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  1. Yeah those 6 tracks are just replacements for 7 tracks on the FYC which use the film mixes instead. (I think this is the first time a Zimmer FYC used the film mix even. Interstellar didn't even do that.) Not sure why its just those 6, since there's more film mixes on the FYC with equivalent albumtracks.
  2. Maybe they figured that they wanted a sound closer to the games? Hell if I know a better reason for why they did it. But this sounds a lot more generic and safe and ugh I dont like it.
  3. I mean its technically a part of Burning Palms... and I think it briefly plays at the end the 'Paul Tells Duncan his Dream' track. So there is at least that.
  4. Wow, it has most of the tracks that I was missing from the soundtrack. (outside of the Duncan tracks) Edit: It also has the more organ heavy version of the Sandworm scene.
  5. Its weird to hear some of the original stage lyrics after having seen the movie so many times Though I am glad they kept the better version of America. (just with a bit from the stage opening? Interesting choice.) Sounds overall great either way.
  6. I dont expect anything new from that either.. Studios have really become cheap and lazy when it comes to the music category.
  7. Well count me among the disappointed. But I am happy for those who are happier.
  8. It will all be worth it if they reference Scooby Doo and the 13 Ghosts
  9. I am pretty sure Black Widow has new material on there For instance Gulag and Gulag End are the 2 parts of Red Rising without the microedits Narrow Escape is The Pursuit without microedits I dont think Budapest Bike and Car Chase part 1/2 were even on the soundtrack. Black Widow was always a weird soundtrack, since apparently some of the soundtrack didnt even get used in the movie.
  10. I dont see anything new on the disney site Also Heh, they removed Kings Mans score from the site too.
  11. Eh the sketchbook doesnt really figure into the movie Though if you want the bagpipes, you technically can insert the House Atreides track in between Leaving Caladan and Arrakeen
  12. The Kings Man? That movie is not even out yet. Quite the entrance. Other than that its just your typical Disney 'all we are gonna give out are the OST selections'
  13. The sketchbook release is worth it. It has extended material from the movie and some fine concepts the movie didnt even use. The 3rd release can be skipped IMO.
  14. FYC season is not that far off, right?
  15. You talk as if WB would let it happen.
  16. I know Exaggeration is an artform, but I cannot even recall a single warmovie that would even fit that statement.
  17. Yeah that theme also feels very Dune 1984 inspired..
  18. On the other hand A fullnight Hobbit trilogy was pure murder on my senses
  19. I mean considering how happily the Harkonnens bomb those ships while they're on land, maybe the Atreides were on to something..
  20. Yeah its exactly as you said If you want to include Mazarro's extra 'Safin' music track. It would go right after the Gunbarrel.
  21. About as much as she was in the extended lynch cut tho
  22. Considering the Toto score, I'd say Dune could use all the electric guitars in the world.
  23. For the last time Its not a wailing woman. Its a furious woman
  24. Maybe/hopefully he will work on those sketchbook ideas that the first part didnt adapt.
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