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  1. o p e n y o u r e y e s Open your eyes, get a surprise, See how a virus of the mind, looms to destroy man of kind. open the eye to the lie, lest' we all die. light,light dance on earth from afar, indifferent to all, will not catch this fallen star. might makes a right, precious flower~ bid you goodnight.
  2. Fair enough. I apologize to crocodile for being rude and insulting, it was the Dutch Beer talking.. Powers greater than yours.
  3. Hey boy, have you forgotten what website you are posting on, you pimple-faced, smirking, ignorant smarmy little turd? Do you think John Williams reads books on a kindle? Do you think John Williams listens to music on an iPod? Do you think John Williams has dialogue with twits like you on the internet?
  4. Yeah, well I won't be holding my breath about that one..
  5. Wait until you go myopic and cross-eyed, then you'll want to throw it in the fire. (where kindle belongs) Sorry but anyone who reads books on a computer, is a douchebag asshole.. (unless you're Christopher Hitchens, in which case you'd be way cool whatever you do)
  6. Do ya like girls Alex do ya like pretty pretty girls
  7. Yes it is. Invoking the supernatural, ie. that which has no foundation in reality.
  8. Why would anyone wanna buy a hot cake? It would burn your fingers, then your mouth, then the piping hot filling would drip on to your pants, staining them and then seeping through to burn your crotch, at which point you'd suddenly leap up and bellow "OOOOUCH"!, further scalding your fingers so you fumble with and drop the wretched thing on the ground. All the while being chuckled at by a pretty girl passing by who saw the whole thing... I guess I guess A.I
  9. What? are you suggesting Jesus was a pot-smoking mesmerist? Neever..
  10. Stuff them in a plastic bag and dump it (with emotion but not fanfare) on the doorstep of your local charity. Someone will like 'em, maybe even come to love them. Surely take care of them. Eventually they will become dissatisfied, and seek something better, then they discover John T. Williams... *Bliss*. You be matchmaker from the heavens, the Disks get passed on, and so the cycle of enlightenment continues.
  11. Buried deep within the recesses of your genes is the knowledge that you come from there, anyway. As we all do.
  12. Dancer's legs on an elegant upper torso. One of the benefits of a wealthy upbringing lad..
  13. Hey Gin and Coke's a top drink, she sounds like my kinda woman! You and Me Brothers-in-Law..
  14. With a few wine coolers in her, and Sembello's Maniac on the jukebox.. I bet she dances like she's never danced before..
  15. Lala, lalalalalalalaa, That's it Hans, make the violins go up really high so they can squawk out that ungainly little melody..
  16. Chug a cold pint of Germany's finest lager (Krombacher) followed by three shots of J├Ągermeister. Tomorrow you will be as good as gold...
  17. His gf actually has quite the smokin' bod and seems like a real sweetie. god knows what she likes about him !
  18. OMG, injustice is happening, in the world! what about this sorry lot.. Always Coca-Cola - India - YouTube
  19. You mean it's slower to load than the previous board . (Andreas might get confused) And to all y'all whiners, making a website work perfectly across multiple platforms and formats is about as easy as nudging a balloon up a mountain with a hot poker..
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