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    Back in the U.S.S.A KMFDM
  2. Am I the only one who has seen The Hamburg Cell ?
  3. Not just OT. Religious discussion is not allowed on this forum. Read the rules matey
  4. Round 6 is up. This will be a short round, get it? a short round haha. (The rules and scores are always located at the first post in this thread)
  5. hornist -2 for not providing the next clue Bowie -2 for making a spelling mistake, and then drawing attention to it....
  6. Bowie and Hornist will be duly penalized. Carry on..M_ _ _ _ _ _ _ M_ _ _ _ _ _
  7. Nah it's strange, a little boring, quirky and not memorable. People have created MV-related stuff that's way better than that. It's not a good composition at all (and now that we know, not related completely to John himself but his son). Listen to the bass part in that techno bit. Then listen at 2.53 - 3.06.
  8. pi wrote: And you seem to accept this, and gladly dwell in mediocrity. Yeah that will certainly get you furthur in the game, but it won't get you much respect. What is it you value?
  9. I didn't "forget" anything, thanks very much.
  10. Leaderboard is operational. Round 2, new rules.
  11. The Rules Round 10 in progress... Leaderboard David Vincent 53 Mr. Breathmask 25 KingPin 20 hornist 19 ChrisAfonso 16 Bowie 14 chinaismine 11 Alfredo 8 Mark Olivarez 5 richuk 4 red rabbit 4 SeekUYoda 3 robthehand 1 Ray Barnsbury 1 IndianaFett 1 LukeSkywalker -2 The Winner will be declared after 12 rounds.
  12. You have got to be kidding me. You're an elitist, aren't you? Maybe I am. But it's my intrinsic right to think and value whatever I damn well please. I don't have to answer to you, or anyone else for it.
  13. Why is doing something quicker and easier better? What is the hurry?
  14. I disgree. Just because Williams' music doesn't always conform to 18th century classical structures and elementary freshman harmonic progressions doesn't mean it cannot be analysed. Trust me, music far more complex than that of John Williams is analysed every day by composers, theorists, and performers alike. We won't always find I-IV-V-I, but then you rarely find that in most "classical" music since 1870 anyway. Williams music can be analysed using extended harmonic techniques (chromatic third relationships and other distantly related tonal areas). Music theory and music composition go hand in hand. Theory is simply the art of discovering why a certain piece of music sounds the way it does, regardless of whether it fits into a pre-established mold. I agree. I wasn't implying that it's impossible, just not very easy to achieve with short little posts of text only.
  15. Then I would think he was doing a pretty piss-poor job as a father, and needed to reevaluate his life. He has the chance to learn the value of restraint and discipline. Of course its degrading. Childish as an extention of his own stupidity, yes.
  16. That's a fair point Drax, however, there is a huge difference in accountability. magical moron wrote: What did you do before cellphones, MM? Convenience is relative. Is your life any smoother, any better because of cellphones? Now don't lie, twerp
  17. No, were you trying to be funny there? Health professionals are taken with a high degree of integrity. A Cell phone is a childs toy, or something for the permanantly distracted, or the minions who serve the higher ones. They are degrading little objects. They make you appear, and function, as a hopeless imbecile.
  18. Beowulf wrote to KM: If I ever saw my Dentist, or Doctor for that matter, using a cellphone, I would lose all respect for him as a professional. They may have one, but admitting to it is another matter.
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