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  1. I expect more of Poe's theme because I expect he will be in the movie more than he was in VII. It seems to me that the score, like the film, is in many ways a setup for this new trilogy. So a character like Dameron has his own adventurous theme despite the character not actually having a lot of screentime. Same with Finn and to an extent Kylo Ren; I'd expect the motifs for those characters to get a lot more development in subsequent scores. I don't know if Williams was intentionally doing this, but Kylo's motif being as brief as it is recalls the fact that Vader didn't have a fully-fledged the
  2. Yeah, that's a fundamental part of it for me as well. The universe Lucas created is one of the most potent ever. You can tell literally any kind of story you want to tell. Fantasy, sci-fi, western, horror, comedy, tragedy, romance, war epic. And you see shades of all those genres in the films, blending together. It's like a distillation of so much mythology blown up on the grandest scale.
  3. I get the feeling he doesn't want to. Because, like you said, in nearly 40 years there hasn't been anything to stop him and as far as Star Wars themes go it's one of the most iconic. Maybe he prefers to just have the theme exist within the context of the scores.
  4. This makes me feel for Jackson more than I had before. But I'm also relieved and appreciative of his level of honesty and self-realization. That's the key difference between him and Lucas; he can admit when he's out of his element.
  5. Well, there was the whole virgin birth thing. And the chosen one prophecy. But it's inaccurate to claim Vader was just some guy in the OT. He was very much the face of the Empire, an active commander who inspired fear in everyone around him. So it makes sense that thirty years on he would be held up as this paragon of the Empire and dark side, especially when his final turn away from it was unknown to almost everyone.
  6. I don't recall Han having a theme other than "Han Solo & the Princess" which was kind of larger than that single character. I also don't remember Obi-Wan and Boba Fett having their own themes but I'm probably just not informed enough.
  7. Cool. If you look at the OT not every lead character had their own theme. Leia did and Luke technically did but his also served as the main theme. Maybe it will be different this time around.
  8. It's probably my favorite of the three, though I like them all. It's a true even-split collaboration between Zimmer and Howard that diminished as the series went on until it just became Zimmer. While I like Zimmer and think these are some of his best works Begins having the most of Howard's influence means I kind of gravitate toward it by default.
  9. James Newton Howard's The Village I always dig into this score during this time of year. It is so representative of the fall season to me; all of its beauty, austerity, and chilly foreboding.
  10. The trailer gave me a better grasp on the characters, which was the main thing I wanted out of it. I don't care too much about plot specifics, especially for this movie. The trailer established more of a general feel for the state of the story rather than the story's beats and that's fine for me. When it comes to trailers I usually err on the side of ambiguity, not because it can be misleading but because I'd rather not have the story spoiled for me.
  11. Nice, very impressive. Now let's see Paul Allen's card.
  12. Anakin's theme is underrated. I wish it had been developed through the latter two prequels. I assume that was Lucas' decision and not Williams'.
  13. It's a basic economic principle that if you flush the market with the same or similar product the consumer will eventually get tired of it. This will happen to the wave of superhero movies that the film industry is awash in now regardless of the quality of the films themselves. Some day expanded universe-style comic book movie making will fall out of fashion.
  14. There's no way the main title won't be in the this. I certainly would want it to go anywhere; it just is Star Wars as far as the main number films go. The anthology films are where you can change it up with the music.
  15. I could easily see this being true given Disney's secretive approach to marketing thus far. I would prefer if it came out before the movie because I am impatient and greedy, but there are certainly advantages to it coming out after the film too.
  16. Going by the title I reckon the Force theme will get some extensive use, probably more than the other classic themes should they arise.
  17. Of course not. Star Wars is in a better place now than it has been at least since the 90's. And by that I mean the franchise is now most likely going to be delivering quality entertainment on a consistent basis. The TV show Rebels is good, many of the books and comics have been good, and Episode VII at least looks amazing. This is what matters, not the sheer amount that is being marketed. Because Star Wars has always been that way, always been a multi-tiered marketing powerhouse; the only difference now is the spin-off films are actually getting made. But the universe of the series is so rich,
  18. I love Giacchino's Up the most. And I've enjoyed most Pixar scores.
  19. This will be coming to my neck of the woods in June. I will be there.
  20. I love the packaging on this album. The insert and CD art is very tastefully done.
  21. Wow, this sucks. Very unexpected. I'm not too familiar with his whole catalog but several of his scores have resonated with me over the years. I consider Braveheart to be one of my top favorites for sure. The guy was too young, had too much left to give. RIP.
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