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  1. I remember reading that too, but don't remember where. Maybe it was on this forum though.
  2. I only cared and had expectations for SW and Indy. Did anyone really expect Transformers 2 to be a great movie?? Did anyone care?? Between SW and Indy, I find KOTCS to be mostly boring with a some very ridiculous moments. ROTS on the other hand is pretty much shit from beginning to end, although the real atrocity is AOTC, the point where Star Wars was ruined beyond repair, but that's not on the list.
  3. Erm...50-50? That's the odds for the first one. The odds of choosing the correct one everytime is something more complicated mathematically. I never understood staistics class very well... You simply multiply them, the odds for the octupus predicting correctly both the final and the third place match, for example, is 0.5 x 0.5 which is 0.25, or 1/4. For the whole cup it would be 0.5^64 (64 is the number of matches), which is 0.0000000000000000000542101086242752
  4. Jedi's biggest flaw is the absence of the Emperor's theme which is a mayor theme of the score. Guess they couldn't afford a choir, but then again, maybe that's why we got the cool orchestral finale.
  5. Surprised no one's mentioned Dracula, but that's another hard and expensive one to get. Might be expanded soon though. I'd say the only ones you would really need are The Fury, Dracula and Black Sunday. A bit more "out of the box", you might want to try "Lost in Space", some good stuff in there.
  6. You're missing my point, but like I said, I had it with this. Enjoy your CDs.
  7. So wait until someone decides to make a release that is better catered to your taste. Instead of complaining about how this wonderful release is a rip-off because it is not the "Star Trek - The Diego Edition" Oh God... all I did was make a comment that it felt like a rip-off, one would think I'm insulting your mother or something. I don't need the Diego Edition, I just don't need music I bought a year ago and I would like the new music, it seems that makes me an ungrateful bastard or something. I had it with this.
  8. Because I quite like the score and would like to have more music for say, $16 or so and not buy music I already paid quite a bit just a year ago for over $30?? Am I allowed to complain about that?? Is it ok?? Jeez...
  9. One, every release is not a homerun. So let's not pull that nonsense putting words in our mouths. Two you are free to doubt Varese as much as you want, you paid for the score and you can voice your opinion about it as much as you like. Though I believe your claims are unfounded and foolish. Which brings me to three. If you knew you had to pay this much money for it, maybe you should have taken your time and seen what it would end up being like before splurging money on it. If you really valued your money like your statement implies you'd be a more discerning consumer from the get-go, not paying and then feeling ripped off. I for one am grateful that Varese stuck to one version of each track, for example. It is an artistic and economic decision that has to be weighed on their part. And it shows thought. Bravo Varese for having the balls to making a choice instead of throwing at us a mish mash of everything that could have been just incase to please everyone. And where exactly did I mention I bought it?? Yes, my claims are unfounded, it's probably been a year and a month since Varese released the original, not a year. They're in no way double dipping.
  10. A rip-off? You're joking me. Somebody call the... I don't care about the stupid chorus thing. The original CD was out a year ago, it's not like it was long out of print. As an international customer I paid quite a bit to get it, and now, only a year later, they want to sell the whole thing over again. Why not make a Vol. 2?? It's not like this is a wide release and people will be confused if "Enterprising young men" isn't on it, of course then they couldn't charge $30 or so bucks for it. They're double dipping and I think it's a rip off. But of course, sorry for doubting poor Varese, it's not like we pay for this scores or anything. We should always be thankful, every release is a homerun.
  11. Not to mention that the whole thing feels like a rip-off
  12. As usual the holly speciality labels can do no wrong it seems.
  13. I want Mexico to fail too, although here soccer it's 24/7 all year long. But it gets unbearable during the World Cup, which from my point of view would be like someone getting excited over the NFL Pro-Bowl.
  14. Don't own it. I think I have one track on the 40 years of music compilation. It starts like a piano piece, sounds allright. But I'm really more of a big, brassy, bombastic score fan anyway.
  15. Super Mario Galaxy 2, much harder than the first.
  16. With Raiders it's a trade off, with the Concord you do get a lot more hiss, but the instruments do sound clearer.
  17. It must all the mexicans watching it over there. That's one thing i love about America, they hate soccer, I hope that doesn't change. I'm hoping Mexico loses tomorrow, people over here get way too annoying when they win.
  18. Maybe, just maybe Hedwig's theme is close, certainly not better.
  19. 1. Short Round Helps 2. Desert Chase 3. The Scroll/To Pankot Palace 4. Slave Children's Crusade 5. Short Round's Theme 6. The Miracle of the Ark 7. The Penitent Man Will Pass 8. Ride to the Nazi Hideout 9. Approaching the Stones 10. The Boat Scene
  20. Diego


    It's the market I think, New Super Mario Bros. Wii was an outstanding success, it has sold 14 million in less than a year. The reality is that Super Mario Galaxy didn't perform as well and I don't expect Galaxy 2 to beat NSMBW numbers. 2D is selling right now on the Wii, they're simplier games to play and the Wii audience likes that (they've made great efforts to show people how to make the transition from 2D with NSMBW to 3D with Galaxy 2, in fact Galaxy 2 starts on 2D, we'll have to wait to see if it worked). It's like the old SNES days where they followed Mario World with Donkey Kong Country, to avoid saturating the market with Mario platformers. It looks like the Donkey/Diddy interaction is different from the original, let's hope it works.
  21. Diego


    Looking at the 3DS lineup from Nintendo: Animal Crossing Kid Icarus Mario Kart Nintendogs Paper Mario Piotwings Star Fox Steel Diver The only one I'm not familiar with and could be new is the last one. At least there hasn't been a Kid Icarus since the first Gameboy. And you wouldn't like Smash Bros. Koray, you play a lot online, and nothing sucks more than Smash Bros. online.
  22. Diego


    Zelda actually dissapointed me so far, it looks like Twilight Princess with motion controls, and I don't really feel like playing a whole Zelda game weaving my arms. DK Country is awesome, but of course I love 2D side-scrollers so that'll be great. Kid Icarus looks pretty cool for the new DS and the 2D part of Epic Mickey with the black and white looked very nice. But really Nintendo, Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Kirby, DK, Kid Icarus... how about something new that isn't stupid like Wii Party is? And Koray you should get a Wii, there are already some amazing titles out there.
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