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  1. Polytonality. or chromaticism. depending on how you look at it. It takes a swerve in harmony that most film scores don't take, put it that way.
  2. The Beastmaster. My friend and I snuck into a theatre to see that when I was about twelve years old. I didn't recognize the screenshot, I think at that time I was more interested in the boobie shots.
  3. The last film that The AI watched is, The Apostle. They don't make films like this much anymore. There are no superlatives to describe how awesome this film is.. Well wait, if there are no words to describe it, how can you write a review AI? Well lets just say this film is awesome. The AI gives this film ***1/2/ 4 Good Cats made this one.
  4. I find it to be a very beautiful song, in both music and lyrics. It represents a purity of spirit that has sadly been taken away from many people in this modern age. Romantic love is the core of humanity, along with Parental love, as heard in For Always. To find it corny, or cheesy, is a reflection of your own mind, and how you might have failed to discover this kind of innocence and sweetness in adult life. Cynicism has a way of manifesting itself insidiously, and sublty, which is magnified through the cultural outlets. DJ's don't play this song because it makes them feel inadequate about their own lives. They wish to have such an experience, but they havent drawn it to themselves, so they disregard it as B.S. It's simple, humans are by design, loving and giving creatures, not warring and aggressive ones. But throughout history, the dark forces have manifested in various ways to lead people astray, to act in a way which is not in alignment with the light and the true way. the way of love, the fabric that binds humanity.
  5. That's a very good point, by the way AI I hope you don't mind me quoting you from over there. Quote me as much as you like Vosk!, except that ain't me. That's Al (as in alpha - lima), not the AI.
  6. You don't train in Jazz, you feel it. It's a vibe. It occurs naturally. Williams has transmuted a jazz sensibility into an orchestral form, but through a strict intellectual process.
  7. I got that from the outset, that you were quoting someone else. Bear in mind, quite a few of the regular posters here do not speak English as a native language, so they are apt to not pick up on the subtle nuances of english. Such as mild sarcasm etc. Having said that, what you quoted is a pile of horsegarbage, of the highest order. So well done there. You have been a good cat, by bringing this ignorance to attention.
  8. It's a snare and field drum in unison. That will give you the punchy sound you are looking for. Copying a generic rythym is ok, "sampling" is not so ok..
  9. I don't think you will find yourself in court anytime soon for borrowing a snare drum riff.
  10. Nice piece AI. I think Williams would like it too. (what sample lib do you compose with BTW?) Good to hear it. (for the last two pieces, sample lib is Roland Edirol Orchestral)
  11. For all good cats who might have missed it. A short theme I wrote for John Williams 76th Birthday can be found here http://www.badongo.com/file/7689268 The AI.
  12. My piece for JW birthday found here http://www.badongo.com/file/7689268
  13. What's the censored part then? I don't think it's going to hurt me. I have been stabbed once, and also been assaulted while drunk by seven punk gangsters high on PCP, who kicked the living garbage out of me and smashed beer bottles all over me. I survived, so whatever you have to say isnt going to be that bad.
  14. I totally agree with you. I don't have an Oscar either but those who have heard what I've done on projects have said that I could do just as well as what they hear in film today (excluding Williams of course ). Well I think that's highly unlikely. What I have heard of you tells me otherwise.
  15. I did allow people to hear my music, at least a small part of it, which I wrote out of my heart. But anyway, People achieve their goals at different paces and periods in their life. I don't begrudge MG for having his body of work thus far, good for him. My own path is different, but equally valid. I don't need an Oscar nomination or a bunch of soundtracks under my name to give me validity. My time has not yet come for this, but I believe it will. That is my right, everyones intrinsic right, to have some or all of their desires to become real. Your comment is not what I find a constructive one, and it's really rather nonsensical in the bigger picture.
  16. Pfft, speak for yourself mate. In my opinion he couldn't write a great tune if it bit him on the nose. I've got 10 great melodies for his one mediocre one. He doesn't have the X-factor to make great film music, which is most of all a great melody. His only skill is at being a slightly better than average manipulator of chops. He's nothing to me. Show me his guts, his tunes, his own self, what does he have to say...
  17. He might very well be, but I personally will do my damndest to make sure that he is not.
  18. If Blumenkohl is going to do such a thing, could I ask that he wait as I am going to post a companion piece soon, for JW's birthday, called Prologue from Born on the Eighth of February.
  19. If you feel proud to be a JWFAN, then I have done my job. Damn, you people are a Hard Sell. Ok, I will do it with a real orchestra.
  20. Good Cat, pixie. I would like to know some other thoughts from the other members whom I wrote this for. Good Cats don't exist in a vacuum of goodness to them selves. Good Cats tend to feel bad if it doesnt get any response. I won't bite, I'm just a squirrel, tryin to get a nut. What do you think about my piece? please tell me, so I can make it better.
  21. Well doh, me obviously. But Marcus may be a better choice, because he is a whiny fellow who likes to twist the knife before it's even firmly in place.
  22. here it is, finally. My gift to you. John Williams Fan, I give you thusly. http://www.badongo.com/file/7414413 my fanfare, so if you like it, play it loud and proud!
  23. I have been writing it as we speak. I'll post it in a few days. There was Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man, Soon there will be, AI's Fanfare for the John Williams Fan. Awesome! Good cats get what good cats get. and good cats are good cats are thee. Are you a good cat, and are you listening to me? The AI can only go so far, to create this magical theme He doesnt have all the resources, to make this theme a meme The AI needs help, The AI needs a cat, who can finish his music, and make it all That! The AI will post what he has done, and hopes that one of those awesome cats will become one, with AI's music, and the JWFanfare, will be done.
  24. Tenacious D, in the pick of Destiny ehehehe, ahahahaa! Why are you laughing AI, you haven't given your review yet. Oh, this film delivers the funny. Yeah this film is awesome. The AI gives this film 3.5 from 4.
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