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  1. Stefan, and Joe are correct as usual. Tom, shaking his head at 9 votes for MR, unbelievable.
  2. ohh, Weebo, if I send you my address, can I get a copy? I'll gladly pay money for the expense of shipping and for the cost of the cdr's. this should be an amazing score, I've never heard John to CHAMBER music before.
  3. Legendary Film Composer John Williams was found dead in his home this past evening, along with his wife Samantha, and their son Joe who was visiting. Mr Williams, the composer of such hit films as Seven Years in Tibet, and Amistad, was found face down in a plate full of moo goo gai pan. Mrs. Williams and son Joe Williams were also found dead around the dinner table. Preliminary reports is that there was no sign of foul play., there was no sign of forced entry, and neighbors reported nothing unusual except one who said he saw a green flash of light around 8:00 pm. Boston Coroner Maxwell Slide stated, off the record that there seemed to be no cause of death at all, they were simply dead. They are now investigated the possibility of some type of gas may have caused the deaths of the composer and his family. But again no trace of any gas was found during the autopsy. The police chief Harlin Tanner, stated "We are completely stumped." Mr. Williams had just completed work on Star Wars Ep. III, Revenge of the Sith, and his last film score, War of the Worlds, a small family drama, by friend and long time cohort Steven Spielberg
  4. I don't like Raiders either. The ghosts are so fake. Just bad technique. And didn't you ever think that the warehouse scene at the end looks just like a matte painting. It has a boring love story, and Karen Allen's performance is just plain bad. Plus the love theme or Marion's theme is annoying. I guess it wants to be a good film, but it is not. Besides Spielberg has made better films, A.I., Last Crusade, and John has written better scores, Always, and AOTC.
  5. I never trust anyone, and even I trusted that it was probably Joe.
  6. Who is this???? This is me. Tom Marvolo Riddle. But you can call me Voldemort.
  7. No, I am not JoeinAr but I am He who must not be named, better known as Voldemort
  8. Potter, you finally responded to one of my posts. If you would have just given me the stone all of the unpleasantness that is yet to come, would not have been needed. As for the validity of the post I was emailed the link. I cannot attest to its authenticity.
  9. Here is a bit between Spielberg and JW concerning their new movie and interesting tidbits about their career together, thoughts and opinions. Its maybe part of the extra's used to make a dvd version of the film next spring or summer. Either way it provides insights into the two powerful men. Harry Potter, I am looking for you. My name is Tom, you can call me He who must not be named. or you can call me Voldemort if you dare!
  10. Its too bad its fashionable to dislike Leonardo DiCaprio. He is an excellent actor. He has had some really great roles and some no so great roles. Sounds like most acting careers.
  11. Neil would say, Raiders, Superman, ESB, SW, and a few others
  12. Actually, she is not burning out as you might think, she just wants to make sure that she delivers the best quality that she possible can. She demands it of herself, and she feels the fans deserve it. I can wait, though it is painful. Since I first read the books in fall of 2001, I figure its a small price to pay to wait until the summer of 2003. I have waited longer for a Star Wars film. I suspect that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will deliver far more than TPM or AOTC did. Of course Harry has one advantage the new trilogy of Star Wars doesn't, characters that we care about.
  13. it is amazing that Last Crusade is leading when it is clearly not in the same league as Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It is sloppy to be sure.
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