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  1. *Papillon is gone**Stargate is gone*
  2. *Islands on the Stream is sold*
  3. *Can move on price if you buy a large number* Selling the following CDs. My email is davidmoloney7(at)gmail(dot)com. NB: I live in Ireland. €10 Bernstein: Magnificent Seven (Varese) OOP SEALED Debney: Cuttroat Island (Prometheus) OOP MINT Fielding: The Mechanic (LLL) OOP MINT Goldsmith: Wind and the Lion (original Intrada edition) OOP MINT Goldsmith: Alien (Silver Screen) OOP MINT Goldsmith: Basic Instinct (Prometheus) OOP MINT Goldsmith: Islands on a Stream (Original Intrada 1986 rerecording) MINT Goldsmith: Papillon (Universal M
  4. Trade or buy Captain America (Silvestri) with punch hole on the bar code everything else is mint. With that in mind I am looking for ONE of the following soundtrack albums: Thor 2 (Tyler) Avengers 2 (Tyler/Elfman) Avengers 3(Silvestri) Avengers 4 (Silvestri) If interested drop me a line at: davidmoloney7(at)gmail(dot)com. I live in Ireland.
  5. http://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=132371&forumID=2&archive=0 FYI Thor
  6. You seem to be the Trump of this board, spouting rubbish in a vain attempt to gain attention from others. I think it’s very sad to be frank.
  7. Can anyone confirm the rumors that Rachel Portman was in the RAH? I believe someone on FSM saw Thomas Newman.
  8. Wishing everyone well for the dinner tonight. Do post some photos! After some discussion, it was decided that my mother would accompany my father to Bratislava and Vienna (just changed the name on the flights) rather than me surprising my Czech girlfriend with a trip to those cities. The power of VPO will compel him to the city.
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