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  1. Abso-lutely. Last Night of the Proms is the best for that.
  2. The Searchers one heck of a film. Probably one of Wayne's better performances.
  3. Last year we got a fairly similar selection though the Independence Day end titles and the "Harrison Suite" from Into Darkness was surprisingly good. Found the rendition of the Battle of Britain March by Walton quite stirring, but then that's its point I suppose.
  4. I fear I only know the 1978 episodes. Well, I saw the first season of the other but mainly BSG78.
  5. well... “Sir if I may...I really think you should look at the other Battlestar.” “What are you babbling about...No, it’s impossible!” “No, it is another Battlestar.” Starbuck: “Get off before I take you down that flight tube with me!” Apollo: “Fine! But I never thought I’d see Starbuck run from anything!” "Mr President, they hate us with every fibre of their being." "What was that?" "That...was my son."
  6. The opening episode of Fargo and the final one of New Worlds. Fargo left a more favourable, if darker impression.
  7. the penultimate Rev and was a blinding episode. as some of us may have suspected.
  8. Finally cracked into my From the Earth to the Moon boxset for the first episode. Highs and lows, from the first American in space to the assassination of Kennedy and the deaths of See and Bassett. Musically, stirring in places. Forgot how many familiar faces are in it -Bryan Cranston, Nick Searcy, Steve Zahn, Al Franken, Stephen Root ("Tell that sonofabitch to get back in the ship now") etc. Funny, no matter how many times I see the opening titles there's this little spark. "Not because it is easy, but because it is hard."
  9. The Empire Strikes Back personally, one of my favourite films but also conclusions -from about the Carbon Freeze onwards. Musically and dramatically, the former tending to help a great deal. And for reasons unknown my favourite piece of music remains a certain bit from "Clash of Lightsabers" that plays as Artoo reports on the hyperdrive during the blaster fight before it eventually moves into the Love Theme. This was the Limited/original edition. Only Empire I have in this form as otherwise I've the 2004 boxset. "No...there is another."
  10. What makes you think you're a man? You're an overgrown jackrabbit. An elf with a hyperactive thyroid.
  11. I think it was the reason given or rather, not offend the Americans. But I guess looking at the movie, the French make so little of it until the very end it's a moot point. But still, more Aubrey films in some form might have been quite something.
  12. final episode of Endeavour. They cannae kill DI Thursday, nooooo
  13. Part of me thinks it was a little bit of a shame that they changed the enemy ship from American to French. Not that it mattered in the end I suppose but them chasing Americans in the book made for good reading. Think it was part of Patrick O'Brian's 1812b.
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