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  1. Yeah. You would probably love Sonny too. Awesome film.
  2. Why is this thread being polluted with constant talk about Star Trek? isn't there already a fucking thread for it? I want to read about 2012 dammit! I liked the film, for what it is.
  3. Hohoho, more like aimed queerly at kids. Likewise with the Twilight series. I was just in the subway yesterday and saw two girls holding hands and snuggling, and they were all of about thirteen. Then they went outside for a smoke!... Damn, thirteen year-old smoking lesbians, it made even me question society for a second.
  4. Not really, only the first part of the phrase and harmony, the second part is Horner putting his own spin on it, then it goes into something that sounds like a Bach harmony cycle.
  5. It's a fairly interesting interview. Horner basically admits that he is sticking to what he knows works.
  6. I find Snyder is very close to Ridley Scott in aesthetic and overall presentation of a film. I thought 300 was amazing, exactly what cinema is supposed to be about.
  7. What? Cameron writes amazing dialogue. T2, Titanic, The Abyss, anyone... I'll see for myself rather than take some stupid punkass kids thoughts from a blog.
  8. There is a special feature on some of the versions of the Se7en expanded DVD that shows color correction on a number of scenes. The original footage looks sort of like dogshit in comparision.
  9. Independence Day has a lot going for it, other than the effects, the films is carried by the humor and likeabilty of the characters, with a fitting, slightly corny score. The Day After Tomorrow is quite tedious and unfocused, apart from the great effects center-piece. 2012 has relentlessly great SFX, but apart from Woody Harrelson, dull unsympathetic characters. Poseidon is pretty bad overall. Deep Impact aims at being profound but falls short of the mark, and takes too long to get to the visual effects, which end up being impressive, but too little too late. Armageddon is an entertaining movie, even if it is sort of like being bludgeoned over the head with a hammer for two hours. It lacks any and all subtlety or memorability. Volcano is mediocre, rather ineptly made, but with a good score. Dante's Peak has a good story and character development, but the effects are a bit on the slack side. Twister is quite good overall, very convincing effects and integration, interesting plot and an engaging score. The Core is solid, explains itself in some depth and takes itself seriously, good character development, a satisfactory amount of very impressive visual effects, but - derivative and uninteresting score. Godzilla is basically a train-wreck. War of the Worlds has top-notch visual effects, could have been better on the editing and pacing, but it has by far the best music of all of them. Overall as far as films go, I'd have to vote for The Core, with ID4 second, then Twister.
  10. Mainly time, and budget. It takes forever to set up a shot for a film, the lighting, props, camera angles etc. It has to be just right, some Directors like David Fincher are more exacting than most. If you are refering to sound effects, again time and resources. it's all about finesse. TV shows and the like just don't get it because they are made at a breakneck speed.
  11. It's not a bad film by any means. The score helped a lot. In my viewing, about 75% of the audience was teenage girls, and yes they were swooning. The boys that were accompanying them looked bored out of their minds. The film has quite a few chuckles, some intentional, a lot not.
  12. That's a great one Probably the greatest, I don't think string writing gets any better!
  13. I've seen it. Don't have that much to say about it except, it was amusing.
  14. The percussion loop sounds pretty amateurish, mediaventures would have done a better job, to give them their due.
  15. Overall, I enjoyed it. it is without a doubt spectacular in effects. The characters I didn't give a rat's ass about.
  16. 5% from the flu. The rest, in the next three years. Yes it's time to party.
  17. Just wait until it happens for real. It probably won't be so funny then. And no, you can't escape.
  18. That's exactly the point. Art mirrors life. Watchmen is an allegory of the times. No connection is the modus operandi of the society now. It's all about direct connection with tiny sources via cellphone etc. The bigger picture is no longer in view.
  19. Possibly not. The toxin of the jellyfish would have acted on the nervous system and was just enough to stop his heart by parallelization. With the body in ice, it would slow the spread of the toxin enough to keep the heart free of the poison.
  20. Popcorn isn't noisy Alex, come on. Crisps are though.
  21. I really like the film Primer. I guess that's a little sad.. Boohoo
  22. Up is certainly a very intriguing picture, it has a depth to it that I didn't expect from an animated film. I found the staunch Doberman talking in the high-pitched voice most highly amusing, was kind of bummed when they dropped that gag shortly after.
  23. Oh, I agree... I do think E.T is the best film score ever written, and probably ever will be.
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