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  1. Can't people just pay $15 on iTunes? A score of this quality doesn't need to be owned on a physical disk.
  2. I'm unable to wait, burning as I type. Also my computer seems to lack the ability to burn CDs without shutting off, so downloading will be much more time efficient. Darn, though... 62 cues? This'll take a while.
  3. This idea should create some very interesting reads in the near future. Unfortunately, Zathura is one of those score I just don't have any strong feelings towards, neither positive nor negative. I find it a little noisy in parts, a few nice cues, but nothing that really stands out. A definite *** star score.
  4. Roar! to be relased this Tuesday on iTunes!! http://www.soundtrack.net/news/article/?id=1171
  5. Some new Lego Indiana Jones sets announced. No pictures, just the item names. http://www.brickset.com/search.aspx?Subthe...Crystal%20Skull
  6. Thank God the upset happened yet again. I was beginning to fear that OSU was going to go through this season unscathed. Would have made for a totally uninteresting Championship game.
  7. Looks like you got what you wanted last night. But honestly, that was great game last night, even if the outcome wasn't how I would have liked. But LSU certainly proved it was the #1 team in the country, and the Gators proved that they will most certainly be a force to be reckoned with for the next couple of years. That is, of course, assuming Tebow stays healthy.
  8. Yesterday was fun until about 10:00 then it was disgusting. Next Saturday doesn't look like it'll be fun at all anymore, but who knows what'll happen. Maybe some of these upset juices will flood into Baton Rouge. And hopefully I'm experiencing some sort of Deja Vu. That would be nice.
  9. Somehow, I'm not expecting a UT fan to bring this thread back up. Why is 2007 getting so little interest when compared to 2006? In my opinion, this is a much more interesting year, with two teams that can be number one, and two more teams possibly number 2. Both LSU and USC looked absolutely awesome in their big games. OU has absolutely demolished its competition, and my Gators are absolutely a blast to watch on offense. I'm not sure what to think of the SEC this season. Kentucky's pretty good this year, as is Alabama and South Carolina. But all Georgia, Tennesse, and Arkansas have done is dissappoint.
  10. Nah... I'm not too worried about that one. Too much empty space between stars to be a real threat. Unless off course Andromeda's Black Hole makes a direct hit on our solar system... that wouldn't be good.
  11. Yet another reason for me not to care about the NFL anymore...
  12. 1. The Mummy Returns 2. Forest Gump 3. They Abyss 4. Cast Away 5. Polar Express
  13. Michigan's season is over. You can't expect to have National Title Hopes and lose to a team from the conference formerly known as Division II. On a side note... If LSU's defense looked Scary, Florida's defense looked scarier... for us Florida fans. We gave up way too many big runs, and missed way too many tackles, against Western Kentucky. At least our offense looks pretty good.
  14. Really? CotBP has the "He's a Pirate" which has gone on to become the most recognizable piece from the scores. Minus the dance song, DMC has that triumphant rendition of the Jack theme at the end, and AWE has a perfectly fine End Credits suite. They may not all be big booms at the end, but I think they're all satisfiable endings.
  15. So LSU played Mississippi State last night, and as expected they won easily 45-0. However, I must say they're offense did not look that amazing. All 45 points came off turnovers, so it was mostly the defense setting them up all night, which works if all the teams your going to play have inexperienced QBs. I don't believe I saw them sustain a single drive that came from deep in their own territory. Then again, I don't know if they ever started from deep in their own territory. What I do know, is that 3-0 in the second quarter was a bit low. I guess they'll just find their rythmm eventually and things will even out.
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