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    Oh I would take Bloodboal anyday over a perverse, vacuous solo mother.
  2. Taiko, timpani. bass drum, subsonic wave kick ~Boom~. by zimmer, powell, jablonsky. gregson-williams, et al..
  3. Interesting thread. Thor what do you think about the OST of Aliens?
  4. AI


    Oh don't worry, Nothing will be happening, to you.
  5. That would explain why you are so desperately insecure. popping progeny that don't have a future doesn't help either. Hawhaw.
  6. Indeed. However, my experience at least has been that once this is embraced completely, that's when fun living begins. That would explain why backpackers are always lazy, littering, inconsiderate freeloaders.
  7. AI


    One should attempt to not give in to the urge of placing things in the ear. One can achieve a higher level of sonic satiation, by placing the sound source away from the eardrum, and allowing it to re-verberate, gather richness and sonority. Eye O' the Tiger peow, peow.
  8. Lamb Brain fritters. (with crispy chips, and beans) You diggin' that Alice? next time a pic will be forthcoming. Ate em' all up this time.
  9. I fail to see how this film is going to engage me in any way, put in context to the richness of ten years of Smallville.
  10. I find hearable breathing to be destracting. Oh I could not agree more. Noisy breathers; get some inhalents, or something.
  11. Like you've never impeded someone else's enjoyment of a movie, or anything else for that matter.
  12. Cor allice, is there anything you can't do?
  13. Nice, well done. Ehh, it's shite. Better that 8 dollars for beer.
  14. Joey you are large, solidly built man. Some others may not come out as sweetly of roses smelling! You got some good flicks there though
  15. AI


    You're a laugh...Ren, Alice who are they, passengers?
  16. LOL! At least its believable Cosman cooked that meal, I doubt Alice did, hers (or even arranged it on the plate) .
  17. AI


    Hey, only AI decides who is a dickhead for posting whatever.!
  18. Haha, see the chicks' behind me, and all the guys will follow. Plus I have the gay conglomerate all sewn-up, except perhaps Joey..but I always liked his creepy stories...
  19. I take it you aren't confident in your chances of winning then... If you don't make the poll, Josh500 will.
  20. Well stop whining like a little bitch and make poll then "should AI be banned" Make it run for 3 days. If its yes, I'll leave.
  21. Burger Flipper; Not only are you a pretentious hack, you have also managed to practically obliterate any chance you ever had of making a career in the entertainment industry. Stop whining. You have no power here.
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