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  1. Yes, the total interview footage was more than an hour, and I think eventually more will see the light of day. Meanwhile, check out the documentary film, "DECONSTRUCTING DAD," to see more from JW: http://ScottDoc.com
  2. From the Raymond Scott site: Movie music maestro John Williams turns 80 years-old today. To celebrate, I'm releasing never-before-seen footage of Williams remembering Raymond Scott.This amateur footage was shot by me, Jeff Winner, while Stan Warnow (Scott's son) and I interviewed John Williams at the Tanglewood estate and music venue in Lenox and Stockbridge, Massachusetts, on August 4th of 2008. Some of Stan's footage was used in the new feature-length, award-winning documentary film, "DECONSTRUCTING DAD," but this segment has never been seen before. WATCH HERE: http://raymondscott....-watch-new.html
  3. So... what's the story with JW's father? Was the fact that he was a famous musician in the 1930s Raymond Scott group how JW got his start in professional music? Interesting to me that Raymond Scott's music is famous as soundtrack fodder... Also, the Cantina song from STAR WARS actually sounds a lot like the Raymond Scott hits that JW's father played on... could there have been a direct influence in style(s) too? I can't help but ponder the details of JW's early years & the influence his father may have had on him...
  4. Wow, this tidbit from the FAQ at RaymondScott.com is certainly interesting: Q: Was Johnny Williams, drummer for the 1930s Raymond Scott Quintette, related to JOHN WILLIAMS, the famous film score (JAWS, STAR WARS, etc.) composer ? A: Yes, they are father and son.
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