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  1. Thanks for all of this, @Jay as it’s a great resource and thanks @bollemanneke for mentioning my older interviews with Mike. There’s also Jaws & The Fury (with the brilliant John Takis): https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/7FYSW7jp2Ar8K6Yp6 https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/M9RcwuwwKv1uEd1W8 Plus Hook with the always entertaining MV & Matt from LLL: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/beuwFoA7BFhqMGPL8 The career overview interview which highlights Mike Matessino’s fascinating beginnings and early projects was recorded at Air-Edel Studios so I feel the audio quality is especially good on this one: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/gUD8wBaSFSBEfzrXA
  2. It’s a wonderful score and one that features the glorious golden era of Horner with the LSO. Mike M didn’t work on this, it’s a D. Fake production.
  3. There’s a very noticeable improvement in sound and the low end is especially more prominent. The timpani is effectively spread antiphonally too. Yes that photo is great, Josh. It’s lifted from the end of the Blu-ray/DVD music feature which I would encourage you all to watch.
  4. The montage track list is detailed in the comments section on Soundcloud, also here: Sleepers Amistad Stepmom The Patriot Always Home Alone 2 Home Alone JFK Far & Away Rosewood Sabrina Jurassic Park Nixon War Horse American Journey (5th Movement) Sleepers The Patriot
  5. Williams’ favourite French horn player Jim Thatcher is a future guest and this is a montage I put together to highlight some best moments:
  6. I’ve always (!) enjoyed this movie. There are some lovely visuals thanks to Mikael Solomon and overall the film possesses a sincere warmth. There was an odd similarity to Ghost, yes. Mainly due to the 2 leads never saying “I love you” in return. Probably just a coincidence. The score is one I would often return to when needing to unwind. It’s a beautiful work and one that will be better appreciated with a new expanded and remastered release.
  7. Terrific news indeed! I recorded the broadcast in 2002 but always hoped for a new recording.
  8. What a wonderful sound these guys made!
  9. I edited it to make a clean ending after pulling it from the film audio years ago, before MM’s album. In hindsight, the timing was slightly off.
  10. Are we talking about this? Yes, it’s outstanding and one of the highlights from the 4CD set. That rhythm and trombone as Alex says is classic “jazz infused” Williams which we love!
  11. Excellent show! Very enjoyable, I re-listened to the Conrad Pope and Sandy De Crescent editions straight afterwards, whilst lying in bed with headphones during the night 🎧 . *apologies for that image!
  12. This is exactly why we had the ejector seat installed at the NBC screening room for our 2018 London gathering. Shame we never got to use it! :-)
  13. Thanks! Maurizio (TownerFan) is responsible for the final package with music. Glad you enjoy.
  14. If you look closely, on the bookshelf behind him there are miniature Cantina Band figures. Doug Adams pointed this out after the Summon the Heroes video was posted online. It’s a lovely video message, thanks for the heads up.
  15. Hello and welcome! You’re right, harking back to the pivotal connection between fife and drum etc. We did actually mention The Patriot, also referencing a similarity to its finale, however we had to edit things down a bit.
  16. I would say different, not necessarily better ;-) Let’s hope this does happen and Williams remains healthy. I wonder was Sarah Willis about to say “..... but he doesn’t like to fly long distance.” as that’s the line that the LSO communicated for years.
  17. I think the Kunzel recordings are of very high quality and Williams himself would often acknowledge this. The Spielberg Tribute album is solid, yes, but cues like Empire of the Sun don’t suit the bombastic finishes Kunzel used to favour in the bespoke arrangements. The Sugarland Express performance is superb though and improves upon the OST for me. Some of the 80s albums (Fantastic Journey / Star Tracks / Time Warp) featured outstanding performances. E.T. & The Last Starfighter in particular. The 90s albums became obsessed with hi-if speaker destroying (!) sound effects and weird surround sound gimmicks, however some selections were very good.
  18. Here’s the link which is live now. A very enjoyable watch and plenty for us JW fans to relish. Such legends gathered together:
  19. Hi! Nobody was misinformed. The Classic FM programming team were given the option of “The Big Match”, “Into the Bath” or “The Land Race”. The former 2 are fantastic and give more unreleased material, however “The Land Race (alternate)” is more radio friendly and is the perfect JW showcase of his craft. As Jay has rightly pointed out, it clearly features unreleased material. If the Classic FM presenter oversold it then so be it, I didn’t write her script and I make no apologies. Remember, we all want this to be a successful release and the fact that this lesser known John Williams score is reaching a wider audience is to be celebrated not dissected.
  20. Yes, the whole timeline journey and back story of Williams recording in London makes for a very enjoyable reading experience. They are probably the most engaging liner notes I’ve read in recent times. Hearing from the musicians and Isobel Griffiths is also unique and the archive JW interviews all make it so comprehensive.
  21. Very enjoyable read, Jason and glad to see Justin credit John Goberman. He was really the first to start the live to picture presentations.
  22. I overcooked Dobby the Elf, this is true. What a theme though! Yes, completely new material as opposed to COS being a mixture of old and new.
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