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  1. I wouldn't want to dismiss anyone who hated the film by saying they were just adverse to risk-taking. There are probably some people out there like that, but for the majority of people who were dissatisfied it was less the fact that risks and subversions were made and more the individual story decisions. And I say this as someone who really liked the film, even loved it in some places. But I recognize it has some significant flaws, and if there is to be any peace in the fan community we would do well to not generalize too much. 

  2. On 12/31/2017 at 10:02 PM, Brundlefly said:

    I know what you mean, but it gets better and more gripping, when you watch the film a second time and know what's going on.


    I saw it again today and felt the same. I still think there are editing issues (mainly because of Canto Bight; that whole story avenue needed to be reshaped and shortened), but going in already knowing what the story would do allowed me to more easily digest how it was being presented. There are certain sequences that I wish had been left without cutting into the other plot threads, namely the throne room sequence which is, as a whole, maybe the best part of the movie. 

  3. 21 hours ago, Quintus said:



    Did you hear about THIS yet? Leaked yesterday, on Christmas Day. The Reddit post has now reached the front page there. Read the comments, Marty is over the moon about it. A lot of the music was in the game, but only excerpts were used. This is the entire score and what was originally intended as a 'symphony for the Destiny universe', the musical foundation to be elaborated upon for all of the subsequent game releases over the ten year plan. That was before O'Donnell's big work/legal spat with Activision and Bungie kicked off, and the first game was completely overhauled at the last minute - trashing much of the original ideas (and music).


    Has it ever been divulged what went on between them? I remember hearing they fired him out of the blue without explanation. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Romão said:

    Now I really wished Rian Johnson was writing Episode IX, even with JJ directing. I'm afraid some of this backlash might reflect in a more conventional film


    I definitely anticipate a more conventional film with IX. Even if VIII had received unanimous praise from everyone I think that would've happened, just for the fact that Abrams is directing it. I think he has strengths as a director, but daring originality certainly is not one of them. I hope that the slate Johnson created with this challenges Abrams to take more chances, but I'm not expecting it necessarily. And that's not really a bad thing... to a point. If he throws another Deathstar into it I'm gonna have a problem. 

  5. I feel I need to see it again (at least once) to process my own feelings about it. I think this movie has problems, the biggest of which being Finn and Rose's plot thread, but there is still so much in it that I love. And I have to admire the risks that were taken even if not all of them work. But I'm sympathetic to the people who feel cheated and let down by it. This is a film that seemed almost engineered to be divisive, and will undoubtedly be analyzed and debated for years to come. Rian Johnson and the Lucasfilm suits had to have known there would be controversy with this movie, which makes the decision to give Johnson a whole trilogy of his own pretty strange and even more brazen than it already looked. 

  6. TPM for both. 


    The score is unequivocally outstanding. Top ten JW score for me. It's such a large piece of work with so much new material and yet it is still identifiable as Star Wars. JW kind of opened up what a Star Wars score could be, so much so that the other two, while still very good, feel somewhat like they're in its shadow, particularly with "Duel of the Fates".


    It's insane to call TPM a better movie than the rest of the PT, because it is not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination. But it feels the most tactile, the most "cinematic" in the way the OT was visually and production-wise that it wins nearly by default. The digital cinematography of the latter two just looks awful, and contains some truly terrible elements that TPM does not have, namely Hayden Christensen and the "romance" between Padme and Anakin. Plus it has easily the best lightsaber fight, the only one that's really worth a damn in the PT.

  7. 6 hours ago, Disco Stu said:

    It freaks me out that Galaxy is 10 years old.


    It amazes me that almost none of its music consists of old material. It's all new and grand orchestral score and yet it still feels like Mario. That game is truly a masterpiece on every front. 

  8. I was just able to get a floor ticket for $275. Nashville has become a chaotic sea of tourists on weekend nights and it was a nightmare wading through all that to get the hall. But it was worth it. It was a great concert. And more than that, a great moment in my life. Just being in the same building as the man. Hearing his voice. Seeing him in all his soft spoken candor on the stage. A really strong set list as well, mixing stuff I wasn't as familiar with with the classics. The highlight for me was the Throne Room suite at the end (prior to the three encores; in all there were about six standing ovations). Full on tears at the force theme. 

  9. 4 hours ago, Matt S. said:

    I always figured that the divorce from Rebecca is what brought on his condition, especially since he was so desperate to keep her from finding out about it.  He was fine with his brother and everyone working at HHM knowing and dealing with it, but he did everything he could to keep Rebecca from finding out.  And even once Rebecca did know the truth, he hid inside his house and refused to see her. 


    The divorce compounded it, but I think it grew from a deep-seated feeling of jealousy and inadequacy in Chuck that his ego would never allow him to face. He was the "good son" who worked hard to master his field and had the respect of friends and colleagues. He seemingly had every success in the world, and yet everyone still seemed to like Jimmy more, even his own wife. Jimmy the screw-up, the conman who had been using his charm to manipulate people his whole life. That resentment is the root of his mental illness, I think. The hidden envy of his brother. So when the things that Chuck had used to make himself feel superior fall away, he's left with nothing but self loathing. Completely alone.

  10. 8 hours ago, Disco Stu said:


    See, I've been thinking that Luke will probably die in 8.  Probably sacrificing himself like Kenobi.


    I wasn't expecting anyone to die in VIII after having Han go in VII, fulfilling the mentor role who gets killed ala Kenobi and Qui-Gon in Episode I. It always happens during the first part of a trilogy. But now it's up in the air. I could see Leia dying in VIII. If they change some things around it could be the cleanest, best way to close up that character's arc without having to do any questionable CG gimmickery. 

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