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  1. After listening to that, I'm not sure the force theme should have a concert arrangement. It's weird.
  2. Spielberg still has it. He doesn't knock it out of the park every time but he stills knows how to craft fine cinema. I wouldn't call War Horse a great movie for example but there are interesting moments in it. To insinuate he's only concerned with cashing checks at this point is, of course, ridiculous.
  3. Yeah, how dare they enjoy a movie. They should only have morose, cynical disdain for everything.
  4. Marc, you're a wizard. All your arrangements, the JW ones and the video games ones, are top notch. One of the best musicians I know of on Youtube.
  5. Empire Strikes Back Temple of Doom Born on the Fourth of July I usually prefer end titles that are not mostly comprised of other cues edited together, as good as those kind of suites can be.
  6. That'll be a good opportunity to finally play RE4. I've always heard the game's praises but never played it.
  7. Good to hear. Like its predecessor, this is a great show. Vince Gilligan and company are just incredible writers and creators.
  8. Really good video and a great Youtube channel in general. I'd love to see him do a Williams score.
  9. I've never thought that franchise filmmaking and artistic freedom are necessarily mutually exclusive. They're just not exercised in tandem that often. But there are exceptions. Empire adheres to certain paradigms set up by the original film but it is different in a lot of ways. I can't say for certain that it's an Irvin Kershner film because I'm not as familiar with his overall body of work but it clearly is not a film directed by George Lucas or Richard Marquand. And that extends to The Force Awakens as well. It was authentically Star Wars but it was also very much a JJ Abrams movie, with a lot of his strengths and some of his weaknesses. So I think Rian Johnson will be able to maintain his artistic voice within the industry behemoth that is Star Wars and that makes me very excited, especially since he's also writing it. Disney/Lucasfilm is giving a lot of creative power to Johnson. It feels similar to me to when WB got Christopher Nolan to revitalize Batman as he was another young auteur on the rise.
  10. Definitely Rian Johnson. He's one of the most original and unique up and coming auteurs. The fact that he's writing and directing VIII still seems too good to be true.
  11. He was one of the only actors who did an admirable job. I think most of that is because he was perfectly cast in the role. With good writing and directing, which VIII will certainly have, it'd be great to have him back in whatever (probably minor) capacity.
  12. 1:57 to 2:11 So wistful and bittersweet. It's moments like this that speaks to what being a child is so profoundly to me. It essentially is childhood coded in music.
  13. Can't believe I missed this. Happy belated, maestro.
  14. This was a fantastic listen. Really increased my appreciation of the score and Williams as a composer, high as they were already.
  15. Red

    The NINTENDO Thread

    The GameCube was an underrated system. Had some of the best games ever made on it and was the last time Nintendo was a true competitor in terms of hardware. It was more powerful than the other systems at the time. Its biggest problem was the smaller discs making many multi-platform releases not viable.
  16. I love "Battle of Hoth" so friggin much. I don't know if I'd call Empire the absolute best for action cues but that track has to be up there with my favorite pieces in the series.
  17. A lot of the comments he's made in recent years are just mind boggling. He often comes off as a petulant child.
  18. Lucas is an incredibly complicated and fascinating individual. There is virtually no one else in the movie business like him; the kind of person who, arguably more than any other single person, has shaped the ways movies are made in the modern age and yet has a reputation for being a hack. I'm not sure he was ever a truly talented writer and director. His earliest films are good but the success of Star Wars was in a lot of ways due to the collaborative way in which it was made. But it was Lucas' vision and it cannot be understated how great that vision was. He's one of the best idea men the industry has ever had; the lesson in his later downfall is that even creators with the best ideas need vetting and shaping from other talented minds. There can't be the kind of ego that refuses to listen to anyone outside one's own mind, no matter how much of an auteur the creator is.
  19. I really enjoyed Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen on console. I've wanted a sequel for a while but the MMO is not at all what I had in mind.
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