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  1. Just as well, might've done yourself a nasty injury. Honestly can't think of a film I won't watch again. Quantum of Solace might be perilously close to it.
  2. Patton- storming performance by George C. Scott in a film that whatever historical quibbles is itself magnificent. Honourable mention to Goldsmith's score, a particular liking for the Battle of the Bulge pieces (e.g, Winter March/Bound for Bastogne). A favourite moment in the film is when during the advance on Bastogne, Patton after a word to his aide walks down onto the road to walk with his men. A choice moment as for a brief moment it looks almost like an outtake, almost more like Scott joking with the extras than Patton and his men. Flight of the Phoenix- think the grab was the cast. Totally forgot George Kennedy was in it and indeed, he seems to have a few lines if that. But then there's Stewart, Attenborough, Hardy Kruger (fine, fine performance) and Peter Finch amongst it all. Early on the score seems to be channelling Lawrence of Arabia but as the film goes on it tends to collect itself and does a job.
  3. My God Blunty, I hope you recovered. Stiff drink perhaps.
  4. You're only 24? I thought you were in your 70's. I guess it's the profile pic that threw me off. Me and Brown were dubbed the Statler and Waldorf of the last forum we were on. True, true. Heady days them were.
  5. Might be my favorite episode, actually. Love the comparatively dark atmosphere of it. One of the darkest episodes, next to Apollo 1 perhaps. As for a favourite episode I used to like "Spider" or the Apollo 12 episode just for the fact that Pete Conrad seemed an absolute riot. I think at the moment the Apollo 1 episode tops it. Such a good series overall.
  6. Seeing the words "Toy Story (20th)" sent a shiver down my spine. Where has the time gone?
  7. From the Earth to the Moon/ Part IV: 1968 when I first saw this it was not a favourable episode but I was young and stupid. It's a curious one, how it's done but in this it's typical of the series. Each episode has its own way of doing things, its own story of course and 1968 is no different. As Tom Hanks says in the preamble it was a year of events and a year of great change. As shown in a bewildering series of clips there's Vietnam, the deaths of King and RFK, Nixon, Johnson, etc and then...amongst it all...almost forgotten, the Moon programme. Apollo 8 pushed the final frontier, the first manned orbit of the moon, a proper test of the Apollo craft and its endurance. The highlights personally are firstly the Earthrise scene, aided by the FTETM theme. You forget now that this sight was unique to Man and it's moving all for it. As is the Bible reading to Earth. Religious or not, it's stirring. "A message from a Mrs Pringle...I'm sure it's not a name any of you would recognise...'You saved 1968'."
  8. Long liked the idea at the beginning of the Disney Castle appearing before being swiftly slashed to ribbons by Darth Vader and then..."A long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away"
  9. Dodgeball. A riot in this man's opinion. And it has Shatner to boot. And the Hoff. And Chuck Norris.
  10. I've found something similar on YouTube. Otherwise I'll make do with what I have.
  11. Nice combo just the way it works. Though the DAD CD is relatively bare, could do with an expanded version such as the music prior to the hovercraft chase where Bond sets off the C4.
  12. Earlier yesterday Ten Little Indians. Slightly off-movie with a jaunty theme that seemed at odds with the murder mystery setting and so-so acting. That Fabian was a berk, which is putting it mildly. Then late into the night, Revenge of the Sith. Being in some kind of Star Wars mood this week I re-read the novelisation and music aside, sort of prefer the novelisation oddly. This being said that in spite of its many flaws the film holds a kind of sentimental place having seen it at Leicester Square with two good friends one of whom is no longer here. This aside, there's some moments all of which will be supplanted by Episode VII. Perhaps.
  13. Kelly's Heroes, Schifrin- turns out I had downloaded this a few years back and found it by chance. My favourite tends to be the music accompanying the Spaghett Western moment with the tank, Quickdraw Tank but it's all good stuff. The Whistle Instrumental has something about it, I guess it's all those beautiful vibes man. Jurassic Park III- same as above by how I found it. I like it, it does a job but of course not a patch on the previous two. Though favourite parts tend to be that involving the JP theme (Dinosaur Fly-by and Brachiosaur on the Bank, chiefly) but there's that moment in "Bone-Man Ben" which accompanies the raptors taking the egg from Grant at the end and leaving, a sort of climatic/triumphant climb. Not long before the almost jingoistic sounding JP theme when all that military clobber turns up. And this is why my music reviews never made the grade at uni.
  14. Chances of "I have a bad feeling about this" are extremely high. a reference to the "I'm not a committee" line also, perhaps.
  15. From the Earth to the Moon/ We Have Cleared the Tower what I like about the series more than most was that it brought to closer attention, the lesser known aspects of Apollo or at least everything that Apollo 11 and to a point Apollo 13 dwarfed. In this case, Apollo 7. A launch initially for Apollo 1, the first manned Apollo flight. A typical episode of what's to come in doing it in an unique way, this being via a film crew following the Seven crew around. Nice mix of archive footage (such as Grissom's funeral at Arlington) and music once again, particular mention to the music covering the evacuation drill at the episodes start.
  16. The Lost World. Initially the favourite moments for me were the concluding minute of "Rescuing Sarah" and the Jurassic Park theme in "Visitor in San Diego" as Malcolm and Sarah head into the ampitheatre. As is the way of things the soundtrack as a whole has grown on me.
  17. Nice score by the seldom mentioned Mason Daring, as well. Ah yes, specifically (for me) the beginning. The choir sounds were similar to the one in Apollo 13. To my ear anyway. Again, another reason for some kind of release on CD etc.
  18. From the Earth to the Moon, Apollo 1 it's stating the obvious, but an emotionally charged episode. As Kennedy said, "It's hazards are hostile to us all". Whatever the exact ignition cause of Apollo 1 it could've ended Apollo there. This episode could be set alone as a reason why this series is excellent. Be it the opening where the fire happens and followed with the breaking of the news to Patty White (the other wives are shown after the news is broken) or when Frank Borman is asked to describe the crew. Core to the episode is the late James Rebhorn, impeccably acted. Even Kevin Pollak does a neat turn. Now...onto the final, final Rev.
  19. Bourne Ultimatum- decent enough film but the camera work was both nauseating and irritating for much of it. I think I spied a plot at some point. Die Another Day- oh the world is hollow...drawing the Bondathon to a near close (Casino Royale next) and like View to a Kill, a less than impressive Bond film somehow fun and the rest on this latest viewing. The maddening thing is, there seems to be the semblance of a decent Bond film (nothing earthshattering though) from the start up through to Bond's return to Britain. It tries to hold on at the sword fight and then it slides downwards in a blur of CGI, awkwardly delivered lines, bad lines period Going against tradition I find myself liking Brosnan. Not my favourite Bond but he does his best with what he can I suppose. Bond seems weary enough at times having been betrayed. He's left behind by all the CGI though, the laser fight for example and then all that happens after on Iceland. Personally, it would've been interesting to see him return for one more and maybe even Casino Royale. My opinion on CR sadly has diminished. Aside from some of the lines, weak spots tend to revolve around Jinx, Graves and Falco. Pike I'm neither here nor there about, never warmed to her. But there's some good parts, Bond's walk into the hotel and even to a point the climax on the Antonov.
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