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  1. Didn’t arrive for Christmas, but the ordeal is over after terrible service from all parties involved. All in all, not a bad holiday haul though, now just need time to listen to it all!
  2. The wierd thing is mine has been out for delivery since saturday, it said expected delivery by Saturday, 8:00 pm, then after that didn't happened it changed to Monday by 8:00 pm, and now it just says "Awaiting delivery scan" with no possible date. Just awful.
  3. If a few additional hands for the holiday shopping season meant a 100 dollar mark up per HP set, well, let’s just say I should have asked for a job at the LLL warehouse last time I was at LA.
  4. To the frontier sure, but to Mexico City they're actually about the same, LAX to Mexico City is 3 hours by plane and MIA to Mexico Cityt is like 3 and half hours. Anyway the thing is, this service I'm using, Mail Boxes, Etc, is located in Miami so I had to have it sent there. It seems pretty secure which is more important than speed with an item of this price. There are a lot of horror stories of regular mail, which is what LLL would have used from LA.
  5. I was there only til sunday for a work thing, I'm back at Mexico and I actually had it shipped to Florida, there's a service there that will send it to Mexico with tracking and they'll do the customs clearance for about $19, which is cheaper than most shipping to Mexico (with the exception of Amazon).
  6. I ordered it at around 12:45, since that was the day I arrived at LA, and at exactly 12 I was speaking with the migration officer, so it wouldn't have been a nice thing to say "can this wait, I need to see if the HP set is up already?", so I ordered it on the cab to the hotel and also had never used paypal before. Anyway, mine changed to awaiting shipping yesterday, so you'll be fine I think.
  7. Tell me about it, even a regular $19.99 CD that a couple of years ago would have been automatic buys are now like a decent amount of money over here. That coupled with the difficulty of getting such releases here is disencouraging. I love LLL and they've done a terrific job (I love their Williams, Batman:TAS sets and more), but I kinda wish this had been a joint release with Watertower music (or whatever WB label is) so I could buy it from Amazon, which is extremely reliable with shipping.
  8. I was so happy with the Concorde box set, going from the TOD 40+ original LP to what we have now is amazing. TOD is in my top 5 so I'd welcome a complete release, but I'm more than ok with the Concorde set.
  9. Probably... I don't think there are many Diegos from Mexico here. I have a full time job and twin toddler boys, so I hardly have time to listen to music these days, let alone post about it (I think I've listened to the JP and ET sets like 3 times each, and I haven't even got the White album 50 anniversary set yet, which is shameful for me), but this is a monumental relase afterall, probably the most exiting for me since the Concord Indy set, so I took the time to post, I figured I'd asked since I'll be in LA next week.
  10. So... probably a dumb question, since there's no indication on LLL's website, but does anyone know if LLL has some sort of express shipping option?? I'm going to be in the LA area for work from Nov 27th to Dec 2nd (though those dates ara probably too soon for this set anyway) and I'd love to get it then. I live in Mexico and getting these CDs is always a pain. I order from Movie music, and Peter Kelly is a great guy, but Mexico's post service is awful, it's expensive and it takes forever. The JP and ET sets took like two months to get here and disappered from tracking for a long time. Also, we have a new president that is not "market friendly" to put it lighty and the dollar has already gone up and is going to keep going up, so by the time Movie music gets this set it might be too expensive.
  11. 1. Star Wars 2. The Empire Strikes Back 3. Return of the Jedi 4. Rogue One 5. The Phantom Menace 6. The Force Awakens 7. Revenge of the Sith 8. Attack of the Clones 9. Solo 10. The first Ewok TV movie (Caravan of Courage I think?) 11. Clone Wars (the crappy animated movie) 12. The second Ewok TV movie (Battle of Endor?) 13. The Last Jedi
  12. Only three is tough: 1. Binary Sunset 2. Rebel fleet from Empire's finale (I love the "b" theme that's never used again) 3. Anakin leaves his mom Honorable mentions: - When Luke hears Obi-Wan's voice during the trench battle - Alternate from Vader's funeral - Anakin and Obi-Wan say goodbye from Revenge of the Sith (unreleased I think)
  13. There's something wrong when you can point to a Abbey Road chair creak in the Hoth opening with second marks. Empire wasn't recorded at Abbey Road, it's an Anvil Studio chair creaking. ?
  14. Erich Kunzel once did a Star Wars concert here and he played Finale, if I remember correctly he started it from the last statement of Han Solo & the Princess before the end credits begin.
  15. Strange, I enjoy both of those scores (Crystal Skull does have some boring "ambient music" I'll admit) and feel they have memorable tracks, though obviously they're not in the Temple of Doom or Empire league. To each his own, I'm not getting anything out of TFA, Rey's theme is nice, but not great, and it sounds like Harry Potter (the part with the sorting hat I think), the march goes nowhere, the action cues are usual rithmic modern Williams that are not my cup of tea (there's no Forest battle here), Ren's theme is cool but underdeveloped and I agree with King Mark, there are no great uses of old themes ( no Anakin leaves his mother for example).
  16. I would change the third act, instead of the Starkiller nonsense, which is basically Death Star III and which reinforces the Star Wars remake thing, they should have come up with something else, maybe the first order figuring out the map too and it's a race to get to Luke before the resistance, they could have their big battle there or something. Maybe that would suck, but I' m no writer.
  17. But many of the people loving this score are some of the most hard to please, so that has to count for something.Well, a lot of folks here are very well versed (is that the correct english term?) in music and I'm sure the score is technically complex and all that. Having said that, I don't believe I've ever seen hard criticism of Williams here, every score is a masterpiece or it's the album that's the problem cause all the great bits are unreleased or it requires multiple listens to understand how great it is and so on. Granted, I don't visit here often anymore so maybe you're right and they're hard to please, having seven months old twin boys takes a lot of your free time. Star Wars mania brought me here as I was curious if anyone else was as dissapointed as I am with the score.
  18. I agree, but the reaction here is to be expected, it is jwfan.com, if you go to a Paul McCartney forum even his shit albums are called masterpieces. I really don't get it, even KOTCS had a couple of tracks that stuck in my head for a while, TFA has none, maybe the Scherzo but that's just good old Luke's theme. Very underwhelming score for a Star Wars movie.
  19. Unforunately I'm dissapointed with the score. Not terrible, but nothing in particular stands out. Worst of all 7 Star Wars score and worse than Indy 4 too.
  20. 1. Poltergeist 2. Secret of NIMH 3. Masada 4. First Blood 5. Gremlins 6. Great Train Robbery 7. Twilight Zone 8. Star Trek 9. Rambo 10. The Omen
  21. 1. Willow 2. Rocketeer 3. Land Before Time 4. Krull 5. Apollo 13 6. Star Trek II 7. Mask of Zorro 8. An American Tail 9. Something Wicked this Way Comes 10. Battle Beyond the Stars Quite hard, except for the first 4 it could probably change if asked tomorrow
  22. Welcome back! Strange to see so many old posters return because of this.Well, you know, I felt I had to write something even in my poor english which probably has gotten worse now that I don't get any sleep, and this board seemed like the best place to do it. He wrote some of my favorite scores. It's funny how a celebrity death can get to you, I still remember very well the day Ayrton Senna, the F1 driver, died and I was like 11. And the day George Harrison died too, although with him pretty much the writing was on the wall. Anyway, thanks! I don't expect to be posting much, life with one month twins is quite chaotic.
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