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  1. Apparently not - apologies for the geographical limitations. I was told BBC Sounds didn’t have the same iPlayer issue.
  2. Hello 👋! The BBC commissioned a film music radio show from a friend & I which is now available on BBC Sounds and airs locally on BBC Radio Ulster here in NI. Lots of JW’s music is featured in addition to John Barry, Max Steiner and Nino Rota. The show is only 30 minutes and doesn’t have wall to wall music, but I hope you find the content interesting and enjoyable. Clicks on the show will be very helpful in securing a second series which I hope to have much more music within, so if you are willing to click and listen I’d be very grateful. Sorry if this all sounds overly needy. I can say that the 6th episode features a very special John Williams treat which nobody has heard before. I am pretty sure you’ll love it! :-) Thanks for your support! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/brand/m001k0kk?partner=uk.co.bbc&origin=share-mobile
  3. I think there’s much unfair criticism for Laurent B here. Unlike some of his contemporaries when he was commissioned to do the bonus material content for Laserdisc and the early days of DVDs there was always a film music focus. It’s clearly a passion, not just a gig. The original Jaws and 1941 documentaries were feature length and very in depth. LB has also done superb docs on Hitchcock which accompany all Universal Studios films. Yes the soundtrack releases had flaws, but even the great Shawn Murphy made errors with ones he was involved in.
  4. I hope people enjoy this lighthearted conversation. Richard is always a joy to speak with and some of the audience questions are good. The full concert we speak of is also available to stream alongside some rehearsal clips. Take note of The Forest Battle trombone directions which are so important! Similar to the crucial drama of the T-Rex Finale! Here’s one more clip which is just for you! :-) E33EF2B2-FF1B-436B-BEE3-4384A86B1595.MOV
  5. There’s no need to gang up on Mike here, he’s just overly keen and might have chosen words poorly. He’s no troll though!
  6. Ha! I’ve pre-ordered this book so I’ll try and skip this page. I was very fortunate to meet Alan Rickman thanks to my work with Patrick Doyle a few years ago. Well, nearly 10 now! They were both very close friends being part of the London theatrical scene in the 70s and 80s. Shameless (!) photo below.
  7. Yes, unless parts were decided to be cut. Come to think of it I can’t recall hearing the Bond misquote l. 15 minutes is typical for an approved interview slot. Press junkets have a similar timeframe.
  8. The LSO performed the 2nd Potter film at Abbey Rd. The first one did feature many LSO players but it was a session orchestra fixed by Isobel Griffiths. Same for Azkaban. Portions of the first Potter we’re recorded at Air, but as Williams wasn’t familiar with the venue he preferred Abbey Rd so all remaining sessions were conducted there. Yes, you’re right regarding William Ross. I haven’t listened to the 2 hour show, I was recommended to watch the 17 minute video edit via the Global Radio player and it sounds like “He chose wisely.” My takeaway from the interview was that Hedwig’s Theme starts with “chimes” (!) and the statement from Andrew Collins “I don’t know how you did it, but you did it!” about Star Wars was cringeworthy! I actually enjoyed the conversation about Jaws above everything else, despite its well trodden fodder. I’m also glad JW insisted on talking about the LSO & Maurice Murphy.
  9. Sometimes I think there’s a collective misunderstanding that soundtrack labels are a business. The reissues are positive in multiple ways, namely a revenue stream which helps fund the likes of Scarface, Fiddler on the Roof or Willow which wouldn’t have seen the light of day without significant investment.
  10. Here’s our very own @Jim Warewho joined me on the show last night. French horn player Hugh Seenan is also speaking with me about his work with James Horner (from Aliens to Braveheart). Lots of further Willow clips too! https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/d7vhqV4aB9RQQ9s79
  11. If the session masters are found someday then it would be very cool to hear the various THX Logo takes which we’re recorded at the Willow sessions. Listen from 02:40 here.
  12. Exactly, Roger received the assembly which Horner created with Shawn Murphy from Simon Rhodes. Leading to the conclusion that a double album was in mind at the time. We have to be thankful for that!
  13. Here’s the link to Doug, Roger and Chris Malone talking up the new Willow release ICYMI: Information about the elements they had to work with, details of the 2CD contents, Frank KDW’s superb booklet notes and the history of James Horner & Shawn Murphy’s collaboration in LA & London. James Horner Willow Intrada Premiere
  14. It’s detriment free and sounds better than ever, so please have faith. You’ll hear specifics when Doug and Roger talk later on the show. If you can’t listen live I’ll post a link. Chris Malone worked on restoring a particular cue and we all know that he is from the school of Mike Matessino excellence!
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