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  1. Burger Flipper;

    Not only are you a pretentious hack, you have also managed to practically obliterate any chance you ever had of making a career in the entertainment industry.

    Jason, Ricard really. Isn't it time for AI to be banned again?

    You gave it a shot, and while I appreciate your humanity, i think we all knew this was doomed from the start.

    Stop whining. You have no power here.

  2. I think that particular melodic development is also heard in the title track

    No. It's shorter.

    I like your post Roald 'cause I felt your anger..

    A sense of indignant outrage about how film scores don't have those kind of cues anymore?

    I share it, and indeed participate in this slow burning, angsty ennui. One could look to Goldsmiths' Hoosiers for similar evocation of wistful Americana (when dreams where a possible dream, hope was yes hope) but it's not the same, is it.

    Truth is, there is only one Homecoming, the one John T. Williams sonically framed and expressed so piquantly in the motion picture Born on the Fourth of July.

    Oh and btw, for all its Top-Gun and sounding suchly, the percussion is not synth.

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