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  1. My apologies I think I was too dazzled by Fraulein Berger... ...but in seriousness you're quite right. Oktober is a quietly brilliant villain. Compared to the Bond villains of the time.
  2. Not a score as such but for no reason went through my library plucking any SW track with the Imperial theme in so for example "Clash of Lightsabers" or McNeely's "Destruction of Xizor's Palace."
  3. Well chaps, The Quiller Memorandum. 1960s West Berlin, George Segal, Senta Berger, Alec Guinness and John Barry. Boom.
  4. Richard Herd has passed aged 87. Know him primarily for Hooker and his Star Trek guest turns. Always good seeing him in anything, classic guest actor.
  5. The Ten Commandments, Elmer Bernstein Air Force One, The Swarm and Escape from the Planet of the Apes- Goldsmith selected tracks Last Jedi, Force Awakens and Star Wars/A New Hope but the usual from Empire: Clash of Lightsabers, Rescue from Cloud City and Finale The second of those Empire tracks starts off in a way that for some reason made me think it was Princess Leia's Theme but that's lockdown for you. However, the measure of the genius of Mr Williams in my humblest opinion is the fact pieces still pack a wallop. Example: when Han Solo & The Princess builds at about 1.35 in the Finale track and becomes more up to the end credits. Feels emotional, wrenching -on one hand Han is gone and on the other, some hope that the Rebels will triumph another day.
  6. Elmer Bernstein's The Ten Commandments Jerry Goldsmith's Star Trek The Motion Picture
  7. Been a few in past week or so Goldsmith- Planet of the Apes (fantastic main theme and The Hunt is exceptional), Capricorn One, Islands in the Stream, Night Crossing, Players Williams- Close Encounters, Jaws, Revenge of the Sith (still have my gold sleeved CD it seems), ET and Lincoln Barry- Swept from the Sea, The Tamarind Seed, Petulia, Somewhere in Time, Body Heat and Dances With Wolves been going to my Ben-Hur 2CD a few times lately and drawn to the music for the galley scenes. Particularly "The Galley (Rowing of the Slaves)". Relentless and increasingly so to the climax. Perfect for the film, Ben-Hur is the kind of film that screams EPIC.
  8. Films- On Her Majesty's Secret Service, The Living Daylights and for fun, A View to A Kill Score- OHMSS, Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice
  9. John Barry, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Stu Phillips, Lalo Schifrin and Horner. I don't have itunes so would base my listens/content on my media player library. Williams tops the bill with 1059 tracks
  10. 0.55 to about 1.05/1.07 rewatching Ep1 last night and always like the Force Theme here. Qui-Gon as he tries to break through, the hint of desperation as the droids attack.
  11. Quite like the title score. Classic 70s sound but slightly 'dramatic' in line with Airport or whatever. Harbinger Curve and Springfield Sequence are two of my favourites. The film, well I've not seen it in years but it was good fun.
  12. Done a broad range in the past week or so: Big Bus, David Shire Star Trek (XI) and Beyond -Giachino Skyfall, Thomas Newman Bridge at Remagen, Saturn 3, Bernstein Fall of the Roman Empire, Tiomkin and bits of pieces from a dozen or so soundtracks
  13. Lawrence of Arabia, on blu ray for the first time "He likes your lemonade".
  14. Nice, must have looked quite something on the big screen. Thinking mostly of that shot of the crew running as the meteorite bears down on them. Never mind the Hell sequence. And imagine the score on a proper screen like the BFI's IMAX in London.
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