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  1. Absolutely!. That shadowy shot, with the music is awesome.
  2. None of those. I like the Oliver Stone film scores the best.
  3. Yeah but what can you recite verbatim? I could probably do E.T too, and Seven.
  4. Are we talking about full recitals of films Joe? The entire film script? If so I could do Aliens and Back to the Future.
  5. I would say no. I think fanboy has a negative connotation. It suggests to me a stalkering or obsessive type of behaviour. There is plenty of that around, but it's usually about a sexually attractive, young celebrity, for who they are, more than what they do. The term fanboy doesnt really fit for John Williams.
  6. Fincher is close to perfect. So was Kubrick. Never either on the cusp of perfection, but got very near.
  7. well here we go again. Williams orchestrates his own stuff.
  8. Such anger in you untouchable. The bottom line is, you don't know what you are talking about.
  9. Okay for my sweet thirty-eighth I want Weird Al' Yankovic to perform with the London Symphony Orchestra (haha I wish). No, just kidding. I am making my playlist for my DJ for my party and I need to show my Yankovic pride by throwing some pieces into the mix. The only two Al Yankovic songs that I have are: The Saga Begins and Fat for the dance and Eat It for when the food and drinks are being served (cliche isnt it?) I also have "Dance little Bird" for the horndog dance. Can you guys give me some good Yankovic songs or some good instrumental songs I can throw in?
  10. Nice report Fiery Angel and sundry! Did you shake the Cat's hand?
  11. I'll watch it when I see it for rental. Sounds like a great flick.
  12. As long as the musics loud, I'm gonna live it up .
  13. I like the track, but it just doesnt compare to John Adams' The Chairman Dances.
  14. I have always been fascinated by trailers. Every dvd I rent, I always watch the trailer after the film. They can be a little misleading, but not really. You can't dress mutton as lamb. The hard hitting modern trailers are in sync with the visuals. The film culture is like that now, people desperately trying to impress each other with their skills, to make something even edgier than before. They are really just pussy cats.
  15. I recommend you Jess Hopkins (he posts here), he does this kind of thing for a living! His children are fed on the patronage of cats like you.
  16. yeah. the line forms at the end of my butt. happy listening.
  17. Flight ot the Concordes, awesome.
  18. Of course it is, E.T is JW all the way. Every minute, every second.
  19. Exactly, it has to be a Black Pontiac Firebird. Otherwise it just isn't Kitt.
  20. You didn't pay much attention to my analogy, did you
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