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  1. Zavvi must’ve received their allocation as they now have it listed on their various geographic websites. Here’s the U.K. link
  2. Yes it’s very concertised in a brilliant “Hook Banquet” kind of way. The only recording I know of is Keith Lockhart with the BPO and it’s worth seeking out. Especially for “Gloria” by Randol Bass. Adjust your settings for ‘cringe’ when looking at the album cover :-)
  3. It’s definitely not badly performed! Personally speaking the BPO Star Wars selections I listen to the least due to the overly bright sound. There’s very little bass which is a combination of the natural Symphony Hall acoustic and recording technique. The timpani in particular is too soft in moments it needs to be “bigger” (Forest Battle / final bars of SW Main Theme). The quieter cues like Yoda and Luke & Leia work better for me.
  4. Multiple forces are still trying to make it happen!
  5. Good photo! I also spy Miguel and Nemesis.
  6. Ha! That was fun. Although thankfully nobody was that drunk that they criticised a certain author about their well respected book! 😳 Anyway, very civilised as all were cautious about the virus rate here at the moment.
  7. As Maurizio and I discussed during our Tim Morrison Legacy discussion, the Salute to Hollywood is absolutely the performances with Tim as principal trumpet 🎺 which really made JW take notice. His beautiful solos throughout this album are just stunning and paved the way for his invite to Hollywood!
  8. He appeared to have water in his valves and the timings were off. I really felt for him! I’m sure today will be perfect 👌📯!
  9. There are 2 tickets (240 Euro seats) for the Sunday concert available if anyone is looking for them. Private message me if interested.
  10. Maybe it was the Charles Gerhardt rendition from the 1970s? I’ll listen to the stream Mon.
  11. Are you sure it wasn’t the late 80s Boston Pops recording? Otherwise the original score was released by LLL a few years back. Thanks for your in depth review of the concert by the way.
  12. Jane Eyre is a London recording, presumably he got confused with Heidi which was a mixture of London and Germany. It was a fantastic day and looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow! Here are some photos and the pre-concert talk will be hosted at The Legacy of John Williams soon along with exclusive videos.
  13. And also via YouTube if you’d like to watch live. It’s a truly magnificent programme which highlights so many rarely performed gems!
  14. Here’s a link to listen to the show if you missed the live stream: Download link https://we.tl/t-1o2kA4T2pM
  15. I think some of you may particularly enjoy the final part of the Movie Magic JW Birthday Tribute radio show tonight as it features 4 names you’ll be familiar with: Tim Grieving, Chris Malone, Saul Pincus and John Takis. Each speak with eloquence and authority and I hope you enjoy listening from 7pm (UK) at: www.Belfast247OnAir.com
  16. The music shop in the lobby will be selling these at the market price dictated by LLL. Admittedly the purpose of making these available is more for the wider public who wouldn’t normally see these in shops, but I wanted to let all of you know out of courtesy.
  17. Those of us as old as me will remember the first DVD 📀 pressing of this in America (the old cardboard snap case Warners used) had the score isolated in 5.0 as a listening option. Naturally it was then bootlegged by a random bogus label called Eastwick Records as a limited edition of 666 copies!🤪 A proper release is long overdue!
  18. I made the epic fail of not realising that the DG Store limited LP edition isn’t released until the end of April so I have a VERY long wait, because they don’t ship part orders! 🤦‍♂️
  19. The brilliant CBSO flautist Marie-Christine Zupancic really nailed the solo during this rehearsal. It was one of her first gigs and unsurprisingly she became principal soon after.
  20. These are the LLL soundtracks which will be available for purchase at the concert hall:
  21. On Friday 25th and Saturday 26th February Dublin’s National Concert Hall will become a haven for John Williams fans. Both days will feature pre-concert talks hosted by Richard and I, featuring multimedia content and plenty of discussion about JW’s incredible career. Plus, many La-La Land Records John Williams albums will be available for purchase. So if there’s anything that you’re looking for it’ll save you shipping and taxes. Below is the running order and the booking link for tickets is here. Hope to see you there! Summon the Heroes 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games ThemeMemoirs of a Geisha Sayuri’s Theme Superman Love Theme Superman March Minority Report A New Beginning Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra Raiders of the Lost Ark Marion’s Theme Raiders of the Lost Ark The Raiders March ****** The Cowboys Overture Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Harry’s Wondrous World A Child’s Tale Suite from The BFG Jurassic Park Main ThemeJaws Main Theme Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Forest Battle Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Rise of Skywalker Star Wars: A New Hope Main Theme
  22. IMG_0866.MOV Thanks SS for your kind words and cheers Jason for the interest. Here’s a clip from final rehearsals (ET) and then a short clip from the live show featuring our Ken Wannberg dedication. Apologies for the ropey video! There will be two concerts in Dublin later this month with an even better programme. I’ll create a new post topic about it though. IMG_0904.MOV
  23. Hi 👋! True there is always that risk but your tickets will remain valid for any rescheduling. Hopefully see you there! :-)
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