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  1. Can't people just pay $15 on iTunes? A score of this quality doesn't need to be owned on a physical disk.
  2. I'm unable to wait, burning as I type. Also my computer seems to lack the ability to burn CDs without shutting off, so downloading will be much more time efficient. Darn, though... 62 cues? This'll take a while.
  3. This idea should create some very interesting reads in the near future. Unfortunately, Zathura is one of those score I just don't have any strong feelings towards, neither positive nor negative. I find it a little noisy in parts, a few nice cues, but nothing that really stands out. A definite *** star score.
  4. Roar! to be relased this Tuesday on iTunes!! http://www.soundtrack.net/news/article/?id=1171
  5. Some new Lego Indiana Jones sets announced. No pictures, just the item names. http://www.brickset.com/search.aspx?Subthe...Crystal%20Skull
  6. 1. The Mummy Returns 2. Forest Gump 3. They Abyss 4. Cast Away 5. Polar Express
  7. Really? CotBP has the "He's a Pirate" which has gone on to become the most recognizable piece from the scores. Minus the dance song, DMC has that triumphant rendition of the Jack theme at the end, and AWE has a perfectly fine End Credits suite. They may not all be big booms at the end, but I think they're all satisfiable endings.
  8. Highest I've paid is $55 for an American version of the Temple of Doom score.
  9. I can't find it in the iTunes store... Thank God I'm not the only one. I was beginning to think something had corrupted my iTunes store.
  10. Jurassic Park... which ironically enough also sparked an interest in Dinosaurs which led to my love for science and entrance into the field of Genetics.
  11. Orchestral swell? If your doing a poem, I don't think technical fancy words with 8 syllables would work too well.
  12. I know that theres at least motifs for: Ben/Others Two for Locke Desmond Kate The Monster seemed to have one in Season 1 The Love Theme and the Life and Death motif. Another three seasons, and this is going to be more thematically complex than Star Wars, and I certainly wouldn't mind having complete scores for this show.
  13. Darn! I was just about to get excited.
  14. The teenage son bit pretty much tells me that of all the losties it has to be Michael. He must have changed his name to John Lantham to avoid questions about what he did on the island.
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