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  1. I’d be very surprised if the Emperor’s theme doesn’t appear in TROS without some choral element.
  2. The music in TFA was still buried for the most part, too. There were parts that sounded almost mono. The “Burning Homestead” bit was nice and loud, though.
  3. The fan made edits of the PT (a few of them are quite good) is enough to satisfy me until official releases come to fruition.
  4. I saw another TV spot on Freeform tonight which used snippets of “The Asteroid Field” but I couldn’t tell if it was a new or existing recording.
  5. I don't think it sounds like Williams but I'm usually wrong about this sort of things so I'm going to say it's Williams.
  6. How many different TV spots have they put out now? I feel like I see a new one every commercial break.
  7. She definitely has a history of lying. For instance, she adamantly said Fisher wouldn’t appear in IX.
  8. I’ve listened to the music in this clip a few dozen times already and I think it’s great action music. However, I feel like either Williams is holding back a bit or maybe the music is mixed too low for my tastes. Granted this only 30 seconds but I miss the days when Williams would ”over score” simple scenes such as To The Plaza, Presto. It’s a silly chase scene through the streets of NYC but Williams music makes it rather exciting. Even when Kevin stops to buy necklaces during the chase, Williams keeps the music at a 10 and doesn’t hold back. In the TROS clip, the music gets lost at points and I struggle to hear any details but maybe it just can’t compete with loud SFX. Regardless, I’m hoping to hear this piece in full on the OST.
  9. It's okay. I wish Alan Menken was attached to this series. I believe he was at some point when it was called The Snow Queen but I'm not sure what happened.
  10. Did Snoke come into the picture when the idea of the Emperor coming back was dropped? Would the Emperor still have come back for final film if Snoke was still alive?
  11. My question is why are the bad guys chasing them on wheels instead of using a hovering vehicle? The FO doesn’t have efficient vehicles for the desert?
  12. I’m wondering if the first 5 seconds of the clip isn’t the tail end of something themetic?
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