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  1. Like many other 'longer-term' posters here this very sad event has drawn me back to the boards after an absence of many years. It's nice to see so many familiar usernames from the past gathered to seek comfort in one another's company and to pay respects. Usually I'm not overly bothered by the passing of a 'celebrity' but this was quite upsetting, for the reasons that so many here have already mentioned: he was still so young, the manner of his passing would have been quite traumatic, and he still had so much to give! What a great loss. To think of all the great music left uncomposed and all the films yet to be made that are now left worse off for want of his score. Tonight I've been listening to "Field of Dreams" and "The New World" especially "Of the Forest", one of my very favourite Horner tracks. So peaceful and beautiful. I've just put in an online order for as many of his soundtack CDs as are still in stock (and not already in my collection!). Was great to hear that a rare concert piece of Horner's has just been released on CD: Pas de Deux. I heard the first movement on the radio this morning and have ordered this as well. We'll ALWAYS have his music. I just wish that we would have had yet MORE of it. RIP, THANK YOU and my condolences and sympathies to those you leave behind.
  2. Hi everyone! Just found out about this concert today at the Sydney Opera House, by opening some mail (which I probably should have looked at earlier). As it turns out, tonight's concert is sold out and I have other plans anyway. There were apparently also concerts on 27 and 28 February 2014. Note that they were selling standing room tickets for $50, which I've not seen done before at the Opera House, suggesting it was quite popular indeed! If anyone went, I'd love to see the playbill or get a review to see what music was played. Thanks! Text copied from the website in case the link goes down once the concert date has passed: Description Music from the movies will be coming to the Concert Hall under the direction of David Robertson. From Superman to Star Wars, Schindler's List to E.T, hear all your favourites of John Williams music in a performance of those musical moments that made you shiver, thrill, cry and swell with emotion. Imagine this. It's a John Williams concert. David Robertson tells the trumpets to keep their eyes on him. Why? Because he knows when the opening fanfare of the Superman March starts up, the concert hall is going to erupt with cheers and the only way those musicians will be able to stay together is if they watch like hawks. John Williams brought the symphony orchestra back into the cinema with Star Wars - a sci-fi movie with a romantic heart and a sumptuous orchestral score to match. The movies have never looked back. And now we bring the best of John Williams into the Sydney Opera House for a thrilling concert with David Robertson on the podium. Join us for all those musical moments that will make you shiver, thrill, cry and swell with emotion… and cheer! JOHN WILLIAMS Music from E.T, Superman , Empire of the Sun , Star Wars , Schlinder's List and more CYPHER PS - my first login since 2008! And I still remembered my password woot!
  3. Yo Aussies! Any word on whether this new Indy soundtrack collection has been released down under yet? Haven't seen it in stores (though kinda sorta forgot to look. But nothing jumped out at me when I was browsing). Was thinking it might make a good Christmas gift (for me!). Who has the best price? Thanks dudes! *hugs* CYPHER
  4. I thought it was good, if not great, stuff. Could stand to listen to it again a few times to get a better appreciation for it, though not sure my appetite for the other audio would allow me to do so. I wasn't such a fan of the way the music so obviously chopped and changed at various points such that it ultimately wasn't as seamless as one might have liked. Could it be that Williams composed more music than we had opportunity to hear? *fingers crossed at the thought of ever having it all on a CD* And who do I have to kill to get a release of "Soundings"?!? CYPHER
  5. If so I really loved that scene. Beautiful. The poll is shut but my two cents would be as follows: Best film: Unbreakable (by far and away Shyamalan's best film, in my opinion). Best score: Too hard. I haven't heard any of them in isolation yet, though hopefully that's about to change. I need more JNH CDs. I'll cast a three-way vote between Signs, The Village and Lady in the Water, which I found utterly magical in the course of the film. CYPHER EDIT - oops the poll is only 'shut' when you're not logged in! I voted for Lady in the Water in the end 'cause it needed some love.
  6. Bye bye baby. Gone too soon, you will be missed. xoxox CYPHER
  7. My money's on Marianelli. I saw Atonement last night and was quite impressed by the way it incorporated thematically significant sound effects into the score (i.e. the typewriter, obviously, but there were other instances as well). It worked really well in the context of the film and kept me diverted (along with the at times scrumptious photography) during time of quaintness. For a tragedy it was rather... slight. It's nice to see James Newton Howard get more recognition though perhaps not for the right film (wouldn't know not having seen that pompous Clooney guff). Overall, I'm inclined to agree with countryman Drax - not many of the films that were nominated excite me very much (and unlike Drax I have seen quite a few these past 12 months). Nothing for Zodiac (or was that last year?). Alas. CYPHER
  8. Loved the film. Loved the score. Love Michael Nyman. CYPHER
  9. I just watched Poltergeist for the first time a few weeks ago. It was a very classy affair with great production values but I felt that the tone wasn't quite right. In my mind it couldn't quite decide whether it wanted to be a horror film or a comedy. For my tastes, a story like this needs to be really chilling but so much of its content was absurd, farcical and camp. Goldsmith's score was perfectly serviceable from recollection with a personal highlight being that very E.T. sounding energetic string passage from the opening, where the kids trip up the boozer on the bicycle. 1980s US suburbia at its best. Loved it. CYPHER
  10. From the Sydney Symphony website: The Music of John Williams The Original Movie Soundtracks November 30 - December 01 2007 Sydney Opera House | Concert Hall Come on a new musical journey with the Sydney Symphony and explore galaxies far, far away. Sydney Symphony celebrates the 75th birthday of John Williams, one of the most influential film composers of all time. With 43 Oscar nominations to his name, his film scores are from some of the world’s favourite films including Jaws, Schindler's List, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Superman, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars. Join Grammy Award winning conductor Arnie Roth, who debuted with the Sydney Symphony at the Sydney Opera House this summer conducting Play! A Videogame Symphony, in our salute to this acclaimed composer. With the original scores and arrangements as written by John Williams, the first half of the concert features many of John Williams’ most famous film compositions. The second half of the concert features selections from the six Star Wars films. CYPHER
  11. I voted for Babel. Brokeback was a more original score and a far better film. But a good point has been raised by Mark - this year's competition was far weaker so maybe last year's travesty was bigger. And I guess that's the whole point of the poll. Whoops. Still, back to back wins from G.S. is a travesty in and of itself. CYPHER
  12. Ah, it's good to drop by here again and encounter some sane people whose views I can relate to and respect! Yes, G.S.'s Best 'Original' Score win was a travesty, compounded by the fact that this was his second in a row and greats such as Glass and Newman walk away with nothing. What particularly irks me is the fact that the most prominent aspect of G.S.'s score, the rambling guitar passage, was lifted almost entirely from his previous music in Amores Perros etc. What a joke. This was a pretty dud year for the Oscars all round, I gotta say. CYPHER
  13. Bye Basil! You will be missed. CYPHER - who nominates Conan the Barbarian as his favourite Poledouris score.
  14. Thanks for all the info, Miguel. You're still the font of all Williams knowledge, especially when it comes to concert pieces. Do you think that, given the scheduled performance of the work in 1987 was deferred at the last minute, that it would be reasonable to assume that there exists somewhere a written copy of the 'final' and 'complete' work? It's doubtful that John will have a chance to revisit it again in his lifetime but wouldn't it be nice to know that sometime in the future, it might actually be performed again and recorded for posterity? And released to the masses too of course! CYPHER
  15. Congratulations John! I knew you could do it. Next stop... the OSCARS!!! CYPHER
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