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  1. The greatest ones are in "Sub-Level 3" at 5:55 and in "FaceHuggers" at 0:35, scared the sh*t out of me when I listened to the CD for the first time back in 2001. Yes I know exactly where you mean . It scared the beejeezus out of me and everyone watching it the first time. It's that shreiking Bartok like woodwind sound that does it, not the heavy crash itself.
  2. People who don't speak English as a first language are too busy looking up what lambasted means, whilst they are being Lambasted. It's a funny world
  3. POA is the sparky, spunky sister of the three. But PS is the understated one, with the most depth, and true beauty. .
  4. hey Skywalker, you spelt Williams wrong.
  5. I have never had a problem with Hans Zimmer. He somewhat prostituted his business in Hollywood, to help other people out and make a lot of dough, which is fine, but not particularly admirable. He is a victim of his own kindness perhaps. I like the score for The Holiday, a lot, although I just own the film, not the score. But the music works wonders for what is a really wonderful film.
  6. That's what I was going to mention, What Lies Beneath has a ton of awesome scares. Aliens too, to a lesser extent.
  7. He has written some great film scores, Aliens, Braveheart, Cocoon, come to mind.
  8. AI

    AYS Concert

    Yeah it's a bit confusing isn't it!
  9. Never heard his music, but isn't Bear a slightly questionable choice of name for a child? Did he come out of his momma's womb all hairy?
  10. Cubase sx3 + plugins, M-Audio keyboard, behringer midi controller. that's it, pretty simple. And Sibelius, or some weird combination thereof. I tried the demo of Notion a while ago, btw Fiery Angel after you mentioned , it is very nice, but it just didn't seem to work very well with my system, beyond one instrument. It became glitchy, even though I did have the system requirements. Miss Padme wrote: well the cat's out the bag now, you are John Williams
  11. Part cynical, part sarcasm, part satire, part film criticism and part gruesome horror. Yeah, it's absolutely classic Joe!
  12. Off to never never land. Miss Padme has a bit more mettle.
  13. Nice to hear it. It's definately a meditative piece.
  14. Well, you have a Gremlins quote in your sig, so you earned 5 points with me. How do you compare with Phoebe? Are you as cute, as stunning, as gorgeous as she is?
  15. Thanks again Marc, you make the Horn sing, it melts the heart!
  16. My life is a super-opera, so if I can't score it myself, then Hans could probably do a, blunt if accurate job.
  17. Prokofiev is great, absolutely. I have no doubt that Williams would agree.
  18. Well here it is, some new music by me, the second part of the series, Fanfare being the first. This time, it's performed by another JWFan member, the Horn Master himself, Marc! Please enjoy Marc's wonderful rendition of my piece. http://www.badongo.com/file/8467675 AI
  19. Marcus is the last word on classical forms. He brings that biting, truthful ping of finality to the issue, every time.
  20. So what's with the pink walls, Pixie? I didnt see an answer to that. Erik, that is completely mental. I don't know which I like more, the collection or the kick-ass leather chair.
  21. Well isn't that sweet! The AI must fetch his umbrella now, raindrops are falling on his head.
  22. No you are just really short, and look like a mutant. And are desperately unfunny.
  23. He is right handed, without question.
  24. Well I would say no, it's not in anyones interest to see it as a bad anything. You have to believe in what you are doing. You can alter your perception to suit.
  25. Then compliment the girl! Tell her she is beautiful, she IS! Say what you feel. There is nothing wrong with it. There are much better looking girls than this one, so keep focused on that one. Nice! the AI is creepy, so very creepy is he.
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