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  1. Hi 👋! True there is always that risk but your tickets will remain valid for any rescheduling. Hopefully see you there! :-)
  2. Hi! No choir, the brass chorus with strings and percussion works tremendously well.
  3. Happy 2022! When do we stop saying that? :-) Anyway, for any local John Williams / film music enthusiasts, come and say hello and join us in celebrating the 90th Birthday of Williams the Northern Irish way. Here's the terrific repertoire which we will be playing on the night: The Superman March The Witches of Eastwick: Devil's Dance Excerpts from Fiddler on the Roof Harry Potter: Hedwig and Harry's Wondrous World The Terminal: Viktor's Tale Hook: Flight to Neverland Saving Private Ryan: Hymn to the Fallen The Raiders March ----- interval ----- E.T.: Adventures on Earth Jaws: Theme Themes from Jurassic Park Schindler's List: Remembrances Catch Me If You Can: Closing In Star Wars: Princess Leia and Main Theme https://www.ulsterorchestra.org.uk/whats-on/the-brilliance-of-williams!/ Coincidentally Mike Matessino told me that it's the same date as Leslie Bricusse's Birthday. He would have been 91 so we will be acknowledging this on the night.
  4. Yes, other than some odd music editing choices it’s very nicely done.
  5. Isn’t this trailer fantastic?! Great job, MC!
  6. Here’s a link to tonight’s show in case you couldn’t listen live: Download link https://we.tl/t-VW2R8mJijk
  7. Thanks Jason, yes tonight you’ll hear some of the remastered Fiddler on the Roof cues and it’s a good taster of the conversation Maurizio and I had with Mike which will be posted in full tomorrow at the Legacy of JW website. Dan Goldwasser and Brian Satterwhite also join me to talk about Friday the 13th which is very off topic, but just in case it’s of interest!
  8. I’m playing 10 minutes from this beautiful new album on my radio show tonight soon after 7pm (U.K.) Including the 1st Alternate take of “Worth A Life” and the outstanding End Credits cue.
  9. Thanks @Jay for listening in and providing commentary! I was stricken with a bug since late Wednesday evening so I apologise for sounding groggy during most of the show. I’d prerecorded Neil and Deniz on Monday so I was more myself then, thankfully. Deniz messaged me to say that Sara Horner (James Horner’s widow) listened to the full show live last night and enjoyed it, highlighting The Wonder Years segment with Star Trek 2, so that was lovely to hear. Here’s a link to the full show and a longer edit of the Star Trek 2 segment will be in next month’s FSM Online. Movie Magic TX 290821 It means that the AFM aren’t charging more reuse fees for larger units. 5,000 used to be the max affordable limit.
  10. Neil S. Bulk (or IndySolo as he was once known here about 20 years ago!) and music director Deniz Cordell join me on tonight’s Movie Magic to talk about this release, and play Horner’s thematic ideas on piano. It’s a fun chat with lots of cues & insider Trek references you may enjoy. We’re on www. Belfast247Radio.com from 7-9pm (GMT)
  11. I’m seriously considering going to this, as are Maurizio and Mike M so we could consider a mini gathering if there’s interest. When Maurizio and I hosted the JW & LSO video tribute in May, Sir Clive Gillinson talked about this concert but we had to edit it out. Mainly because he was asked by the LSO if he’d pay for their flights and hotel to join him for the concert! Obviously with tongues in cheeks.
  12. I think Bespin is joking. Remember that Jaws 2 had big shooting delays so JW was writing before the film had been finished.
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