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  1. I have been writing it as we speak. I'll post it in a few days. There was Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man, Soon there will be, AI's Fanfare for the John Williams Fan.
  2. The two S's. Seven and Superman. But the best credits is Born on the Fourth of July. How did Johnny happen to make the most coherent and awesome themes, match every single nuance of that opening sequence?
  3. Yeah I like you as a poster Roald, not as a gaylord .
  4. Am I the only one who likes Roald, period.
  5. Am I the only one who likes Roald and his spending way too much time in Asia.
  6. Hey, I like to help out where I can...it's not my fault if people can't listen to the damn thing themselves! I like both. No, I love both. The Patriot, is one of Williams finest moments. You, disagree, moron? well eff you dipgarbage.
  7. How did The Joe manage to say \effing? I have been saying that for weeks now, and it has been censored. I mean, I made a thread about swearing in movies, but I didn't want such a draconian rule made here.
  8. I like his wispy hair in those videos. It gives him a certain, I've been working with Oliver Stone, so I'm a bit rough round the edges - look.
  9. That is just whacky, weird and quite glorious. Except for the juxtaposing the themes at the start, no, I don't like that bit, it's sacrilege. Interesting choice of material too, some obvious and some quite obscure. The performance is really good too, but why didn't you put a bit more forceful dynamic in it, near the end? Make the Horn snarl and blare a bit more? It's a very nice, round and hypnotic sound, but I would like like to hear some more dynamic range.
  10. Well you know what, when I hear Mediaventures, I see red.
  11. I prefer the Dreamworks one, it is the better composition. It's delicate, and accomodates more possibilities. The Universal one is a little too thuggish and forceful, it hits one over the head right off the bat. It doesn't leave any spatial room for the sound of the film itself.
  12. 340. he votes for himself in the Academy Awards. Well how do you know that AI? Because I was watching Entertainment Tonight once in the early 90's, and there was an interview with JW about that he was nominated twice, for IJ3 and BOTFOJ. He was asked , will you vote for yourself? to which he replied, "will I vote for myself?, oh I would never tell that!" but you can tell by the precious, smug smile on his face that he did in fact vote for himself. But which score did he vote for AI? Born on the fourth of July, of course. I still can't get this image out of my head! That is all kinds of
  13. You have 350 plus ways to make it right. Tell me something I don't know about John Williams.
  14. I like your post cause I felt your anger...
  15. Well, you could always install RealPlayer... Miguel, wondering if people did checked this thread. well fair enough, but I would'nt recommend anyone to install that.
  16. Sturgis, I don't mean to diminish your comment. I just think that a man of 75 is not going to be concerned about what is said and thought about him as a teenager would, or even someone of my age would. He has proved himself time and time again, he doesnt need affirmation. What I know about him is that he would be a bit surprised that people show so much interest in what he does, because he is such a gracious man. He is humble, disciplined. He is everything that I wish to be, and am not. Most men of his age would be thankful that someone payed any attention to him at all.
  17. Is he gonna shock me with his twist? Is he gonna rock me? Is he gonna shock me, rock me? Is he gonna have some adorable asian chick who says, "bye Mister Heep" Is he gonna do that?
  18. Marco Beltrami, tied with Clint Eastwood.
  19. No he wouldn't. You are a teenager, he is a man in his 70's. Very different perspectives.
  20. 396. He loathes temp-tracks, and avoids them as much as possible.
  21. Well ok. fine. i think I am the only one who actually gives a damn about your music anyway, so you know, don't kick a gift horse in the mouth.
  22. Is that so? well, I still think you should revise it. It's a little simplistic for this kind of performer.
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