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  1. Ayangaya, ayangaya! Bomp, bomp. Ayangaya, ayangaya! Ayangayaa!! Wooh!
  2. If you want to change this cycle..focus the heart in, not out.
  3. Ehehe, 'Joey' used to be slang for a condom, where I live. ESB, I believe King mark said it was the combination of all Williams genius rolled into one score, or something like that... Well I agree with his sentiment.
  4. Well done, Marcus old chap (clap clap) In most cases of music suing, it comes from someone who is unknown and trying to capitalize on anothers success, Michael Jackson for example, was the target of many a copyright law suit over the years, none of which were successful. It would not be expediant for one of Williams stature to sue anyone, although he could over this piece.
  5. Spic and span no doubt, and completely soulless.
  6. Quite! how deep does the rabbit hole go... It's not really possible for something to be overplayed in the broader sense, it's how you react to the repetition. Often in film, familiar "songs" can be placed in a new context, and the song itself becomes anew and takes on another , greater dimension. Don't Stop Believing, in the ice skating scene in Monster comes to mind. Love that scene.
  7. There are only two pop songs that can never be overplayed, one is Bohemian Rhapsody.. The other is.. You were the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeeeeen!
  8. You gotta love the way Williams talks; When the bicycle achieves escape velocity..
  9. Well, if it could be anything at all, I'd like it to be just Williams playing it off the cuff from memory or his interpretation, mistakes and all; The Mecha World Homecoming - Born on the Fourth of July Summon the Heroes Escape from Cloud City Duel of the Fates The Motorcade Everybody Runs Lapti Nek
  10. He's a pretty good pianist, so I doubt his demo's are always "simple" as such. He probably riffs off some pretty dazzling stuff, at least for the ones who would appreciate it and have some instrumental imagination, like Spielberg, and maybe Oliver Stone. But yes, he only uses the piano to demo his cues. There really isn't any other way, since his music is intimately tied to the orchestration.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHqzbnMTDFU
  12. It's also a show that you can watch wih the volume completely turned down. Alex She looks like a very, very well made mannequin.
  13. Aliens are mostly lanky. The earth is a bulging entity, it makes gross beings for purging.
  14. Not bad, but it seems a bit grand for the rather bleak visual. imho.
  15. This thread should be positively burnt after reading.
  16. Nah, those jewel cases are definately plastic. If you turn the box on its side...Chello ?!! Cello* Chello???!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EHg9HdnuD4
  17. Nah, those jewel cases are definately plastic. If you turn the box on its side...Chello ?!!
  18. Well, actually nothing that a human does in the world guarantees a ticket to heaven. It's purely God's decision.
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