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  1. Right on. ^_^ Actually, I threw that one in there for you, special! as I know for a fact you have seen it and commented on it in the 'last film you saw' thread.... more clues #1 - Actor is Denzel Washington
  2. Hitch, Thankyou for your concern. Your conclusion, though elegant, is ultimately incorrect. Said bullet ridden Mercedes is not from "Three Kings". Please feel free to submit furthur guesses in the future. AI
  3. #4 is JP, correct The ruleofthirds. Here come the clues; The leading actors in 1, 2 and 3 have each won an Academy Award for best actor, but not for these particular films, except #2. The earliest film of the 3 is 1998.
  4. Drax, yes Se7en and Fight Club. Hornist, yes The Red Violin. Incanus, yes The Claim. A few more to add to scissorhands splendid spread;
  5. The game music that tries to sound like a film score isn't that great, with the exception of Jeremy Soule, who has written some nice cues. Old game music though , such as Sega's arcade games, and Chris Huelsbeck is very good indeed.
  6. The kudos points tally; Justin for Angela's Ashes 6, - 5 because it's a JW scored film = 1 (the "anyone would know it" penalty) Marc for Titanic 2, Marian for Alien(s) 3, Marc for Alien 6, Nightscape94 for GI Jane 8, - 5 for the clue = 3 scissorhands for The Beach 9, - 4 for the clue = 5 Marian for Koyaanisqatsi 10, - 1 for the first clue, - 3 for the second clue = 6 The Winner, with 9 points - Marian. Runner-up, Marc with 8.
  7. #2 is G.I. Jane, Nightscape64 guessed it. Scissorhands is right with The Beach. Last clue for #6; Parts of the score from the sequel to #6 were used in The Truman Show....
  8. Look Marian, you said Aliens, you were wrong. Marc fed off your hint and got it right, but thems the breaks. The Clues are for the unsolved pics.
  9. Angela's Ashes, Titanic and Alien are correct. Clues: 1 and 5 have the same primary Actor. 2 and 3 the same Director. 6 has no dialogue.
  10. Making demoes is not professional composing, it's fishing. IMO, your music is not very impressive.
  11. Neither. Williams is a far beyond grown-up man now, why should he dwell in adolescent immaturity forever?
  12. Not Brokeback Mountain, what an overrated pile of crap. Crash should win.
  13. One of, if not the largest orchestra was supposedly Back to the Future, according to the DVD extras, may be invalid info now.. Most complex, I would say Corigliano's Altered States
  14. Timeaftertimes' ego is getting bigger from this thread, that's for sure. But he will be forgotten tommorow and go back to the tiny speck that he is. Williams ego will continue to grow into a giant fireball of relentless brilliance.
  15. I wasn't aware that I had to divulge my name, rank and file to be taken seriously in this forum. I guess keeping to yourself is perceived as deception and lying to some people. My apologies for keeping to myself. You are seeing a whole team of psychiatrists, aren't you.... Cut the lying mate, you have already been exposed by Erik Woods, who actually has total credibility here as a Giacchino source.
  16. Why, are your films kinda like Steven Spielberg's? :roll:
  17. My money's on Cosman. This mirko guy can go jump.
  18. Well, it was more of an anti-sex scene. Really unclimactic, if you know what I mean. Very funny movie nevertheless. And Bolero is by far the most interesting piece Ravel ever penned. The rest of his stuff is drivel.
  19. Exactly. Rock n' Roll ain't noise pollution
  20. Scarface is the ultimate De Palma film. you would also do well to see Casualties of War Snake Eyes
  21. King mark is so right on the freakin money, it hurts. Williams will never win another Oscar, Let the dream die....
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