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    Genius_Gone_Insane got a reaction from Sharkissimo in At what point did Williams scores start being overcomposed and how do we feel about this?   
    At what point do we give up on waiting for gkgyver to get laid and just pay for him to get a prostitute?
    What an insulting thread.
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    Genius_Gone_Insane got a reaction from Jay in John Williams in San Francisco!!! September 16, 2013   
    There were two moments from last night that I will certainly never forget:

    1. Watching John Williams quietly, privately, and casually chat with Steven Spielberg as the audience watched the scoreless version of Indy's First Adventure.
    2. Watching John Williams conduct ET with Steven Spielberg sitting down next to him.

    Both instances were absolutely surreal. You would have to have been there to understand. Watching these two great artists together...I just do not have words that can describe it. The whole thing felt like a dream. We were about 20 feet away from them and I think that was the most starstruck I have ever been.
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    Genius_Gone_Insane got a reaction from Smeltington in John Williams scoring all three new Star Wars films!!   
    What great news!!! I am literally crying at work!!! What wonderful news...I couldn't be happier!!!
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    Genius_Gone_Insane got a reaction from Sibelius6 in Lincoln FILM Discussion Thread   
    I just got this via mail on Friday. Generally, I am more of a fan of the adventure Williams stuff. For instance, I prefer Williams' Tintin queues over the War Horse queues.
    However, Lincoln was a great surprise. It's the slower Williams stuff, but I am really digging it. Wonderful music.
    I really hope JW can stay healthy so he can keep churning these puppies out. There is not much in the way of fine art these days. JW may be one of the few real artists out there. IMO at least.
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    Genius_Gone_Insane got a reaction from Gruesome Son of a Bitch in Disney buys Lucasfilm and all subsidiaries for $4.05billion, will release Star Wars Episode VII in 2015   
    You guys, I am seriously traumatized. Is anyone else going through the same stunned feeling I am suffering right now?
    It is a neutral feeling, as if pure joy and utter devastation rammed into one another and spat out a bastard child that can only be described as "confused".
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