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  1. Hopkins in Nixon, of course. That is one hell of an impersonation, and a brilliant piece of acting.
  2. Yeah but that's the 1/10 situation that pi is overlooking.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks that Lisbeth Scott chick has a nice back? I know you are reading this Lisbeth, how about a date?
  4. No, you do it better.. You always were the best.
  5. 2002, at Costco, LA. Signing of Cd's for Yo-Yo Ma plays John Williams.
  6. Unbreakable. He excels at electronic based music. That's his background after all.
  7. I would recommend you purchase the Taxi Driver dvd instead. One of the best films, ever. And you can hear a lot of the music cues very well within the film.
  8. I love the score for Flatliners. JNH used to be cool. Now he's a puff.
  9. I like Joe's explanation... Put one foot in front of the other
  10. OMG, someone made a mistake! It sure wasnt Williams though. Someone needs to be fired, immediately.
  11. I haven't heard it yet, but I'll give a solid D.
  12. its all about physics. Exhibit A: The Attack of the Tilted Head and the Revenge of the Beer-Gut;
  13. Just choose one, fanboys, none of this other stuff.. Each option includes having lunch with JW and the Director. One day. Choose wisely.
  14. Yeah, people who say that, are probably readily convinced of lots of other things as well.
  15. I'd rather read an autobiography. Memoirs of a high-school bully....
  16. Good point. but I'm sure he's got spare sweaters, and glasses.
  17. A Nolan fan, yeah somewhat. But a Bale fan? that is totally gay.
  18. This has never been done before. have at it.
  19. Marcus, nice music there man. Solid as a rock.
  20. hell. yes. We roll tonight To the guitar bite... :spiny:
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