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  1. I'm sure people will flame me on this one, but i actually thought Gustavo's score was a deserving win. I am also a big fan of 'Babel' as well. The music doesn't hold up well on its own, but i found it very fitting in the movie. The erieness of the instruments used in their suttlety really brought out the character of the film. I don't know if gustavo had anything to do with the final song with the piano? but that was also an excellent work. However, where i do have a problem is with his win from last year. His score for brokeback mountain defeating memoirs of a geisha almost made me throw up, that was the most undeserving disgusting win i've ever seen (next to james horner's 'braveheart' losing ot 'crouching tiger hidden dragon') I don't think i need to go into much detail on that one since i'm sure you're all familiar with both scores by now. But i think last years loss made me throw in the towel giving any credibility to the oscars, and receiving an award is a big joke. Obviously anyone with a hint of musical knowledge wouldn't have voted for the simplistic unoriginal melody of brokeback mountain over the beautiful sounds of memoirs.
  2. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! what a concert, it was definately worth going to boston for, thats for sure! John is so colourful the way he literally 'paints' the image when he conducts. Its quite amusing to watch at times. He has so much energy despite his age. And the opportunity to see the legend who composes such phenominal music was truly an amazing experience!!! Tuesday night the weather cleared up, and made for a nice conclusion to our stay in Boston. I will definately see John again next chance i have! i loved the encores as well. There was a big roar from the crowd as they began, and he jokingly turned around to conduct the audience for a moment. 8O i definately recommend anyone who is on the fence of seeing a john williams concert, to take the opportunity, i'm so happy i took the opportunity!
  3. thanks for the tip! it would definately be quite the honour to meet him! ps. how was 'brush of silk' from memoirs? i'm surprised to see that on the bill, it would definately be a cool song to hear live.
  4. thanks for the replies guys, getting me very excited seeing the actual program...i agree with foxfan that i wish the tributes were at the beginning to save more of the goodies til the end. But the encores will definately make up for that!!! a little bit disappointed there isn't a single track from munich, but it looks like a solid lineup. ps. how'd you find john williams for the photos? since i'm coming from toronto, it'd be quite amazing to have the opportunity to meet him while there.
  5. tonights opening night 8O can't wait to hear how it goes!
  6. if someone could send a shout of the program in here that would be amazing...i'm not going til the last show, so it'll be nice to see what i'm in for
  7. i'm very excited aswell, after checking the BSO website today, it appears that almost all the seats except for a few crappy ones are gone. This is definately a once in a life time opportunity for me to see the legendary john williams, and i'm looking very forward to it, especially to give me inspiration in my own music writing
  8. i guess i probably didn't need to rush as much as i did on the brightside though, i'm very happy with the tickets we got, so its worth it. Anything good on the floor is gone now too (only the very front and very back left) i'm getting really excited, especially now that university is almost done! foxfan: since you've been to boston 3 times b4, what must i do while i'm here? any recommended restaurants? (that won't kill my bank)
  9. after thoroughly listening to the music for 'memoirs of a geisha' it rekindled my fascination in ethnic instruments and how well they can work in western music. an instrument i absolutely love that williams uses frequently in geisha is the 'Bansuri' an indian flute (for those who don't know, it makes the high pitched airy sound) such a cool sound. list you favorite or favorites (another famous ethnic instrument is of course the sitar, adds great atmosphere and authenticity in certain scenes)
  10. thanks for the welcome i just noticed you were from montreal after i posted! great to see other canadians making the treck down for this i've been a fan of williams for a long time and this is definately really exciting for me. I only found out about this concerts about 2 weeks ago, and immediately i knew i'd have to go! i'm graduating from university in the music program in april, and what better graduation gift then to see john williams i wonder if there is much of a 'youth' (ppl under 30) presence at these shows?
  11. i got my tickets about 5-10minutes after they went on sale for the tuesday show very very excited, i'm coming from toronto and this will be my first time in boston, or seeing john williams. i managed to get pretty good seats, front row of the 1st balcony in the third column. I was originally opting for the center of the first balcony, but it seemed a little to far back, so went with the side instead! ps. the orchestra for the tuesday show was already at row N the tickets are going sooo fast. I like the balcony though, i enjoy looking down at the performers. i wonder if they'll have guest instrumentalists for sections of geisha? for perhaps a vocalist for munich?
  12. thanks guys, i'm of course familiar with the obvious ones mentioned, but theres a few in there i'll definately look up, i've heard good things about AI, i'll look into that
  13. hi guys, i'm new here, and i love how there is a board dedicated the the master of film scoring. I'm planning a trip to boston in may to get the 'once in a life-time' chance to see him conduct his own music, so i'm really excited some of my favorite scores of all time are: Braveheart - James Horner The Patriot - John Williams Pearl Harbour - Hans Zimmer Last Samurai - Hans Zimmer Munich/Memoirs of a Geisha - John Williams just to name a few...i don't watch as many movies as i hope, so i probably miss a lot of good scores that accompany them. as you can see from my tastes above, please suggest the best scores you can think of that fit this criteria, thanks tons!
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