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  1. I made a cup of coffee the other day, and as I went to drink it, I discovered a mosquito had kamikazi inside it. Needless to say, I was profoundly annoyed. I set about making another cup; fuller, richer and sweeter than any cup of coffee I have ever made.
  2. Ha! only an ignorant fag would make this kind of generalization.
  3. I pretty much agree totally, Alex. I think The Dark Knight is rubbish. Watchmen is ten times the film TDK tried to be.
  4. Well I'm dubious for one. The film looks visually great as would be expected, but I suspect it will be a gigantic flop.
  5. And then AI went; Woooooooooooooooooooooooooh, Bomp, Bomp! and all was right with the world. Aha...ahahahaha....ahahahahahahaHAHAHA!
  6. Oooh, that hurts.. Especially coming from the likes of you who has written nothing but vacuous rubbish on this forum. What are you gonna do about it? Kill me?? Fucking idiot.
  7. More than you ever will buddy, that's for sure.
  8. I mean, Cameron would tell you that you are a pile of dog-dung, no matter how well you do your job. That's just how he do. t's a philosophy that I admire. And again, thats what makes him James Cameron.
  9. Oh come on Roald, you know that's something that Cameron himself would say to you on set, or worse.
  10. And I bet it spends most of its running time expoloring this idea, right? It's like saying the prequel trilogy is a mature study of human nature (which it kind tries to be ). Karol - who can't see how is this deep at all It all depends on your level of perception. The film is layered in that way, as are all Cameron films, and that's why James Cameron is a genius, whereas a wannabe filmmaker like Roald, is just a jealous twat throwing peanuts from the gallery.
  11. What, are you kidding me? The idea of a disparate consciousness being able to inhabit and leave a 'body' is as deep as it gets. It addresses the most fundamental issue of all, albeit in a way that clearly flew over your, and most all critics heads.
  12. Avatar..what can I say but this film not only lives up to it's hype, but it kicks it firmly in the butt. This movie will change the face of filmmaking forever. I don't even feel like seeing another 2D film theatrically after that. It's that awesome. Cameron, you are a God.
  13. Good god, I don't know wether to laugh or shudder in regret that I just read that..
  14. Mate, you are such an an ignorant unwitting victim of the times you are living in that nothing would satisfy you, nothing.
  15. Nobody helped Williams with a damned thing. End of story.
  16. People are stupid everywhere, not just in theaters!. But stupidity is just ignorance, - a lack of knowing. Giving a smart ass answer may seem cool at the time, but it's not the best move in the long term. I've been on both sides of the fence, I have fired people, and seen others being fired, and it always boils down to a lack of respect for authority, and the belief that they can do it better. In most cases, they don't. Anyway, back to the original thread,..I was sitting in the subway yesterday and a very obese young woman came and sat down,. with a pasta salad in this huge plastic tray tha
  17. OK, fair enough, but the way you described it made it sound like they were in close proximity I still find it unacceptable for an employee to be mouthing, open the door, with a blank face, as you said.If it was done kindly, that's a different matter, but it doesn't seem like it.
  18. I said I'd be inclined to, not that I would. They would be reprimanded though. In that situation, I would expect the employee to simply gesture to open the door, or perhaps open the door for them, not smart-mouth them, no matter how silly the query seems to be. It's not the place of the employee to do that, no matter how frustrated they are with the job etc.. Casual workers in a group often become jaded about the job, and they can get away with it for a while but it will likely backfire in the end, ie. you will be dismissed.
  19. The Prince of Tides, fits the bill I think quite nicely. And as KM mentioned, most Morricone scores.
  20. Well in all honestly, if I was the supervisor or manager of a theatre and found out an employee had done that I'd be inclined to fire them on the spot.
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