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  1. One more Barry, Walkabout. A quietly beautiful score. They Might Be Giants is kind of similar I suppose but still would like some more tracks for that to come to light on CD. Read somewhere Barry left the score to someone else (Ken Thorne?) to arrange for the film.
  2. Not a series as such, but Katie Derham did something about Bridge on the River Kwai's score on BBC4 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00041td I still wish, probably only one, that parts of the Dunkirk score cropped up on some CD. Closest I've gotten is Heroes of Telemark.
  3. Watched a few in recent weeks, some of the latest being Bond's -FRWL, YOLT, LALD, TSWLM, Moonraker, FYEO, VTAK, Living Daylights, Licence to Kill. Over a few weeks as I say... ...and some slightly older classics, Sink the Bismarck, Went the Day Well and Fish Called Wanda.
  4. The Last Valley, Walkabout, The Living Daylights, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Zulu, John Barry Live and Let Die, George Martin
  5. well, aside from selections from the Music of John Barry Definitive Collection (at last a piece from They Might Be Giants), what with re-reading the book... Raise the Titanic best part of the movie. Always enjoy that triumphant sound as the Titanic breaks cover (yes, it was in the Prelude, Titanic Enters NY Harbour and end but in that particular track, what it accompanies, is the better part). Wish the film had been done vastly differently, RTT was the first Cussler book I ever read and I reread it most years. Maybe not Barry's best score but not his worst.
  6. Seymour Cassel has passed https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/seymour-cassel-dead-familiar-face-john-cassavetes-films-was-84-1102383 I fear I first saw him in Rushmore which seems sacrilegious what with his connection to Cassavetes but became a fan of his work soon after. A great loss.
  7. this never happened to the other fella.
  8. You may. Lord Bray is much too formal.
  9. Recent viewing of Dirty Harry brought a couple, one of which might not count as a shot, so much as shots. All in the football stadium (a scene made more memorable for how Schifrin's track goes nuts) It's chiefly how it's set up. The stadium dwarfing everyone. these being the shots...that evolve. Again the stadium appearing all encompassing, Eastwood at the fore then dwindling (and gamely holding the pose against the helicopter's down draft) a slightly lesser one I'd have included is the shot of Eastwood on the Headlands as the body of the girl's recovered with Schifrin again helping out.
  10. Based on previous statement by Abrams about linking the trilogies, when I saw this thread, I half wondered if Duel of the Fates will be crowbarred into it. Even a hint or maybe even Across the Stars, depending on what if anything of Vader shows. Looking at the poll(s) above. 1 (No), 2 (B), 3, (Force Theme), 4 (A, though it was hard to decide exactly), 5 (something new, but again hard to say. I wouldn't be surprised, as above, to see/hear The Throne Room), 6 (no). Vaguely felt like putting in the Enterprise's self destruct code...No destruct zero, option.
  11. Tonight the BBC says Jan Michael Vincent has died, back on February 10th. One of my childhood heroes via Airwolf. Post-Airwolf was not so kind to JMV but here's to Stringfellow Hawke --
  12. Them (the Star Wars scores), my Star Trek expanded scores and Indy are all on the shelf. If any scores deserve it in my flat, has to be them. 😄
  13. As above, brought it as a CD as having it in physical form seems somewhat better and 'official'. Did it for all of the latest Star Wars scores, goes back to Revenge of the Sith when I hot-footed it to the HMV in town and brought a 'special' version (it had a golden sleeve at any rate) of the score and yet waited until I'd seen the film to listen to the score as if listening before would ruin my enjoyment of it. Plus I like to put all the scores together on a shelf.
  14. re-listened to Elmer Bernstein's McQ ("I'm up to my butt in gas!") and then Rogue One. Your father would be proud...
  15. brilliant film. Amidst it's brilliance you have the great Stanley Holloway- any film with him in is never a total loss. -- Went through my Dirty Harry boxset past week or so and rewatching Dirty Harry. Great as Fielding is, I wish Schifrin had been able to do The Enforcer so the series was his all the way through. If you're Vice, I'll kill myself -Well do it at home.
  16. He played all the right notes, and sometimes in the right order. A sad loss.
  17. Dirty Harry, Magnum Force and Sudden Impact -Schifrin Something about Schifrin's sound for the first two DH movies- as much a character as Harry himself.
  18. Downfall made me a fan of his work -quite like his turn in Baader-Meinhof Complex. The American Friend is superb also.
  19. RIP to a fine actor. I'm a great fan of his performance as Churchill in The Gathering Storm.
  20. Besides, a few dozen re-listens of Star Trek II and III, not much of note but I went through a phase of listening to Elmer Bernstein's McQ. Something about the Dirty Laundry track -hint of menace, purpose and, er, coolness. I'm sure it's not high on Bernstein's list but one of my favourites of his. But this week revisiting two David Shire scores -Big Bus and Taking of Pelham 1-2-3. The former, can never get enough of the main title -like Airplane it's a serious (if a track of its era) sounding piece. Personally, fits in and around the Airport sequels. With respect to John Cacavas.
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