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  1. That's exactly the point. Art mirrors life. Watchmen is an allegory of the times. No connection is the modus operandi of the society now. It's all about direct connection with tiny sources via cellphone etc. The bigger picture is no longer in view.
  2. Possibly not. The toxin of the jellyfish would have acted on the nervous system and was just enough to stop his heart by parallelization. With the body in ice, it would slow the spread of the toxin enough to keep the heart free of the poison.
  3. There was this one time, I was walking through a park, and this girl walking in front of me slipped over... aha, ahahaha, Wooooooooh!
  4. Popcorn isn't noisy Alex, come on. Crisps are though.
  5. I really like the film Primer. I guess that's a little sad.. Boohoo
  6. Up is certainly a very intriguing picture, it has a depth to it that I didn't expect from an animated film. I found the staunch Doberman talking in the high-pitched voice most highly amusing, was kind of bummed when they dropped that gag shortly after.
  7. Oh, I agree... I do think E.T is the best film score ever written, and probably ever will be.
  8. The trailer is heavily accented on action and visual effects. But this is a James Cameron film, so it will no doubt have a lot of humor and a great story. I trust that it will be an awesome movie.
  9. Vicky Christina Barcelona Wow, what can I say but Woody Allen does it again. Visually stunning, great script and story, and often hilariously funny.
  10. This from about 5.10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2c_BvVBd-Q
  11. The whole film Titanic is actually modeled closely on Far and Away. James Cameron temped Titanic with a lot of the score from Far and Away. (This is all in the book). He approached Williams' agents, but was told he is not available at that time, was working on The Lost World. Cameron had also used some tracks by Enya in the temp score, so approached Enya for a score. She said no, she doesn't do film scores. It just so happened that Cameron and Horner randomly met around this time, and Horner convinced Cameron to let him score the film. They kissed and made up for their past problems.
  12. Keep up the search Alex. I'd be very surprised if you didn't like Watchmen. It's highly stylized, and has a distinctly Blade Runner feel to it.
  13. Woooooooooooooooooh bomp bomp~ How about if I just give a happy-meal to a homeless guy instead? Joe, you are amazing. I especially love the way you announced what you do for all and sundry. That's the true spirit of generosity.
  14. AI

    Rest In Peace Dad.

    Burga, you are only about 18 or something, right? That is a young age to lose a Mother.
  15. Do you reckon they have one kidney, or two?
  16. Woooooooh, bomp bomp! Nothing wrong with hallucinating.
  17. It brings to your attention what is wrong with you. It acts as a mirror.
  18. Ehe, ehehe, ehehewooooooooh! have you tried The X-Files?
  19. Actually, you wouldn't hear much at all. Those things are hard enough to read as a whole, not to mention if you were trying to sight-read just your own part out of all the mess. That could be a funny artyjeffrey comic actually. A bunch of bewildered orchestra musicians standing around, with Williams striding into the center, placing his little sketch on a music stand and saying; around the sketch, a perimeter create...
  20. Gah! I was at FYE this weekend and saw Absolution for $10 on sale and didn't get it, after dumping $250 on scores earlier in the week. I'm betting it'll still be there this evening, since they're so :censored: around these redneckish parts. Well there you go, learned yo' lesson. Aintry? you ain't gonna get down to no aintry, you done gone taken a wroong turn..
  21. Wooooooooooooooooooooooh! ehehehe.
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