between 7-9pm 14th Aug: ClassicFM will play a track on Bill Turnbull’s show between 11:30am - 12noon. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to hear some of the above (all U.K. & Ireland based).
  10. Oh Thor! You’re going to miss out on the considerably improved sound quality! Not to mention the new music. I’ll never understand your mindset but that’s life. Now where’s that ejector seat button? ;-)
  11. This isolated score track is such a great addition to this release! The singing direction from JW you elude to is for the head explosion finale. The horns still miss a few notes, but it’s a difficult cue.
  12. Those of a certain age will recall that the 2CD A.I. Oscar Promo was controversial due to Spielberg not approving its release. Seemingly this title attracts drama from time to time. I understand the wanting of unreleased music, but if John Williams doesn’t wish it to be out there then we should respect that. Discussions on sharing music between users shouldn’t be continued.
  13. ClassicFM are going to premiere a track from this beautiful album tomorrow at a time between 11:30am and 12noon (GMT) https://www.classicfm.com/radio/shows-presenters/bill-turnbull/
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