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  1. how complete is ad astra and is there a chronological order?
  2. Michael Giacchino - Jurassic World (2015) Source: Giacchino's Instagram 1m01 Bury the Hatchling 1m02 1m04a 1m04b Welcome to Jurassic World 1m06-09 Does This Dino Make Jurassic Look Big? 1m07s It's A Small Jurassic World 1m10 As the Jurassic World Turns 2m13 Glorified Petting Zoo 2m19-20 Indominus Wrecks 3m24-25 Come Hell Or High Slaughter 3m29s The Jimmy Fallon Serenade 4m35-36 Insert Pavane for a Dead Apatasaurus 4m39a 5m43 5m43 Alternate Insert 5m44 5m46 5m47a 6m60 The Teeth Degree (Alternate) 6m61 Our Rex is Bigger Than Yours 7m64 The Park Is Closed
  3. it's also missing cues and slates if you compare it to that latest one that leaked
  4. Wrong about 8m32 as it's posted on ASCAP. And I can't imagine the last 2 cues are on reel 9. That seems unlikely.
  5. Hans Zimmer - Interstellar Source: Complete Score 1m01 Dreaming of the Crash 1m02 Chasing the Drone 1m03 Flying the Drone 1m04 Combines Went Haywire 1m05 Dust Storm 2m06 Decoding the Message 2m07 Who's They? 2m08 Stay 3m09 Docking 3m10 Entering Endurance 3m11 Rage Against the Dying of the Light 3m12 Down for the Long Nap 3m13 Message from Home 3m14 Through the Wormhole 3m15 We're Here 4m16a Atmospheric Entry 4m17b Those Aren't Mountains 4m18 Years of Messages 5m19 Murph Comes Home 5m20 No Need to Come Back 5m21 Our World 5m22a We Are the Future 5m22b We're Running Out of Time 5m23 I'm Going Home 6m24 Coward 6m25 Imperfect Contact 6m26 No Time for Caution 7m27 Detach 7m28 Eject 7m29 Landing in the Tesseract 7m30 S.T.A.Y. 8m31 Quantifiable Connection 8m32 What Happens Now? 8m33 Where We're Going 8m34 End Credits
  6. Harry Potter is the boy who lived not lied lol
  7. Hans ZImmer - Man of Steel 1M01 Krypton 1M01B Zod Disbands Council 1M01C The Codex 1M01D Goodbyes / Launch Preparation 1M01F The Launch 1M02 Zod Is Captured 2M03 Krypton Destroyed / Kal to Earth 2M04 Oil Rig Rescue 2M05 Young Clark Freaks 2M07a Bus Rescue Pt. 1 2M07b Bus Rescue Pt. 2 2M08 I Just Wanted To Help 2M10-11 On The Road Again / Meet Lois 2M12 The Anomaly 2M13 Scout Ship 3M14 Scout Ship Takes Off 3M15 Who Are You? 3M15b First Flight 3M15b First Flight (Alternate) 3M16 Lois Investigates 3M18 The Tornado 3M19 Homecoming 4M20-21 UFO 4M21s You Are Not Alone 4M22 Lois Arrested 4M23 Who Is This Kal Person? 4M24 What's On Your Mind 4M25 Alien Ship Arrives 4M25A Surrender To Faora 4M26 Lois And Superman Brought Before Zod 4M28a Zod's Story Pt. 1 4M28b Zod's Story Pt. 2 4M29 Alien Ships Head to Kansas 5M30 Escape from Ship 5M31-32 Superman Rescues Mother / Smallville Duel 5M33 This Man Is Not Our Enemy 5M34 Release The World Engine 6M34a Terraforming 6M35-36 We Have A Plan, World Engine 6M36a We Did It 6M37-38 Destroy This Ship / Faora Attacks 6M39 Kiss 6M40 Final Confrontation 7M40b Battle Continues 7M41 Clark Kent, Reporter 7M42 End Credits
  8. Brian Tyler - Aliens VS Predator: Requiem Source: http://cocatalog.loc.gov/ 1M1 Opening Titles 1M3 Down to Earth 1M4 Predicide 1M5 Special Delivery 1M6 Lost Keys 1M7 Buddy’s New Buddy 1M8 Kelly Returns Home 1M9 Brothers 2M10A Alien Awakening A 2M10B Alien Awakening B 2M11 Predator Arrival 2M12 Bed Time 2M13A Coprocloakia A 2M13B Coprocloakia B 2M13C Coprocloakia C 2M13D Coprocloakia D 2M13E Coprocloakia E 2M14 Ray Didn’t Come Home? 2M15 Skinned and Hanged 2M16 Swimming Invitation 3M17A Outnumbered A 3M17B Outnumbered B 3M18 Diner Attack 3M19 Dirt 3M20 Aliens Invade the Power Plant 3M21A Striptease A 3M21B Striptease B 3M22 Power Struggle (part 1) 3M23 Power Stuggle (part 2) 3M24 Power Struggle (part 3) 3M25 Searching the Pool House 3M26 Gutless and Autosurgiosis 3M27 We Need Guns 4M29A (A) National Guard Part 1A 4M29A (B) National Guard Part 1B 4M29A © National Guard Part 1C 4M29A (D) National Guard Part 1D 4M29B National Guard Part 2 4M30-32A Taking Sides A 4M30-32B Taking Sides B 4M30-32C Taking Sides C 4M30-32D Taking Sides D 5M33A It's A Trap! 5M33 Decimation Proclamation 5M34 Requiem Epilogue 5M35 Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
  9. not all of them are shit films. maybe they're just not up to your standards. but what they all have in common is that they are 20th Century Fox films due to that website only listing scores for those Fox films It clearly doesn't do all 20th Century Fox films, which is a shame because they don't list the cue list every JW enthusiast really wants. I did notice that. It doesn't list The Maze Runner either. Or Man on Fire. But all in all it's Fox scores that are on the site
  10. not all of them are shit films. maybe they're just not up to your standards. but what they all have in common is that they are 20th Century Fox films due to that website only listing scores for those Fox films
  11. these movies all have 1 thing in common: 20th Century Fox
  12. John Powell - The Italian Job Source: Recording Sessions 1m01 Titles Part 1 (2:06) 1m01 Titles Part 2 (3:13) 1m02 Venice Gold Heist (5:07) 1m03 Boat Chase (6:28) 1m03 Boat Chase (alt) (5:10) 2m07 The Betrayal (1:49) 2m07 The Betrayal (Alternate) (1:53) 2m08 Mourning John (1:21) 2m08 Mourning John (alt) (1:24) 2m09 Busted (1:00) 2m11 Moving On (1:27) 2m19 Planning the Heist (3:43) 2m19 Planning the Heist (Alternate) (3:39) 3m20 Pawning the Gold (1:58) 3m21 Cable Chick (3:23) 3m22 Into the Lion's Den (6:29) 3m22 Into the Lion's Den (alt) (6:38) 4m29 Yehvan Checks Out (2:31) 4m31 Getting the Axe Part 1 (6:35) 4m31 Getting the Axe Part 2 (2:18) 4m32 Heistus Interruptus (2:28) 4m32 Heistus Interruptus (Alternate) (1:39) 4m35 The Devil Inside (3:18) 5m36 Bitter Suite (2:18) 5m38 The New Plan (7:13) 5m41 Racing the Train (3:23) 6m43 Going for Gold (4:24) 6m45 Tunnel Run (2:48) 6m46 Chopper Chase (2:28) 6m46 Chopper Chase (Alternate) (2:27) 6m46a Chopper Chase (2:30) 6m46b Face-Off (1:06) 6m46 Chopper Chase (Demo) (3:15) 6m46 Face-Off (Demo) (0:54) 6m48 Golden (4:24) 80 BPM (1:54) Big (3:01) Gipsy (2:41)
  13. Hans Zimmer, Nick Glennie Smith, Harry Gregson-Williams - The Rock Source: Recording Sessions 1m1 Opening Titles 1m2 Hummel Gets The Rockets 2m3 Stanley Disarms The Bomb 2m5 Alcatraz Takeover 2m6 Hummel's Speech 4m12 Mason Breaks The Glass 5m16 Jade 6m18b The Mission 6m18b The Mission [insert] 7m19 Welcome To The Rock 7m19 Welcome To The Rock [short Alternate] 8m20 Shower Room Massacre 8m21b Bombs Away 9m22 The Morgue Part 1 9m23 The Morgue Part 2 10m24a Tunnel Shootout 10m24b Mason's Walk 11m26a The Final Hour 11m26b Rocket Away 12m27 Airstrike Approved 12m28 Mutiny 12m29 The Last Rocket 13m30 Goodspeed and Frye Fight 13m31ab Green Smoke 13m31b Green Smoke [Alternate] 13m31c Saving Goodspeed 13m32 Fort Walton, Kansas
  14. John Powell - Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who Source: http://cocatalog.loc.gov/ 1m1a Fate Falls 1m1b Horton Swims 1m2-3 Whoville Breakfast 1m4 Hall Of Mayors 2m5 Club Nool 2m6-7 Strange Town Council 2m10 Hello 2m12 Dr. Larue 2m15-16 Hero Big Band (Number One Hero) 2m15-16 v2 Hero Anime (Number One Hero) 2m17 Killjoy 2m18 Bridge Work 2m19b Horton Dances 3m20 Handle With Care 3m21 You Know That Feeling? 3m22 Bedtime 3m23 Vlad’s Lair 3m24 Snow Day 3m25 Warnings 3m29 Vlad’s Attack 4m30 Power Grab 4m31-32 Mountain Chase/Clover Search 4m33a Our Friend, Horton 4m33b Memory Game 4m34 Sermon 5m35 Angry Mob 5m36 We Are Here 5m37 No Matter How Small 5m37b No Matter How Small 5m39 End Titles
  15. Mateo Messina - Juno Source: http://cocatalog.loc.gov/ 1m4 Juno Takes The Test 1m9 Rendazzo Jocks 1m11 Meet The MacGuffs 2m3 The Lorings 2m4 Scoping The Bathroom 3m5 Kite 3m6 Paint The Nursery
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