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  1. I have the complete score which is 95% clean and its all good
  2. Can someone give me the cue list from Spider-Man 2 Promo Score and the composer for each cue please?
  3. I think there is. It's just different from TPM. It plays right after Anakin wakes up from having the Nightmare about Padme and Padme following him to the other room and talking. There's also another one where he promises Padme that he'll not let her die and so forth.
  4. But how can you change it using Audacity or SoundForge?
  5. Cerrabore i'm interested in some of your german rip tracks, but they're not in the US/Canada FPS. So how can i change the FPS and can i use Audacity to change the Frame Per Second?
  6. Cerrabore I just have one question for you. How can I get your edited Episode III cues?
  7. Superman Returns was a pointless film. The plot was crappier than Superman III and IV. As for the score, the score was just as crappy as the film. Only one track is good and that is the last 50 seconds of Rough Flight. Superman Returns was made to show fans how Superman would look and fly in this century. Overall, Superman Returns was the worst film and had the worst score of 2006.
  8. Could you explain why you think this? There are few directors that have butchered a character like Shumacher did. Well for starters he screwed up the fact that Superman has a half human half kryptonian kid who's a retard.
  9. Singer did a horrible job with Superman. It's like what Joel Schumacher did to Batman. I hope Singer doesn't do any more Superman films. He sucked ass. He should've done X Men 3 instead of this.
  10. Do you have the one that have the drums and percussion? Cause i want that.
  11. Can someone organize the track list in chronological order from the movie. Can you also include the iTunes Exclusive tracks and where they also fall chronologically.
  12. Come on guys give him a break. He's got a lot of things to do. Making the edits for Episode II should be the least of his worries.
  13. Could you pm me the link please? Because last time i downloaded it i had that problem.
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