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  1. Don't try to understand me, I'm a deep nerd when it's about JW work ! That's my purpose indeed. Even if I loose some money, it's also a way to support MM and LLL.
  2. I did buy the very first pressing of the HP box-set which had six tracks from PoA discs that did have frequencies over 16khz missing for certain sections: I would like to know, do the corrected tracks from PoA are featured in the latest pressing of the box-set, please ?
  3. (EDIT: sorry, I guess it's not the right thread !) Re-recorded music from the show on CD for the first time, coming on May 6th: From Ark Square latest newsletter: STAR WARS STORIES JOHN WILLIAMS - JOHN POWELL - LUDWIG GORANSSON Label: Sony Classical (UE) CD No: 19439929282 Release Date: 2022/05/06 Format: 1CD The best music selection from THE MANDALORIAN, ROGUE ONE, and SOLO. Conduc ted by Ondrej Vrabec, performed by Czech Studio Orchestra. Track List 01. Main Theme (From Star Wars: The Mandalorian) 02. Grogu Theme (From Star Wars: The Mandalorian) 03. Luke Skywalker Hallway Theme (From Star Wars: The Mandalorian) 04. Boba Fett Theme (From Star Wars: The Mandalorian) 05. End Theme (From Star Wars: The Mandalorian) 06. Meet Han (From Solo: A Star Wars Story) 07. Flying with Chewie (From Solo: A Star Wars Story) 08. Reminiscence Therapy (From Solo: A Star Wars Story) 09. The Adventures of Han (From Solo: A Star Wars Story) 10. Main Theme (From Star Wars: Rogue One) 11. Imperial Suite (From Star Wars: Rogue One) 12. Jedha City Ambush (From Star Wars: Rogue One) 13. Jyn Erso and Hope Suite (From Star Wars: Rogue One) 14. Hope and End Credits (From Star Wars: Rogue One) https://arksquare.net/detail.php?cdno=19439929282 https://www.amazon.co.jp/Star-Wars-Stories-Ondrej-Vrabec/dp/B09TMVTZVT/ https://www.amazon.fr/Star-Wars-Stories-Ondrej-Vrabec/dp/B09TMVTZVT/ https://www.amazon.de/Star-Wars-Stories-Ondrej-Vrabec/dp/B09TMVTZVT/
  4. All those titles are sold out: you can't order them (I just tried). Bespin, I highly recommend this one to you (and less than 15 copies left): https://www.musicbox-records.com/en/cd-soundtracks/9664-cold-mountain-expanded.html
  5. No JW for sure, but X-Men is a graal of mine !
  6. I refresh my smartphone every minute for the last 10 hours so I can say you the page is still up for me, here in France.
  7. I will end up gaining weight due to waiting anxiously while eating fatty and sweet junk food ! You will have my big belly on consciousness, MV! (Just kidding, I love you!)
  8. No, there was a French TV program which covered the RS from Lionheart and you can see Jerry integrating the electronic horn later in the process, working only with the recording engineer -- no orchestra.
  9. Except for its very last scene, which sooo cheesy, Knowing is a brillant movie. And such is the score. One of the best from Mr Beltrami with Scream, Mimic, Hellboy and Gods of Egypt if you ask me. Ordered ! My copy of the 1994 edition of Lionheart was signed by Goldsmith in London, UK on March 5, 1999. So I'll keep it but I also ordered the new 2-CD set.
  10. And they are aleardy announced ! KNOWING (Beltrami) - The Deluxe Edition 2-CD: Original Motion Picture Score Marco Beltrami UPC: 888072236707 Release Date: 04/30/2021 $ 24.98 https://www.varesesarabande.com/collections/new-releases/products/marco-beltrami-knowing-the-deluxe-edition-2-cd https://intl.varesesarabande.com/collections/new-releases/products/marco-beltrami-knowing-the-deluxe-edition-2-cd Knowing was a hit when it was released in the spring of 2009, starring Nicolas Cage as an MIT astrophysics professor trying to decipher a prophecy of numbers that eerily predict worldwide disasters. Directed by Alex Proyas (The Crow), the film features Cage in a race against time with the entire human race at stake. Reuniting with Proyas from I, Robot was composer Marco Beltrami, who provided Knowing with a powerful score at turns suspenseful, terrifying, pulse-pounding and action-packed. Recorded with a large orchestra in Australia, the score also has poignant emotional moments and a grand scope befitting the film’s apocalyptic implications. Knowing was released by Varèse Sarabande as a single CD at the time of the film. This 2CD Deluxe Edition nearly doubles the playing time, and features new liner notes by Daniel Schweiger incorporating interviews with Beltrami and his co-composers, Buck Sanders and Marcus Trumpp. Limited Edition of 1500 Copies Disc 1 1. Summit / Escape Logo (0:34) 2. Lucy In The Sky (1:23) 3. Loopy Lucy (0:54) 4. Loopy Lucy Lost (1:38) 5. Main Titles (2:11) 6. Tiger Music (1:41) 7. Beethoven Symphony #7 2nd Movement (1:09) 8. Shit Happens (0:51) 9. The Envelope Please (2:04) 10. Nick At Night (1:04) 11. Numerology (3:38) 12. MIT Wit (0:44) 13. Strangers With Candy (1:48) 14. Waiting For Bad News (1:31) 15. Waiting For Bad News (1:49) 16. Lat And Long (3:28) 17. Not A Kid Anymore (1:54) 18. Drinking Buddies (1:04) 19. Moose On The Loose (2:19) 20. Tree Slugger (1:04) 21. Stalking The Waylands (1:23) 22. Creepy John (2:08) 23. Johnny Get Your Gun (1:21) 24. No News (0:33) 25. Nick To NY (4:05) 26. Nick To NY (0:33) 27. Off The Rails (1:07) 28. Crash Aftermath (1:29) 29. I Need To Know (3:37) 30. Trailer Music (3:26) 31. 33 (3:41) 32. Loud Mouth (3:07) Disc 2 1. Bedtime (1:57) 2. It's The Sun (2:43) 3. Suntastic (0:58) 4. Revelations By John (3:27) 5. Numbo Jumbo (0:36) 6. Door Jam (3:15) 7. Going Mental (1:25) 8. EMT (2:23) 9. Kidnapped (0:47) 10. Post-Partum (0:53) 11. Thataway! (2:10) 12. Goodbye Diana (0:56) 13. Shock And Awe (5:12) 14. Caleb Leaves (7:18) 15. Roll Over Beethoven 7th (1:31) 16. Who Wants An Apple? (1:33) 17. Eden (1:27) 18. The Knowing (1:32) 19. Roll Over Beethoven (5:53) 20. Aftermath (1:46) 21. Sunny Delight (2:59) 22. New World (3:07) LIONHEART (Goldsmith) THE DELUXE EDITION 2-CD Original Motion Picture Score Jerry Goldsmith UPC: 888072250079 Release Date: 04/30/2021 $ 24.98 https://www.varesesarabande.com/collections/new-releases/products/jerry-goldsmith-lionheart-the-deluxe-edition-2-cd https://intl.varesesarabande.com/collections/new-releases/products/jerry-goldsmith-lionheart-the-deluxe-edition-2-cd Jerry Goldsmith reinvented himself numerous times over his storied career, but one of his most popular periods was for the 1980s wave of large-scale symphonic scores. Lionheart (1987) came at the crest of this glorious period, and saw his rousing symphonic style—with glorious melodies, dazzling orchestrations, and synthesized embellishments—tackle a young-adult adventure in the Crusades. Lionheart marked Goldsmith’s final collaboration with his friend and most prolific director collaborator, Franklin Schaffner (Planet of the Apes, Patton, Islands in the Stream). The film starred Eric Stoltz as the leader of a Children’s Crusade of orphans against Gabriel Byrne as an evil Black Prince. Little-seen today, the project is perhaps best-known for Goldsmith’s magnificent score, which he recorded with the Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra; its stirring, noble main theme made its way into Goldsmith’s concert repertoire. Varèse Sarabande’s album producers in 1987 adored the Lionheart score so much that they released not one but two volumes of vinyl LPs. Most, but not all, of the tracks were released on a single CD compilation in 1994. Now, this 2CD Deluxe Edition presents the complete contents of both LPs, in film sequence, and adds two additional, previously unreleased cues. Because the new cues are sourced from reference material, they are labeled as “bonus tracks” at the end of a shorter-than-expected disc one, so as to remain in chronological order. The new liner notes are by Tim Greiving. Limited Edition of 1500 Copies Disc 1 1. The Castle (1:26) 2. The Ceremony (2:49) 3. Bring Him Back (2:39) 4. Failed Knight (3:21) 5. The Circus (3:07) 6. Robert And Blanche (3:49) 7. Bondage (1:51) 8. Black Prince (1:55) Disc 2 1. Children In Bondage (5:02) 2. The Future (1:58) 3. Gates Of Paris (2:09) 4. Paris Underground (4:09) 5. The Road From Paris (2:04) 6. The Banner / The New Court (5:58) 7. The Dress (2:23) 8. Mathilda (5:57) 9. The Plague (5:33) 10. Forest Hunt (7:45) 11. The Lake (3:37) 12. The Wrong Flag (3:16) 13. Final Fight (3:14) 14. King Richard / End Title (8:36)
  11. Coming on May 6 in hi-res audio and limited edition newly mastered CD: http://www.intrada.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8708
  12. Hey Amer, great guess ! Plus SHREK is oop as it doesn't appear anymore on VS website.
  13. Never saw the movie, never got the OST but hey, it's Goldsmith ! Ordered.
  14. From FB: Here are your hints for this Friday's CD Club titles. The correct guesses will be rewarded with the highest of social media honors, a "good job" comment from the Varèse admin. Good luck!
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