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  1. damn it, aren't they wet blankets? I know you can take it on the chin, so to speak. And Brianna, you are a good-looking girl, you will encounter creeps all the time. Consider me a baptism of fire! The AI is a teacher. The AI is not really interested in you. There are a few chaps here who would be a super match for you.
  2. No, he would have likely failed as a songwriter. His skills lie elsewhere, not in the pop area, and pop is the only way that songwriters can make a lot money. To be a successful songwriter, you need to either, play in a band that has an edge, or be a music producer that knows all the tricks of contemporary pop. There are a few songwriters that make hundreds of millions of dollars, like Diane Warren, but for every one of her, there are about ten million songwriters that don't make a cent.
  3. Ray is a good cat! He has told the story about the handshaking many times before, but I always find it endearing. As for you, B, I love your hair, I love your dimples. Nice to see you posting again, I missed the posts of the B.
  4. The last film The AI watched is Perfect Stranger. Oh, so we are back with the dark little thrillers again AI. Yes, we are. What happened to Lovewrecked? Well, lets just say it got rescued. get it, rescued? Yeah I get it man. Can we just get on with it? What can I say about this flick, it was really rather predictable. It was a paint by numbers flick thriller. With a lot of overacting by Halle Berry. What's the rating then? The AI gives this film **/****
  5. Something I would love you to do. I believe you are the real deal now. Beautiful Girl.
  6. The AI can shout, really shout. The AI can shout so loud, that it be heard over a jumbo jet. The AI can shout so loud, it can be heard two blocks away. The AI can roar so freakin loud, it makes Lions feel shame.
  7. Sometimes. But certainly not ones made by "hloaroo" , or whatever your silly name is.
  8. Brianna, what does the pen do, that is given to De Niro in Extras? What does Daniel Radcliffe flick over his head in the cafeteria, in Extras?
  9. except for the what? The Beauty Marks Dear. You look lovely.
  10. What about cd-rs that don't write, they are kind of worthless? They are coasters AI. True, but the AI doesn't need any more coasters! Well fling them about like frisbees AI. What if I decapitate someone? Yeah, don't. Just discard them.
  11. Piano and electric guitar. Also Vocals, I can shout, I can scream, I can roar! (in tune) And a bit of clarinet
  12. But she did say "John Williams is made of Awesome! " that sounds like AI speak. She gets a stamp of approval, and she is very cute, except for the, you know...
  13. Do what you can. These are great to watch. Thanks for your effort! I also loved the Hook one.
  14. Long live tits and ass. I hate that ad, for what its worth.
  15. The last film The AI watched is Lovewrecked. Now what? why would you go and watch a silly movie like Lovewrecked, AI? It makes a nice change, it has no violence, no sex, no cursing. It's just a nice sweet film. And The AI usually watches what kind of film? Dark ones, films about killers, the underworld, crazy people, unhappy people. The AI gives Lovewrecked a 2 and 1/4 from 4.
  16. Yeah those nice round things you sucked as a little baba boy.
  17. Stepmom. I don't know why, I just think that's the one he wrote the quickest. Intuition goes a long way AI. Yes Sir it does. Sir? I call you Sir ok, try again... Intuition goes a long way AI, Sir. Good Cat.
  18. The last film The AI watched is The Brave One. This could have been just another vigilante flick, but it is elevated by Jodie Fosters' amazing transition from one who is a mild-mannered radio host, into a serial killer. It's a visceral performance, you really believe it. Transformations AI? You know something about that don't you? Yes I certainly do. The AI gives this film a ***/****.
  19. I'm still getting my head around (no pun intended) this whole whacking off to Marc Singer deal, but hey, whatever floats your boat.
  20. Crap. A lame imitation of O Fortuna. I can do this kind of thing in my sleep.
  21. Super Size Me was very funny, even if not even close to being accurate. The AI wants to see this.
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