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  1. I still think there’s a good chance the whole film will be scrapped. It’s been in talks and in the works for years. It’s as if Disney isn’t very confident about the success and\or interest of this franchise, even with Ford involved.
  2. Assuming Indy 5 is still happening, on schedule and Williams is still willing, he could start working on it later this year.
  3. Would be nice if Williams pulled a Book Thief type of scenario this year but it's highly unlikely. I'm not looking forward any scores this year. There was a time when I got excited about a new Elfman score but not anymore. I'm hoping there will be expanded releases to get excited about. Looks like a busy year for Zimmer, though. Out of the ones he doing, Dune peaks my interest the most.
  4. TROS definitely deserved the nom. If Disney had promoted the score more and made more of a to-do about this being Williams last SW film after 40+ years, he could have a chance to win. Disney really dropped the ball on this one when I think he could have had a good chance at winning. The winner will likely be Joker, though.
  5. There was barely any time for the KOR as it is. Johnson should have utilized them in TLJ.
  6. Not the best pic of Daisy and Williams. She looks bored out of her mind.
  7. While the TROS music is excellent, it has very little presence and impact in the film... which is what really killed Williams' chances of winning. And it doesn't help that the film wasn't well received, either. He'll no doubt be nominated since the music branch probably recognizes its brilliance outside of the film.
  8. If TLJ was nominated, then TROS will be nominated. TLJ wasn’t exactly well received either. Plus, it’s an excellent Williams score which has already been recognized since it made the short list.
  9. It's a meh from me. In regards to the score, I place it above TLJ but still below TFA. Maybe the future expansions of the scores will change my opinion.
  10. So how is Scherzo for X-Wings any different from this aside from the name? Did Williams write that as a film cue or a concert arrangement that Abrams decided to use in the film? The film version has its differences but I’m not sure if those are just inserts recorded at a later date or what.
  11. It would be great if Williams performed this at a concert. I wish it had more of a concert sounding name though... like Heroic Adventures or something like that.
  12. I really can't believe they removed most of that music from the film but that's why it wasn't included on the FYC. Little did we know at the time that Abrams was still tinkering with the film after they released the first clip.
  13. I was referring to how much scene time she got. The final scene with her and Luke as ghosts was fine, I suppose. I don't think fans were clamoring for her to have a much of a role in this movie considering Fisher died before production began.
  14. I think this movie was less about Disney listening to the fans and more about Abrams having the final say after Johnson arguably screwed around with his ideas from TFA. I mean were the fans really wanting not only Palpatine to return but to have Rey related to him? Have Rey become more of a Mary Sue? Bring back dead Leia via digital manipulation? Make the final film essentially ROTJ 2.0?
  15. There is music from Psycho that depicts madness... not only for Norman’s motivations but Marion’s as well.
  16. The idea of a dagger sounds too primitive and “Earth-like” for Star Wars. But I guess it’s not too far fetched since SW had a needle on a probe droid and Ani used a knife to cut fruit for Padme.
  17. I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned but is it confirmed that the TFA music before the credits is newly recorded and not tracked? For me it was the main ROS theme... stood out like a beautiful thumb whenever it played.
  18. Leia certainly held her own among all the men in the OT. Even when Jabba humiliated and probably scarred her for life by making her his sex slave, she got the last laugh.
  19. The music was buried the moment after the scroll ended at my theater. I could hear some of the loud brassy moments and every iteration of an old theme. I guess Atmos values sound effects more than music.
  20. These 4K version will probably be what’s on Disney+. They still have a chance to fix TPM which looks washed out, erasing a lot of the detail. In some scenes, the human characters look like they have sunburns.
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