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  1. 1. How many instruments do you play? keyboard, guitar 2. Can you read standard music notation? yes. 3. Can you write music using standard music notation? yes. 4. Have you studied music theory? yes. 5. Do you understand the concepts of consonance, dissonance, and harmony ? yes. 6. Can you comprehend alto clef? yes. 7. Can you comprehend treble clef? yes. 8. Can you comprehend bass clef? yes. 9. Can you comprehend tenor clef? yes. 10. Can you sing? yes, like a rock star. 11. Do your ears have training/recognition ability? yes. 12. Have you ever composed/created a musical piece lasting a minute or more? yes 13. Have you ever done professional musical work? as a composer, yes. 14. Do you understand the concept of ryhthm? yes 15. Do you understand the concept of pitch? yes 16. Do you understand the concept of ryhthm? yes 17. Do you know the difference between monophony and homophony? yes 18. How many instruments can you identify by their sound? I would think all of them. 19. How musically inclined do you consider yourself? I like it 20. Ever performed in an education/school related band or orchestra? no tony69 wrote: Sadly, I must admit, yes.
  2. All academics dont like John Williams, it's par for the course. This particular cretin is being particularly obtuse and wanky in his nonsense. He's a fool, bottom-line.
  3. Fat-Boys way is best, but unless you have his knowledge, better stick with computers and minions.
  4. I don't want to kill this thread, but I will say this; Williams mind works in a freewheeling way. He writes his music, then makes it fit within the boundaries of notation. His knowledge is so spectacular that he is able to do this in an extremely accurate way. ie what you hear is what he intended. You can't break down his music into theory very well. It's too complex. Williams seldom even uses a single chord progression, it's always skewed in some way, with that brilliant touch.
  5. I think the data was a bit more than just a few phonecalls Joe... Why do you think the plane crashed then?
  6. Well let's put it this way, your comment was an attack (perhaps unwittingly) on my core beliefs, you were trying to diminish it and dismiss it as something that is only theoretical, or something derived from a film idea. This is not the case, although The Matrix series for example, does include some of the concepts I reffered to. I am well aware of the rule about not discussing religion, and in hindsight I see that what I said could be offensive to those who hold certain religious perspectives about what constitutes reality. Possibly you are one of those people. Absolute Truth is understood, not explained. I did make a brief summary of what it means, perhaps for the benefit of other readers who may have never encountered the idea before, outside of the way it was used in this poll, "absolute truth" as in, who is the better composer.
  7. Thank you for the Philosophy 101 nugget. That sounds like a line from the Matrix films. Ted Actually, teddy, absolute truth is real, it's not just something that is breezed over in a philosophy course, so take your cheeky little remark, and shove it up your fuckin ass.
  8. The "absolute truth" is that all things are illusory by nature, a result of cause and effect. Nothing is ever real, only a transient, passing illusion which appears to the consciousness that percieves it. Having said that..in the realm of perception as it is now, John Williams is the best composer that ever lived. His music surpasses anyone else, by a huge margin. He is a true genius, one of the most brilliant men who ever walked the earth.
  9. I think Conan the Barbarian was deliberately recorded raw and primitive sounding.
  10. I don't have a cellphone anymore, I detest the stupid things.
  11. I think you are full of shit, hellgi! You talk a big game, but wheres the proof?
  12. There is a difference between liking a film for its' production values, and its' moral values. I think The Patriot is an exceptional piece of filmmaking. it's a given that when you watch a film, you are observing someones, (Director and Writer mainly) personal outlook and vision. You don't have to agree with it, in order to appreciate it as a film. At least I don't approach films that way. The security you have in your own values very much defines how you will respond to something which is vastly different. I am big fan of the film Romper Stomper, but that doesnt mean that I approve of Neo-Nazi behaviours and ideals. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Very good, Kaufman has yet to disappoint me. I like that movie a lot too, Kaufman is an ace at what he does.
  13. From High School Bully to Fat Boy, it seems Williams versatility as a human being knows no bounds.
  14. Not entirely, but somewhat. Lets say 75% is midi.
  15. The Patriot Excellent film. The first time I have seen it in its full format. JW score works so well, the man is a genius.
  16. This is kind of a spin off pi's (pretty cool) thread. Lets say you knew someone who had never seen a film. You can pick 5 films for them to see. This person is totally willing, and can watch them on there own time, over, let's say a weekend.
  17. Zimmer uses primarily custom libraries. Those string and brass samples you hear in, for example Crimson Tide, are the LSO. And they have been used a million times since, including Survivor and 24.
  18. Marty Mcfly is a character in Back to the Future, produced by Steven Spielberg, who directed Munich, scored by Williams. Is that totally lame, for me to rescue this thread? I kinda thought that a lot of people were enjoying it, and would like to see it carry on...Yes? Jennifer Lopez
  19. Hans Zimmer was an established film composer before he founded the MV company. I don't know if everyone is aware of that... I like some of his early scores, Black Rain, Rainman, Crimson Tide, Days of Thunder. Some great themes in there, and at that time, it was something quite new in film scores, that dynamic, forceful sound. The other Media Ventures minions are not nearly as good as Zimmer though. they are like a tenth of a Zimmer. Veronica Guerin was effective, in the film, but not something I would want to hear outside of the film.
  20. Use what you have got, and use your initiative. You don't need a lot of instruments to make a startling sound.
  21. Morlock wrote: Umm, hello, what is this? Kevin Spacey in Se7en The perfect villain. ( see Joe how it's spelt)
  22. Jon Pertwee starred in Young Indiana Jones and the Attack of the Hawkmen , which was directed by Ben Burtt, who was the sound designer of Munich, scored by John Williams. Next: Lindsay Lohan
  23. Yeah, this game has been done before right? But, not on JWfan soil. Can we get it going? there is so much richness to Williams career. I'll start; Jeff Bridges
  24. Sturgis, have you seen any other Michael Mann films? Maybe you just don't like his style, but to assume he's a bad director...well that's perhaps a little subjective.
  25. There was this one time in band camp, JW signed a girls butt with his own baton...
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